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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Parallel Universes...

I don't know how my world is existent..
even today when we have obliterated...
each and every thing and out..
and in the process we have depleted...
the essentials of human existence.
Love and respect seem long past gone..
And yes we have deleted...
even the slightest traces of humanity..
Just look around.

What do you think about Time Travel? Do you believe that it can happen in reality; probably sometimes in future? Yes?? .. Well even I used to believe that probably years and years later in future, the technology will advance to such an extent that it will be possible to go back into the past and change or modify things the way one may want. I mean just beautiful the world would be if given a chance to correct each and everything that went terribly wrong in the past. All these social debilities, the cultural blindfolds, divisions on the pretext of stupid things like caste, color, sex, casualties as an after-effect of wars, murders on the pretense of nationalism, demarcations on the basis of regionalism and ridiculous rules, regulations, and obligations on the name of religion would probably have been corrected up-till now. People would have been civilized or probably better evolved in the real way..and not in the hypothetical way. There would have been respect of human beings belonging to any strata of the society and most importantly, people would have respected each others' ideas, point of views and perspectives; such that there would have been equal space for everyone - belonging to any caste, any culture, any religion or anything.

However, the thing is that considering nothing like this has happened and all the above pathetically meaningless ideologies that have resulted into too many wars, riots and societal degradation are still persistently existent, there has been no such technological advancement in the future to create something like a time machine. Otherwise, people would definitely have gone back in time and changed everything. And since they would have changed everything that lead to this devastated state of the world that we are living in today, the world would have been entirely a different place!

I mean seriously...a world without boundaries...without demarcations based on any possible thing be it language, region, religion..Well, then I must say, the world would have become a paradise!..and we would have been living in it! Sadly, nothing like that has is still the same..Why should I even bother to examine the world when my own country is divided and segregated on the stupidest things one can ever imagine..! So many divisions...and then so many subdivisions per is an endless list if one will even start mentioning the names of the divisions! And to enshroud our dissevered heart, we have taken the use of the so called - "Unity - in - Diversity" fundamental... which has been so appallingly bridled and dislodged by the evils of our traditional norms, religion and culture.

So, in conclusion, there is nothing like time machine else any changes done in the past would have been reflected on the present, which unfortunately, as we can all see, are invisible!

But then the moment this thought comes across my mind, I realize that there is one point that I am missing - an important point indeed! See, let's suppose that in future there is a time machine and people have actually gone back in time to correct the mistakes; the moment they would have corrected anything in the past, there would have been a bifurcation of the timelines! Consequently the new timeline would probably have been created which would have started running in parallel to the the timeline that we are a part of. So that means that in present another parallel time line might be existing in which even we exist the way we are existing over here, but only in a better state of world - a happier version - with no stupidities and pathetic demarcations. As a matter of fact, there might be many such parallel timelines that would have been formed every time any time machine from the future would have modified any mistake done in the past! Basically, there probably are zillions of timelines - the parallel universes - that are running together. I believe that when I am writing this post sitting over here on my bed thinking about the deplorable conditions prevalent, there exist many other beautiful worlds where I am existent simultaneously at the exact same time enjoying a world without hatred...without boundaries...without divisions ...and only with love and respect for humans; Yes I believe such worlds are existent! For there has to be a balance between the evils and the goods which in our universe is non existent - it has to be there in other Parallel Universes.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Extrapolated Unreality

You believe you respect yourself,
and so you apparently care for it the most...
Every time you expect the reverence,
to make yourself feel better at any cost...
But doesn't the thought gets fuzzy...
When voluntarily you choose to digress from your own road??
Why do you crib for the emptiness later my friend...
When you yourself step out of this self fabricated concourse??..
Do you really respect yourself??..
It merely is the idea of respecting that you like to boast...

I have always believed that life is all about the choices that we make. So be it accepting the norms and following the trends of the society by conciliating our parents and our so called loved ones' desires or be it berating everything and striving intemperately for the way we think is best suitable for us. I have always believed in the latter half's ideology. And so, precisely I am a fundamentalist and I believe in my own set of principles that encapsulate my dreams, my wants, my desires and my sphere of freedom. I believe most of us are like that only for I consider myself no different. The point that I am trying to make over here is that we, yes all of us, believe in doing things to the best of our abilities without being subverted by any baggage or obligations...and yes we follow a path of our desires in search of our destination; the path that we make on our own terms and per the way we desire our lives to be.

We make promises to ourselves when we successfully launch our endeavors. We dream to claim the soaring heights at the point of embarkation as we get set to launch our journey on our own path of rules and regulations. But then, what happens in the midway, when we lose focus and then we get digressed from the very same way that we were so confidently promising about?? What happens to that confident spree and our beliefs when we engage ourselves into the activities which never should have been engaged into in actuality??..More importantly and rather straightforwardly, why do we make promises to our own selves when probably we know that we won't be able to fetch them to their presumed destinations??...

I remember during my graduation days, I performed pathetically in my 1st semester, as most of us do!...And so at the starting of the 2nd semester I promised myself not to repeat the same, only if it would have been turned out to be true!. Anyway, the result was exactly the same as the first semester..!! There are many other instances of such promises and resolutions that I have made with intense confidence to myself and every time...or say most of the time... I have failed to deliver them. I am pretty sure even you guys would have done the same for I believe I am no different. The only good thing, as per my friends about me, is that atleast I realise that I went wrong and atleast I try to ameliorate things and make them work. But what good is there in the fact that most of the time I have failed to deliver the promised results??.. Probably we look at ourselves in extremely high perspective. We believe that everything is doable for us as we are smart enough to do them when we actually are not. And it gets late till the time we realise the harsh truth; worst part is that we again engage in the similar instances and the vicious circle goes on and on!

An English proverb says ... "Humans make mistakes, Fools repeat them." .. probably I am a fool as I keep repeating the same mistakes again and again..Every tenth day I wake up out of my shameful slumber only to realise that there were hundred things required to be done and I did not do...that I had promised myself to atleast respect the promises that I keep on making with my own selves...

Back me up my friends by accepting the same in your case for the sake of the veracity of my presumption that I am not different. Else I will be proved otherwise...that I am different; though it will make me feel better as I will be having an excuse that if I am not able to fulfill my promises then it is completely normal as I am 'DIFFERENT' than the rest of the world!

Anyway, blessed are those who don't realise they are mistaken and have the tendency to forget the promises they keep making. At least they live HAPPILY..! For rest of us, for people like me, our own body is a cruel place to live in dear friends...for we continuously are in the process of disrespecting ourselves; how long will it bear us..??..Just imagine...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ambitions; Incapacitated

I would have stroll on that dappling cloud..
To see the world through those obscures..I would have taken that extra stride...
To see the world beneath me.. would have appeased me like nothing else..
Only if I could take that extra leap..only if I would have had that obstinate mind..
And only If could have thought beyond merely the thought of thinking..
Probably that would have saved my dreams from their hapless plight..

The specious ideas of reaching to the sky..
The spurious thoughts of measuring the mountain heights...
All those dreamy dreams we dream and only dream about...
Would have been more than metaphors..had we been blessed to delude the mediocrity's sight...
Then..I believe it would have made more think freely without any binds..

Everything I would have envisaged..would have become real in reality..
All the wishes, hopes, and desires would have transcended to ingenuous subtlety..
But this abstract determination binds my indolent mind instead..
And so the concept of ambition rests in fuzzy obscurities!
Probably without aspirations and delusive would have been a better place to be..

So yes you can dream big..but dream rationally my friend..
For the world we live in is afraid of the way we imagine...
And so there are obligations restricted by infrangible strings...
Which we don't even know where they are...and what are they supposed to mean...
The funny thing is our inherent the idea to think beyond things we can never achieve!
Without realising how incapacitated we are...that we can do nothing but only think!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Last Promise!..

With a blink of my eyes..I can travel back in the time..
You know I can invigorate you..everyday..all the time..!
I can still the moments..I can chase the flying planes..
In my world..I am the one..who can bring all the change!
But will you believe me..when I tell you..
That I can relinquish these powers divine..??..
For a new MEMORY with you..I can bequeath the blinking of my eyes!

Do you remember the hurdles..we thought were difficult to clear..
The time when our innocuous hearts..envisaged things our mind could not bear!..
The STAIR you thought was it could break in between..
The BOAT you wished to see the world you had never seen..!
Then I had promised..that I will abide..I will make it possible..
That one day WE will climb those STAIRS..and sail the BOAT across that RIVER..
Do you know I can do everything today..that your mind ever designed..
Still for a new JOURNEY with you..I can bequeath the blinking of my eyes!

You know I can solve..the mysteries..and all those conundrums labyrinthine..
If I wish..Everything you can see..I can own mine!
With another blink..I can animate all 'OUR' dreams..
Whatever we ever thought..I can all the means..!
But will you believe me..when I tell you..
That I can stop DREAMING..for ever by choice..
For a new DREAM with you..I can bequeath the blinking of my eyes!

So TOMORROW when you will be here.. to enliven this EXANIMATE..
Which I keep recreating..with my eyes blinking at infinite rate!..
I promise to make no more promises..but to make this very last one indeed..
That TOMORROW..I will open my see this it must be seen!
For the real turns magical with you..And MY eyes will need no more BLINKING!!..


Saturday, June 11, 2011

In The Midst Of Life..We Are All Dead..

Do you wish to last..the sip of the time..
forever for you...till eternity divine..?
Are you too in love..with this life indued..
And do you care to care for it..Do you??..
And if I ask you.."Why..this love so trenched..??"..
Would you repeal my thoughts..inanely quenched..??..
Can you guide me to the end..of this labyrinthine riddle..
I have tried but disentangle this abhorrent puzzle..
That how can there be the midst of the deathly troubles..??..

We live to see the sun..everyday and so on..
"Will it rise tomorrow..??.."..the possibility if any is unknown..
Still we sleep with the dream of tomorrow..
and night conceals the thoughts within our eyes..eluding all the sorrows..!..
and then with the emanating rays..we rise with gleaming eyes..
With the promise to succeed..Now we live by choice..
And so we draw the move forward and far..
To fetch it to the success..only until the night befalls..!..
And once again the banal delved with the very same puzzle..
That how can there be the midst of the deathly troubles..??..

So yes..there is life that lives in peace..and the death too lies amidst in ease..
There is profusion on the way..and then the abjection surmounts..!..
Every one happens to be happy..and still grapples with the fear that mounts..
Still the lives no worse can happen for real!..
We wake up..we live..we strive..and we persevere..
The idea of LIVING enamors the avaricious mind..
that even the capricious thought of the end..seems like mere lying!..

Perhaps we are in love.. with this speciously innocuous witch..
And consequently fail to see all those gaps in which....
We fall freely..and keep falling the free fall..
And delude ourselves with the idea..that we are stable..and nothing is going wrong.!
We let her play the chants..she bewitches us with her magical wand..
And only when out of tedium..she decides to let us free..
That we realise that life was nothing but a fictitious rainbow of false glee..!..
And till then..the so called LIFE moves on..the 'Way We Want It To be..!..'
And the vicious game of LOVE is being played..with zeal..and merrily....

Perhaps that is how we live..amongst the DARKNESS so dark and intense..
that nothing is visible..and we deludes it with NOTHINGNESS..!
So without fear..we march..holding the ignorance's hand..
With confidence and enthusiasm..we rule our blissful land!..

I am not sure if that is true..but I surely am willing to know..
That how can the world which seems so happy..can turn gloomy in a moment's go..
That how can there be suffering and pain..together with the celebrations..?
How can poor die of hunger..where people suffer from acute corpulence..??..
I have tried but disentangle this abhorrent puzzle..
That how can there be the midst of the deathly troubles..??..


Thursday, June 9, 2011


So much of Political Melodrama is going on from last few days that our boring televisions have once again become interesting after the IPL ended!!..The protagonists..BABA RAMDEV and very recently ANNA HAZARE..they all are giving their best shots in order to prove there sustenance..The CONGRESS as usual is clutching at straws to enshroud its very own pampered child - The self-nourished and hyper-magnified blatant depredation..! And BJP..well finally it has got something to do to demonstrate its position as the so called THE OPPOSITION..!!..And so..IT is showing all the hearts to support our BABAji and the hope of some magic in the upcoming elections..!!..So is it really interesting to see them yelling and whining and lamenting over the most popular topic of discourse today..??..Eh..Not really..!..Specially when we all actually believe in the very concept of the process called CORRUPTION..!!!..Strange..isn't it..??..Let me clear!

If seen with logical pragmatism..we all are an integral part of a matter of we all have become so very much dependent on it that life without it will be near to impossible!..This very concept is actually being installed into our minds from our very childhood.. right from the day we actually start using our minds..!..I remember my Mom and Dad used to promise me to pay 5 bucks..or 10 bucks or 50 bucks..for scoring high in the class tests or exams!!..the amount obviously used to vary from test to test!..So many times my mom had promised me a delicious dinner in return of the entire day's study!..Hundreds of times my teachers in the school gave us the games period when we did stuff the way they wanted it to be done...

Can you see since when we all have been corrupted??!!..The point is that we have always been taught to be corrupt..!!!..The demon has been insinuated and then always have been nourished within our parents..or our teachers...and then by us..The roots are so deep-rooted that now it can't be deracinated ..however hard we may try!!..

Secondly..Corruption is actually a necessity for it enhances and accelerates the functioning of the so called everything!! a country with a malefic and a dysfunctional democracy like ours..every one enjoys the RIGHTS and the FREEDOM to do things they want to do..Unfortunately..even the indolently pathetic jerks and imbecile morons enjoy them too..!..Worst of all..99% of the aforementioned categories' people run our administration...!..Now definitely we have chosen them..but did we really have a choice..??..Anyway..that is another thread of discussion!!..The point is that since we have a PEOPLE-FRIENDLY the amount of favorable it is for the victim of is favorable to the dispatcher also and that too with the same amount!!..And in the war between the SEEKER (Read victim!) and the DISPATCHER..only and only one thing wins..THE TIME DELAY!!!..Corruption is the only savior that can actually obliterate that extremely crucial TIME DELAY..and hence can improve and as a matter of fact accelerate the work flow in the otherwise contemporary permanently-languorous world around us!!.. is a part of the system..the very system of which we are a part too!..In order of coexistence..we will have to cooperate..!

So why such a mayhem to oppose something as essential as CORRUPTION??..All those who are opposing it ..they probably don't even know what they are doing or why they are doing!!..Our YOGA GURU stands up and says, "People..I will eradicate this evil corruption..and I will bring back OUR MONEY"..Well no one questions..HOW can it come back??..Is it even possible???..Or...Even if it will come back..Can the CORRUPTION be really eradicated??..Nopes..No questions asked..!! People are so emotionally attached to their GURUji that they don't care..!!..So they are standing by and supporting their LEADER who is daring to do something which they don't understand..but then "Hey..Everyone is doing..So why not I????.."..Funny isn't it!!

And look at our government..!!..Gawd they are even funnier!!..Agreed that corruption is fine..and is actually pretty important..!..However..people's anger and frustration, even if it doesn't make any practical sense, needs to be addressed. Come on!..Ours is a Democratically Elected Government of the world's second fastest growing economy..and instead of addressing THE PEOPLE, their anger, and their frustration..look what they are doing!!..They are cracking down on the peaceful protestors..!!!!..They also have time to mock a 15-second jig by senior opposition leader..SUSHMA SWARAJ..but they don't have time to address the demands of their own PEOPLE..those who made them what they are so damn proud of!!!..Funny they are..!!..

Anyway..with all due respect to everyone..Please stop this NON-SENSE..There is no point pleading for something which can't practically be done..!..And GOVERNMENT people..please understand..that it is okay to be corrupt and squander money..but do it under cover guys..secretively and surreptitiously..We won't mind..We hardly have minded in the last 64 years..!!..but now when everyone knows about it..and your so called secret is out in the open..and is known to each and every citizen of this country..SHOW SOME RESPECT BY GIVING AN ACCOUNT OF YOUR DEEDS TO PEOPLE AND DEAL WITH THEM..PLEASE SHOW SOME DECENCY AND NOW GIVE THEM BACK WHAT ACTUALLY IS THEIRS..PLEASE DON'T RUN LIKE THE COWARDS AND BEHAVE LIKE THE FOOLS..PLEASE..EVEN CORRUPTION IMBIBES SOME RULES..!..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Can I think..the thought of lying..
when I see in front of flying..
soaring high..with my eyes prying..
following the fall.. falling but still trying..
To hypnotize my eyes..with the green gleaming shine..
I say I can own that bewitching glistening light..just one time..!

Everything in this world is fathomable to my mind..
but the GREEN CHASE is something beyond divine!..
for am in the love..with you so pure..
that a single moment without you..I want nothing more..!
You own everything..that my mind ever designed..
With you..I see me happy..overcoming all the hinds..
and so my dear..O ya GREEN SHINE..
I adore..I admire..and I proudly want you to be forever ..Just Mine..
So just Take me with you..O Ya GREEN SHINE..
coz only along With you..I feel alive.. I feel fine..
I say I can lie..again....and yes again..forever all the time!

When I was a kid..I used to be quite good in studies.. However there was one question confronting which used to leave me embarrassingly confounded..literally every time..!..The question was.."Hey Sharad..What do you want to be in your life..What is your AMBITION..??.."..and this word..AMBITION used to encircle my mind with loads and loads of question marks..every time it used to be thrown up at me..and I just used to stand still..with a half smiling piquant face..answering nothing..!..People..after bombarding me with that stupid question.. used to leave..however the question used to remain..all the time with me..!.."WHAT IS MY AMBITION..????????"

One day I overheard my neighbor aunty talking to my mom and she asked her.."What have you thought of your kid..??"..and my mom said.."I definitely want him to be an Engineer..but rest is his choice..Lets see what happens..!"..

ENGINEER!!!..those 8 miraculous words struck my mind like anything..and I finally had the answer to the most prying question..!.."I WANT TO BE AN ENGINEER!!"

I didn't have even the slightest of the knowledge of the meaning of the word.."Engineer.."..However I promised myself that yes..One day I will be one..An Engineer..!!..Only if I would have known what the hell I had promised to my own self!!..

Anyway..after that day..whenever anyone used to ask me about my ambition..or future prospects..then I used to retort with THE ENGINEER ARGUMENT..!..So be it my dad's inquisitive mom's clamorously intriguing friends in the parties..the teachers in the school..or my friends..I used the ENGINEER ARGUMENT every time..Fortunately, considering the kind of marks I used to score in the school..everyone believed me..!..and yes finally I was peacefully happy..!..

I grilled myself..studied hard..and then cleared up the entrance exam to be in one of the most prestigious Engineering College!..and Finally.."I was about to be an ENGINEER.."..Trust me when I say.."I still did not know exactly the meaning of the term ENGINEER..pathetic me..".. Two years ambition started dwindling..!..The studies..the environment..the ambiance..I disliked for the sake of studying ..I studied..for the sake of my AMBITION..yes..I studied..

I remember one day I was entering my college..I saw the gate..and the name of the college written in bold.."DELHI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING"..Out of a whim the question arose.."Do I actually belong here..??..Do I actually want to be an ENGINEER..???.."

3 years have the ENGINEER degree..yet I am not an ENGINEER!! what happened to my Ambition..??.. Well it has been modified to camouflage with the surviving race.."I actually want to earn loads and loads of money..That is the only ambition I have..Not an engineer..not a civil servant..not a scientist..not a researcher..I just want to earn MONEY..and for that.. lets see what I can do.."

23 years..yes 23 years I was following an obscurely wrong dream..and I am pretty sure it's not jut me who has been the victim of our DELUSIONAL AMBITIONS.. because in the end..IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY.. Today Millions of people are going to Engineering Colleges..But how many of them are Engineers in real sense???..How many of us actually want to contribute to the core research..or spend rest of our lives doing nothing but coding..(I am an IT guy..!)..If I am to take the statistics..the answer is NEGLIGIBLE..

So many coaching institutes have come up and have mastered the art of manufacturing the ENGINEERS or DOCTORS..or MANAGERS.. Just empty your pockets and shell out a few years of your lives..and fill them up with those grilling and persevering continuously studying hours..and yes one day you can become any of the above!!..The motive however remains the same..MONEY..MORE AND MORE MONEY!!..For you can be an Engineer..or a Doctor..or a Manager quite easily today..but the actual measuring parameter of success is..well yes..MONEY..More you have it..Better you are fit to survive in this race of survival today..and if you don't have it..then even God can't help you..for the latest saying is as i heard..MONEY IS THE NEW GOD..!..

Now in this Money-Driven world..we obviously will find people negating this thought of mine..that All We Need is Money..But seriously people..Whom are we kidding..??..

So my 12 years old cousin asked me few days back.."What should I do to be an ENGINEER..Like YOU..!!..It is MY AMBITION"...and I said.."Do you really want to be an Engineer..????.."..
She said.."I don't know..but I want to be rich..!"..and finally I said..
" don't want to be an ENGINEER..You want to be a BILLIONAIRE..and that has to be YOUR AMBITION.."..

I saw her face..she looked peacefully happy..She rushed to her mom..and said.."Mom..Not an Engineer..Not a Doctor..and I don't want to be anything else..I just want to be the girl earning loads of money..and this is MY AMBITION.."..

I smiled..I grew up chasing the wrong Ambition..At least she knows now..What actually she wants..!!..



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

That Irrational Sensibility..

"What is the thing that makes us believe, rather spell-bounded-ly, in the people who claim themselves to be the men of God..or the GODMEN as they call themselves!???..Why do for god's sake we tend to compromise our rationality for the sake of supporting something terribly ludicrous.???.."

These were the questions that gorily vivisected my mind when I saw even the likes of honorable Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam or even our very own Little Master being so much attached to Sathya Sai Baba.. I kept thinking..that if Uneducated-ly Unmotivated people or superstitiously disgruntled people, seeking hope for living without trying to contribute in their own lives with at least some amount of constructive effort, believe in some 'MAGICAL' personality who is helping them find solace or some hope in their so called bewildered life..then it still makes sense..but when the majority of the bourgeoisie..educated middle fact even the their sympathy and their immensely obtrusive belief in such hypocrites..then How the hell DOES IT MAKE ANY VALID RATIONAL SENSE?????..

After a lot of conflicting brainstorming and research, I landed on to this final conclusive concept: That it is actually the rising and affluent Indian middle class’s craving for an alternative spirituality more in sync with their new lifestyle, which they have adopted, thanks to the British Rule in India!, which has resulted in a highly competitive "Godman Market" in the country..

See..we live in a fast paced world..where we hardly have any time to give or to spend with our own selves..All of us have a bucket list..where we put in the things that we seek to accomplish in our life time..Now considering that we humans don't control our lives and consequently don't know if we will be able to accomplish even a single target..!..This situation of uncertainty infuses the irresistible greed of attaining the certainty of the events...It makes us humans think.."What if there would have been a way to achieve everything that I want in my life..I know I, being a mortal human being, can't do much but what if somehow I can......."..

Now you know the case scenario..And to aid this come our own..the very respectable and honored GODMEN..who say "Don’t bother your head about the larger questions, just trust in me, and everything will be okay...".. I say..How the hell will people, blinded by their desires, not believe in someone who is promising them to reach to their respective destinations by just believing in him.??...It's a hit-hit formula..and will definitely work, especially in our country, if used deftly to hypnotize an already semi-conscious and bucket-list-burdened superstitious Indian bourgeoisie...!

And so it is..the GODMEN are here to stay my friends..they will keep getting the vote of the masses..the acceptance of the crowd.. Now..there is no logic to this very concept..But it is actually the illogical that often works...!..and is working..Isn't it!??..


Sunday, May 8, 2011

And when they say.."IF I COULD...."

They say if they could..
hold the sun and walk through the wood..
They would have rolled back the pins of the clock..
and reverberated the sounds of blissful talks..
the time that they laughed and spent with the ones they loved..
They would have held the moments and made those seconds pause..
for they feared the time would not be the same..
Those moments..those times..would be lost in the memory lanes..

They say if they could..
clinch the stars and get to the moon..
they would have gone to the world of abstraction..
where the reality would have been enslaved by the imagination..
and then they would have driven in the back gear..
and parked themselves upon the happiness' sphere..
forever and till eternity they would have been..
only with the ones they the world so mean..

They dream of the world unreal..
They wish a lot for their wishes to be real..
They want the happiness forever..they say if they could..
have got it then their lives would..
have been DIFFERENT..than this normal life's play..
They never are sure though..for the life is a vicious roulette..

They desire..and just the 'Wishing' they do..
like the tinkers they perch upon the hope..
and sing the songs of 'IFs' and 'ORs'..
They dream..and they dream..they remain in the very same world..
which they wish to be true..and exuberance cluttered..

They fail to see that the TIME..
is not human..and is not divine..
It knows no understands no love..
It flurries into the future..burning the past troves..
But it is the friend of an honest and humble 'CHANCE'..
which fortunately repeats..but only if you will want..
To the ones who live for the future and not in the past..
It promises to ease the pains..and raise the SUCCESS FLAG on the effort's mast..!


Why not believe that one day WE will..
hold the sun and walk through the wood..
WE can't roll back the time..but will make every second count..
to bring back the time the way WE want..
and will reverberate the sounds of blissful talks..
the time that WE laughed and spent with the ones WE loved..
WE can make them grander and more profound..
for WE believe the CHANCE will repeat..and bring US better luck and fame..
Those moments..those times..WE will recreate those memory lanes...
Again..and Again...and yes..Once Again..!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Science of CONFIDENCE!

You will shake..You will shiver..
Your tongue will twist and won't trigger..
The words that must have been said..
The excuses that must have been delayed..
For the time once gone is irretrievable..
THE CONFIDENCE turns The Impossible to The Achievable..!

When I was a small kid in my school, I had a belief that the more I would raise my hand when teacher would ask a question to the class, the better impression I would have in front of the teacher!..The belief was so strong that I used to raise my hand even before teacher used to ask any question..for I believed that whatever question would be thrown upon me..I would successfully answer that..!..So much so that in all the Parents-Teachers Meetings, I always used to have only one complaint from my teachers.."He is Over-Confident.."..and mom and dad never asked me to "improve" upon the problem brought into their notice by my teachers..and so the problem persisted and rather got aggravated with my constant practice!..

As I grew up I developed some more traits like that..! I started believing that the more I would participate in the cultural activities..the more my teachers would appreciate me..And so I zealously participated in Singing..and Dancing..and debates and many other competitions..So many changes occurred..However, the complaint remained the same.."He is Over Confident.."..My parents still never ever tried to mold me..

I remember when I was in my 10th grade..I used to be one of the toppers..I was one of the most active guys in my class..and yes I still used to raise my hand as before..and yes I enjoyed the way I was..

However.. as I grew further..I began to realize that the way I behave in an overtly brisk way and the way I raised my hand even before the teacher would ask any question..didn't look decent!..and so..I stopped doing it..and then things changed..rather terribly..

My performance got deteriorated..I started scoring less..I even failed once in a subject in my terminal exams when I was in class 11..!..For the very first teachers had a different performance review to tell my parents..!..

"What has happened to your kid..??..He used to be so active in the class but now he remains silent..Even before asking any questions,he used to raise his hand..Though I believe that it is a sign of over confidence..but then..Over confidence is far more better than Lack of confidence..please take care of him..."..

After mom came to me..and she said the following words that will remain with me till eternity...

"Do you know what is the most important thing that defines the personality of a man??..It is the SELF CONFIDENCE..and a person is never born with it...but he gains it by practice and hard work..and so my is not an ART but a SCIENCE that must me tried and tested again and again..and should always be worked upon to attain better results..I never asked you to change your habit of confidently raising your hand because it showed your belief in your self..It showed that you were ready to face any hurdle..any problem..come what may..Always remember..your confidence in your own self defines you..and yes..Nothing Else Matters.."..

At that time..I did understand what she meant..but haphazardly..!..I could only conclude..that she wanted me to be more active and behave confidently..and so I did..!..I again started performing well..and yes I started enjoying the way I was..once again..!

Today..when I am able to understand the grandness of these words in the most enunciating way..I realize that how true my Mom was when she said those words to me..!..Our confidence defines it any situations and circumstances..

So it can be the time when we order food in a restaurant or when we are confronted with the challenging problems of shaping our careers..or be it any other scenario..The confidence boosts the performance..and it makes the surroundings favorable to us..People find it comfortable and pleasing to talk to a person who speaks articulately and confidently..It is always..and always..the Intelligent Briskness and THE CONFIDENCE we possess..that makes the difference..and yes it is a FACT..!..


Thursday, April 14, 2011


The road to 'The Journey'.. starts from the dark..
piercing which you reach to the start..
and then you search for the ride to take you through the dour..
to revive and make you an ambitiously souring bird..
THE WHITE FLOWER will guide you to the BRIGHT NEW WORLD..

He was living in this world unknown to him.. For 21 years he had survived..looking for the 'Fountain of the Light'..As far as he could remember, he was dropped on this planet from a far far world..somewhere belonging to the WHITE STARS..and since then he had been trying to find the way back..For 21 years..he kept solving clues and riddles..he fought dragons..he crossed the oceans and climbed the peaks..he even killed the venomous beasts.. and then he found a map..a map to the 'Fountain of the Light'..the way to the land of the WHITE STARS..

The Map was possessed by the gigantically ugly 12-legged spider..He sliced all of its legs and pierced its eyes to subdue it.. and then the spider revealed..

"Through the flow of the fountain..You will have to pass..
In search of a place guarded by the saint souls..
You will have to prove yourself worthy of your goals..
To reach to the WHITE will have to follow the white marks..
And You will need THE WHITE protect you from the carks..
Possessing it you will reach to the end..sure and safe..
THE WHITE FLOWER will guide you..and will show you the way.."

And then with the map given by the spider..he went search of THE WHITE FLOWER..However he was skeptical regarding the credibility of the spider.."how can a mere flower show me the way to my city of THE BRIGHT STARS??"..But in the absence of any other options, he had no choice..

The way, as per the map..was not he already had traveled a lot..and luckily he had been on the right track..always!.."Just a few more hurdles and I will get it...."..

He crossed abysmal valleys..he walked on the thorns..he faced the dark clouds and thunderstorms..but he kept moving...

As he progressed nearer to THE FOUNTAIN..there were changes everywhere..the surroundings started turning green..the thorns vanished and started converting into purple white flowers..Black clouds paved the way for the white clouds..Now he could also see the white angels guarding the place..He asked one of them.."I am in search of the WHITE FLOWER"..The guard gazed at him..and then pointing towards a fountain said..

"We knew you will come..for it was destined
IT is waiting for you..You are right on time..
21 years IT waited for your touch stranger..
Take IT with you..IT will protect you from all the dangers..
As much you need IT..IT needs you and your touch..
To shine, for you, and guide serve its very purpose..!"

So the fountain was just in front of him..He went through without wasting a single minute..and on a floating WHITE JAR..he saw the hanging WHITE FLOWER..As he stretched his hands to pluck it..a voice emerged out of the emptiness...

"The moment you will pluck..
You will get all the luck..
Everything that you suffered you will forget..
Pain and Sorrows will vanish..and your life will be reset..
You will reach your land of THE BRIGHT STARS and will always be there..
Till the WHITE FLOWER you will hold will remain in your care.."

and then in reply he said..

"21 years I searched for IT.. untiringly un-ceased..
I have suffered's time for them to be repealed..
I want to see the world of light..I can't brook this darkness in any way..
I will protect THE WHITE FLOWER..I will stand for it..come what may..!"

With these words he plucked the flower and held it in his hands..Everything glistened with the fluorescence..THE WHITE FLOWER turned brighter with his touch on it..and he was surrounded and cluttered by the small white angels everywhere..then a long white stair-way to the sky unfolded in front of THEM.."This will take both of you to your destination.."..the angels murmured.. He held THE FLOWER diligently and with love..He rose his first step towards the stairs and then he paused for a moment..He kissed THE WHITE FLOWER and said..

"With you and for you..
I will make this journey as beautiful as you..
Your purity and sanity is nothing but god's creation..
I will always be with you..Let's head for OUR DESTINATION.."

With these words and with that kiss..he ran on that stair-way..and never looked back..


Friday, April 8, 2011


I was sitting on the chair outside the PANEL 1 waiting for my MICA interview..the interview that I had dreamed about zillion of times.. Those 27 minutes that I had to wait outside on that chair, filled my mind with nervousness and I was finding it impossible to control the state of my mind..I was shivering and my limbs were trembling..but I could not afford the nervousness to subdue me at that time..So to overcome it, I closed my eyes..Following is A TRUE STORY..!

"I Can"..and "I can not"..
Both the things are possible..exactly the way you want..
Because your mind is steered by you and no one else..
And it can cross the 'DARK'..without incurring any dent..
For the torch of the 'WILL' can light the way..always..
With it's 'Switch' that you control..each night and every day..!

I opened my eyes and found myself in a an arbitrarily turbid place.. My feet were encumbered..My hands were tied but they had a sword in them..And then I saw 'THEM' rushing towards me stridently..They had long creepy legs with strong gigantically muscular arms..their body was thin though, but their hair and teeth were long and sharp..they ran towards me and cluttered around..and now I could see that they were definitely not humans..In few seconds, I was surrounded by an army of blood-colored entities and yes .. I was their PRISONER..

A coarsely strong and stentorian voice fell in my ears that came from among them and said...

"You must drop this 'Sword' and capitulate..
If you want your life in your body to remain..
or else you can chose to raise and fight..
and meet your end..You INCAPABLE HUMAN..You Trite..!"

They were hundreds and probably a lot more..and I had just a sword..Surrendering to them was the easier thing to do.. and so I was about to drop the sword but then I looked at my clutched feet devoid of THE FREEDOM..and a voice rose from within..

"I am a HUMAN..may be weak but NOT AN INCAPABLE..
How can I fall without trying..when FREEDOM is forever palpable..!
I will not capitulate..for now I am the exemption's perceiver..
and with the 'RED' I will inscribe the CHRONICLE OF MY ENDEAVOR..
For by standing and with this sword.. I can make them FALL

And then I stood still and my head brimmed with confidence..They saw it clearly and they knew what my answer was..And so..They ravaged towards me..All of them all together..I saw them coming and so I closed my eyes...

"I want to let myself free
I want to repeal this Darkness with the Light within Me..
So My Lord..Help Me and LET ME SHINE..!
And let I be your STAR to debilitate this DARK..this time.."

And then with an upheld head I opened up my eyes..I looked at my sword and it was shining with a fluorescent yellow light.. My feet were now disencumbered and I was wearing a shield with an iron mask like a GLADIATOR..And yes..Now I was ready to take them all..TO KILL THEM ALL..

I ran towards them slicing and gashing every one that came in my way..I rose my self higher to slit their throats..and I threw my sword to slash their heads.. I gnawed their limbs and cut open their chests..and yes there was blood all around..not mine but theirs..They came they sword incised their flesh and their blood oozed out of their bodies as if it never wanted to be in there..

27 minutes the battle was fought..and after it..there was no one left except me..I looked around..every where..the place was finally the LIGHT OF MY SWORD..

I Gained My Own Self and My freedom..Those 27 minutes defined me..and yes..those 27 minutes made me believe that YES..I CAN..!

THE FINAL OUTCOME: I went in the interview room, confident and determined, and after 50 long minutes..I got through..


Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yes we all possess..the art of Lying..
On the face..eyes to eyes..without even trying..
Our smiles have worn the shrouds of the grin..
Pretentiously sycophantic..Uninterested lips stretching to chins..

Eyes gleaming with the beseechingly delusional trust..
And the Tongues trying hard to make themselves adjust..
to every situation and blabber accordingly..
and impress the others.. with the disguised charm..unwillingly..

And the hands too take part..
in the process of artificial conversational art..
They move..they twist and they turn..
To play their part in the surreptitious deception..

So that the listener will be pleased..
And the unknown acquaintance will be greased..
"Who knows he might be required in time of need!!?
I must wear this smile..even if HE is a malefic breed.."

"There was a time I used to real..
with my heart..with my eyes..and not in today's world..surreal..
The smile..that now has even faded from the reminiscence..
used to remain with people..for years and hence.."
"I used to be happy..and so the smile was heartily mine..
Today, my smile is felicity exanimate life in a vitrine.."

But is this 'Concealed' justified to be called as 'Life'..?
Does it satisfy the very purpose you were asked to servile..??..
Is it really gratifying to your callous soul??
Or you have capitulated 'it' play this MODERN role?..

"You can deplore..reprimand..beseech..or criticize..
The veracity of the fact is something that even I can not deny!..
That YES I have sold my SOUL to satisfy my LIFE..
And have agreed to this delusory marriage..betrothed to this shoddy 'WIFE'..
But I won't deny that yes I still miss that feeling..
which warmed my heart..and eased my blood's flowing..
Perhaps now I must dreams of even trying..
For the jewel has now been this ART OF LYING!"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Talk!

The way I see..digresses from the way you perceive..
I believe I am 'RIGHT'..Why cant you receive..!!??
Let me put it straight my friend..I am here to Talk!
If you can't's your vision that you balk..!
For TALKS entail sharing..of thoughts and our beliefs..
and sharing is caring..a felicity that we HUMANS perennially seek..!

What is COMMUNICATION?..Is it the way to speak..or the way to convey one's thoughts to others..?..Well, Communication definitely imbues these characteristics, but it definitely is not only that!..As a matter of fact, communication is an immensely wide and deep term , which if understood intelligibly, can actually open doors of social acceptance, reception, and reverence - a possession that every individual seeks to have..

If I dig into the history of the term 'Communication', then it actually is derived from a Latin word 'communis', which means 'to make common' or 'to make known'. So basically, the term COMMUNICATION stands for the act of MAKING-KNOWN-WHAT-I-KNOW.. However, it will be a preposterous blunder to misinterpret it as a ONE WAY TOOL..
Communication has never been and can never be a one way activity.. If I want to talk and have a conversation with someone, then I need to have him understand, whatever I want him to understand..!..If I can successfully do that, then I am on way to become a good communicator!

People refrain from speaking out about their beliefs, their ideas, their problems or their stringencies...they are skeptical that what purpose will be solved in speaking out such PERSONAL STUFF..?? What if the other person does not respect my opinion..?? What if he/she will deplore me to a self derogatory state..!!??..and this leads to another inseparable extension of communication, which is LISTENING..

I myself am not a good listener..!.. I have always been a bad bad listener..I remember my college friends telling me this thing a zillion of times..But how could I have listened to them when I actually was a bad listener!..However, fortunately I realised that unless I will know what picture is being sketched in the speaker's mind, I can not fill it with my colors!..Since then, I have been trying to improve on that aspect..I hope to strengthen it as soon as possible, because without it communication is merely a one way loose wastrel blabbering..not more than that...Nobody wins anything out of it..Nobody even looses anything tangible..the only thing lost is the precious TIME..nothing else, if you understand what I am saying..

So, Communication is a conglomeration of Speaking and Listening..It is the exchange of thoughts and ideas that can be had by gestures, signs, signals, speech or writing..Any means that can help in abridging distance between two minds..two hearts..two souls..Any means to bring a HUMAN in understanding with another HUMAN, so that both reach a common acquiescence, is I believe what communication actually is.. A tool, which if pursued zealously, possesses the power to obliterate all the DISTANCES that we create in the absence of ITS knowledge..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

And When The End Is Imminent..

Since the day I was small..I was told I could win the world..
Only if I try hard..only if I aimed to catch that soaring bird..
They said that nothing but a perilous place..
which stillborn souls fear to tread..and wanted others not to trace..

I was made to believe in HUMAN POWER..the ingenuity of the thoughtful brain..
That how it works indefatigably.. effectively..unrestrained..
That how it powers the derive solutions if used with sapience..
That how it could be used to control..everything and everyone with its influence..

I read about people climbing Himalayas..defying gravity and landing on the moon..
I even saw them flying planes...and I wanted to be one of them soon..
And this way I was made to believe..that human body could achieve wonders untired..
That how it can elongate to reach heights..and obliterate forces if desired..

Today..I stand in front of this BEAST..I want to stop its way but Can I??
I want to live more... I want to at least give it a try..
It's approaching near..seething with anger..roaring with strident thunder..
I believe I can wither its rage..I can impel these soaring waves to surrender..

Because I have always believed ..that I surely can if I want..
That I must not capitulate..even if my knife is severely blunt..
My conscience fails to give up..I have so many undone dreams to behold..
Howsoever fierce and forceful it may be..I must remain undeterred..and bold..

But then when I look at these tides..they want to assimilate me with their might..
I have an unusually strange feeling of helplessness..a streak of fearsome fright..
I am thinking of a solution..but my mind has now disallowed thinking..
My body feels incapable to handle it..brooding with is shivering..

How could that be happening.. Will IT decimate soul..??
Even if I will stand protect my achieve my goals??
Where's the might of the HUMAN POWER..that moved mountains and conquered the space..
Can't it subvert a conglomeration of petty drops..rampaging at belligerent pace??

I think the answer is NO..I believe my time has come..
However skillful and inviolable I may be..I am merely a mortal human..
All my life I thought I was the strongest..but that is what I was told..
Now when I see my imminent breath gets pulse gets cold..

I could defy any thing but how could I plunge the creator of my being..?
That controlled my every minute..every breath..and all my thinking..
But if YOU dominated my body..and my soul..
Then why did YOU implanted those dreams..those ideas..and created those roles.??..
The question will linger forever..I believe the answer is something unknown..
For YOU created us to be then die..for your RECREATION..forlorn..

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In The Ferociously Misogynist Land of Man...

I am the 'MAN'..only I will show 'her' the way..
By my power of MANHOOD..I will subdue her to obey..
How can she refuse..??..I will even KILL her if she retaliates..
for I am the MAN ...her MASTER..and she is my petty SLAVE..
I am the POTTER..she is just 'MY FILTHY CLAY'..

Anything we will do..Any damn rule we might make.. Any severe measures we will take in future..WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SAVE AND PROTECT WOMEN..

Yes.. I strongly believe in the statement I have just now made..And the rationale behind this logically driven concept is the FUNDAMENTAL IDEOLOGIES OF THE MISOGYNIST MALES..The worst part is that 95% of the MALE BREED are like that..they are all the same.. Let me paint the picture of WOMEN in THEIR MINDS with some banal words..

" Women - 'A Softer, Weaker, Passive and Submissive human breed'- stands nowhere when compared to a stronger..Stiffer..and Pro-active Male (Us!!)..She must not displease us..ever..Can a slave distraught his Dominus??..Can a dog disobey his master??..The answer is never..and so they must always lie behind the demarcation.; We will make sure that they always will...And if ever any trial of infringement be made by them..they will be taught the LESSON they will never forget..Like the dog is strangled when it barks a lot..We will always tame them..Come what may.."

How can anyone think of uplifting the condition of the WOMEN when almost all of their MALE counterparts behold this belief???.. Today at one hand when we brag of our WOMEN CEOs managing Multinational Companies or so many other women professionals making their presence felt, we have the MALE counterparts quashing and subverting women to prove their INDEPENDENCE as hollow and abstract..Every time women claim that they are coming in equality with men..Our BRAVE MEN audaciously fight against the claim to reclaim and reinstate their lost prestige..

Around 25 per cent of murder victims in the national capital are women. This year so far, 42 women were raped and 73 molested in the capital. In 2010, the city witnessed 489 rape incidents as against 2009's 459..

In the defense of MEN, I will say that they are following the law of the nature as is being understood by them - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST...They believe they are FITTER than they believe that they must prevail..Their specious knowledge of the concept of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST lacks the further corollary to the theory which says that - " Any individual organism which succeeds in reproducing itself is "fit" and will contribute to survival of its species, not just the "physically fittest" ones..".. But DOES THAT MAKE ANY DAMN DIFFERENCE??..Can any body ever even think to change their mentality???..

The answer is a straight NO..Never will be more apt..

So, women must learn to appease themselves with the whatsoever respect they are receiving..with whatsoever efforts that are being made to help them..with whatsoever DAYS they are provided with to mark their disguised 'RISE'.. Because in actuality.. MEN WILL REMAIN MEN..

And this is not what I say.. this is what the MALE's BELIEF is..this is what the FACTS are SCREAMING about..It has been like this in the past..and it will further continue to be sullenly same..Unfortunately..

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A 'ROMANCE' To Remember..!

They met..they saw.. their eyes answered the curiosity..
The DEFERENCE bolstered the spark, the easiness and the compliancy..
Was it true..or just a sweet disposition.??..or was it a conspiracy??..
His sequestered heart obfuscated his mind..his decisions grafted hostility..
He was an intellect, a TRUE LOVER..But History might never ratify his advocacy..

It was the summer of 1947. MASHOBRA, a small hill station in Shimla, probably spawned the affection..They met and they appreciated each other..Appreciation conduced Adoration. Social bounds and uncongenial time did play the spoil sport .. still the 'Romance' blossomed. Little did he know that the banal act would be soaked in the historical foliates of the annalists with murky dark ink..

He was an intellectual, a philosopher, a futuristic ideologue and 'Lonely'.. She was a smart, glamorous, vivacious, and an amazing woman.. They met and were attracted..The attraction was mutual..

In the book -- India Remembered, written by the daughter of Edwina and Lord Mountbatten -- Lady Pamela recalls that Nehru wrote a letter to Edwina a decade later in which he described the way he was enamored by her at Mashobra, "that there was a deeper attachment between us, that some uncontrollable force, of which I was dimly aware, drew us to one another."..

Their romance blossomed and flourished..He used to write letter every night to her once she left India..Yes, they were in love.. a deep, affectionate, 'platonic' love..It did have a profound effect on his personal life.. However, Did his love for the wife of the last viceroy of India affected his Public Decisions..??..This question sired by their controversial relationship and kindled by his handling of the KASHMIR ISSUE after INDEPENDENCE, when he was the Prime Minister of the country, will probably lurk perpetually on his name..

Jawahar Lal Nehru became the first PM of the Independent India..Though India got Independence, it was still divided into BRITISH RAJ and several princely states.. Sardar Vallabh Bahi Patel spearheaded the successful annexation of the Princely States along with V.P. Menon, an alacritous, smartly intelligent and highly cogent personality. However, when it came to the annexation of KASHMIR, Nehru demanded to handle it as per his method. Nehru was a Kashmiri and he thought he was better suited to handle the Kashmir issue and consequently he disallowed Sardar Patel for the same..

In October 1947, Pakistan encouraged tribal warriors from the North West to attack Kashmir. The infiltrators plundered, raped, killed and marched ahead. By October 26, the infiltrators had reached the outskirts of Srinagar and Kashmir’s ruler Hari Singh had no other choice but to sign the instrument of accession to India under Jawahar Lal Nehru.. However the problems aggravated in KASHMIR..but instead of sending INDIAN ARMIES into the affected regions..he went to LORD MOUNTBATTEN to seek his advice on the matter..!

He used to admire Lord Mountbatten, owing to the influence that Edwina had over him. Undoubtedly, the Edwina-Nehru relationship was also of use to Lord Mountbatten as it was seen when he handled KASHMIR ISSUE in accordance with Lord Mountbatten..

“He (Lord Mountbatten) did use her (Edwina Mountbatten) in such ways. But he certainly wasn’t going to throw her, he didn’t say to her ‘go and become the Prime Minister’s (Nehru) lover, because I need you to intercede.’ It was a by-product of this deep affection.”
- Lady Pamela, daughter of Edwina & Lord Mountbatten

For strategic reasons, Britain was inclined towards Pakistan and Mountbatten was reportedly given the responsibility to ensure that India do not take any steps to eradicate the infiltrators from Jammu & Kashmir. By the end of 1947, Mountbatten had convinced Nehru to refer the Kashmir issue to the UN...

On 20 December 1947, Nehru accepted the idea implanted into his mind by Lord Mountbatten and Mountbatten succeeded in implementing the designs of the then British PM Clement Attlee. He played a sleight of hand by continuously highlighting the dangers of military action in Kashmir to Nehru and on the other hand, transferring confidential information to Attlee..It was during those days when Edwina probably managed to make the issue rather placating and appeasing to his heart and mind. Later, India’s case was buried into the piles of the administrative UN files..The infiltrators remained on the Indian soil, what today exists as PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR (POK)..



Thursday, March 3, 2011


Undeterred, Unfettered, Unperturbed, and Unrestrained
Phlegmatically solid he stood..every time..every where..
Exhorted million voices.. glued them to be one..
The only wish he had..A COUNTRY IN UNISON..!

4th February, 1916. It was the opening ceremony of Hindu University Central College at Banaras. Mrs. Annie Besant had started a school at Banaras in 1892, and then in 1916, it was being expanded into Hindu University Central College and 4th Feb was the day of the inaugural ceremony. Hundreds of renowned and esteemed copiously embellished Maharajas, Maharanis, Rajas, Princes and Princesses were present along with Lord Hardinge, the then Viceroy of India. Mahatma Gandhi was to address the ceremony with his speech. So every body went silent when he came at the dais. The silence was soon obliterated by an inviolable voice that transgressed, rather deplored, the audience's obscured mind. A voice never been heard before, which showed a mirror to the 'INDIANS', as they thought they were, over there..A voice that would soon conglomerate millions of voices to fetch the INDEPENDENCE from the barbed clinks of the BRITISH.

'His Highness, the Maharaja, who presided yesterday over our deliberations spoke about POVERTY of INDIA. Other leaders laid great stress upon it. But what did we witness in the great pandal ..?..Certainly a most Gorgeous show, an exhibition of Jewellery....There is no salvation for India unless you strip yourselves of this jewellery and hold it in trust for your countrymen in INDIA.'..

Every single person was shocked to hear those words being darted at them by a thin, haggard man in a white loincloth..But that was just the beginning..It was probably the eruption of all that he had experienced in the last one year after he had returned from South Africa to stay in his OWN country..As Professor Gokhale had commanded him to spend the first year in INDIA with 'his ears opened but mouth shut', he did the same. His speeches were weak, and in an unimpressive colloquial tone..But not this day.. he stood in front of them with a strong voice bolstered with anger, never ever been heard in INDIA from his mouth..

Mahatma Gandhi had returned to India in 1915, and since then he was extremely stirred by the poverty in India..He wanted the uplift of peasants..which was possible only if the politicians would drop their comforts and go among them.."How could a person in Bond Street suits or Bombay coats and trousers win peasants support..?"..More than 80% population of India was in villages..impoverished and deplored..Village Uplift was Mahatma Gandhi's primeval motive..

So, when he saw so called INDIANS dressed in adorned clothes..he could not stop his convulsion that transformed into an acerbic diatribe. He stood alone in front of the crowd..His voice was undeterred..and it censured every single person over there..didn't spare any body..

'Whenever I hear of a great palace rising in any great city in India..I become jealous and say,"Oh, it is the money that has come from the agriculturists.."..Our salvation can come only through farmers..Neither the lawyers, nor the doctors, nor the RICH landlords are going to secure it..It is a matter of deep humiliation for address my countrymen in a language FOREIGN to me..'

His sentiments provoked scattered applause..So many eyebrows were raised..but he didn't stop..

'No paper contribution will ever give us self government...'..So many aristocrats, Kings, Princes were there..He feared nobody..'It is only our conduct that will fit us for it..And how are we trying to govern ourselves..?...Is it right that the lanes of our sacred temples should be as dirty as they are..?..The houses roundabout are built anyhow..If even our temples are not models of roominess and cleanliness, what can our self government be..?'..

Mahatma Gandhi did realise the hostility and the resentment that had grown among the crowd, but he went on criticizing everyone. He even said unpalatable words against the Viceroy calling him and other British officers as "DETECTIVES IN OUR COUNTRY"..So many of the GUESTS had already left..The remaining crowd turned extremely uncongenial..and strident roars of booing and dissent could not face the TRUTH any more..'SIT DOWN, GANDHI'..crowd intimidated him..'GO on..'..few in support said.. But Mahatma Gandhi's voice was by now lost in the clamor..

Finally..Mahatma Gandhi had to stop..But his voice traveled all over the country..His words even fell into the British ears..A man who was known as a weak and calm Indian had reappeared as a courageous and indiscreet .. It didn't take long for the entire India to hear and then confront a new GANDHI, a man who defied FEAR..a man who lived like a poor and defended them..A man who renounced COMFORTS for the sake of freedom..FREEDOM OF THE POOR..


Monday, February 28, 2011

The Confession of a 40+ Man..

Look..How my Hard-Earned Life has gone trite...
Raddled..Unhappy..complacently bright.
Look at me..I am the creator of this disguised heaven,
Flying with my spliced wings..spirit riddled..freedom craven..
Perpetually encumbered Time-Slave...way far digressed from Peace-Haven.

I blame nobody for the state I am in.
I have chosen my gloomy days..and my nights in din..
I knew the shiny bright was not light..
still I pursued it ..I believed I was right..
And now I cant even cry, on my self-animated plight..

When I was small..I fancied being copiusly billowed.
I loved chasing cars on my cycle..Prying for the happiness being endowed..
I wanted everything.. my parents embedded my goals..
I listened to what everyone around mumbled..I failed to listen to my soul..!

I worked hard..for clinching the obfuscated successes..
berefting ME..I joined this RACE to all my menaces..
I did cry often..I fell, I got hurt a number of times..
But my avariciously impounding heart...supported my legs to climb..
I fought with me..and so I kept Running..
But the RACE never ended..I now believe the end is not impending..

Today, when I am awakened by my faithful clock..
I find myself engaged in my drudgery..automatically without a croak.
I try encumber my legs and balk myself in this RACE..
But how should I expect my conscience to obey me..
when I myself have betrayingly forgotten even my own FACE..??..

Now..I am a part of everything my dreams manufactured..
I am following the traces of my Cloned-Predecessors..
So..Do I wish to live life unlike this..??..
Bereaved of self-woven miseries..away from these treacherous cries..???..
Ah!..the idea now is foreign to my hardwired mind..


Thursday, February 24, 2011


We can be ONE, if we will believe in the spree..
if we will think beyond YOU and ME..
And only if we will rise as a TIDE..
Or we will capitulate as a DROP left in the dry..

How malefic is the idea of dividing people on the base of anything..??..Be it religion..caste..language..Our country stands on the disguised pillars of the thoughts being imbued in the three words of "UNITY IN DIVERSITY"...These three words corrode my mind constantly and every time I assuage it by few balmy hackneyed arguments favoring MY COUNTRY..The appeasement does work for some time but the IMPREGNABLE QUESTION constantly reiterates like a pendulum..ARE WE UNITED??..

The answer is straight NO??..I say..How can we even talk of being united in a country like ours divided on almost each and every aspect of humanity..??..I don't see any other country with so much of segregation..Let me throw some light on that argument..

India has more than two thousand ethnic groups...India contains the majority of the world's Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jains and Bahá'í...India is also home to the third-largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan... There are 1,652 languages and dialects spoken in India..So many castes and their sub-castes..and their sub-sub-castes are existent..

As is written by LOUIS FISCHER in his biography of MAHATMA GANDHI..

..Blood Connects Hindus with Muslims and Sikhs. Religion weakens the connection... Geography connects; bad communication divides..The multiplicity of Languages divides..

However..This is the place we live in..We brag about our diversities..but our pellucid shroud of UNITY can not hide the injured and scathed HUMAN inside..PUBLIC MASSACRES on the basis of Religion..LANGUAGE DIVIDE making Social Development impossible and even resulting into GEOGRAPHICAL DIVISIONS...The virulent CASTE-ISM which in plain words is unfathomably deep rooted and hence can not be deracinated.. These are some ludicrous problems which are insignificantly insalubrious for the upliftment and uprising of a country like ours, already marred with obstacles of POVERTY, ILLITERACY, CORRUPTION and UNEMPLOYMENT to name a few..

The moment we impose a DEMARCATION..the idea of UNITY dies..A nation can either be UNITEDLY DEVELOPED or DIS-UNITEDLY REPEALED..The earlier we understand that, the better it will be for us..Else the choice is OURS..


Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Thing Called "An Ostentatiously Vociferous Marriage"..

"Everything is fine..But Where are the Guests..??
I had this ultra bright gown..specially prepared to Showcase..!!"..
"They will be here my dear bride..don't pick up the rage!"
"And till then..let's play the doltishly fancy game of SIMPLE MARRIAGE!.."

DISCLAIMER : Those who love Indian marriages' brouhaha and kitschy melodrama, this post might be a bit hurting..You can choose not to read..else you are more than welcome!..

I always fail to understand the concept behind people getting married in pretentiously extravagant way. Well, I do understand the basic fundamental which as per my understanding can be jotted down as under-

'A marriage happens only once, so why not celebrate it to a reminiscent remembrance..So, let's get married in a way that everyone will say, "Wow..What a Marriage Sir ji..!"..'

'It's my marriage..Let me celebrate it the way I want to guys!..I want thousands of guests (who will be giving me many thousand gifts..!) awesome DJ which will make each and every person dance..I don't care about anything else..Well..It's my marriage..Why should I??!!"..'

'I studied so very hard to get this well paying job..Since the time I got it, I have been saving every single pie to make BIG DAY even BIGGER..Come On Guys!..If I Can Then Why Shouldn't I??.."..'

Hmmm..I do actually understand all these arguments..!..The thing that stands beyond the realms of my understanding is a simple question that says- "WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT - A HAPPY MARRIAGE or A HAPPY PRETENTIOUSLY CELEBRATED MARRIAGE??"..

If your answer is the latter one then you can stop reading as there is no food for your thoughts ahead!..

And if the answer is A HAPPY MARRIAGE..then what is the need of making it a PUBLIC SHOWCASE?? MARRIAGE of two people must be an extremely personal experience..Why to corrupt it by allowing it to be pillaged by an army of flamboyantly dressed people who only come to have a free dinner and to exhibit their fancy dresses in public..(and yes..) demonstrate their ludicrous dancing abilities without even realising the deleterious effects it can have on people watching them???..Why to entertain those whom you would have hardly ever liked to talk..??..Why to accept those speciously disguised blissful wishes from the STRANGERS when your parents' and your good friends' wishes are probably a lot more than enough to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise??..

The only thing I see the MARRIED COUPLE accumulating is the severe scrutiny (followed by a piquant face!)by the guests of each and every single thing, be it food or the DJ or the dress of the COUPLE..(they probably delve into nostalgia and somehow may/may not find the present marriage THAT HAPPENING!)..They are hardly concerned about the EMOTIONS or the FEELINGS the COUPLE might be going through..Why the hell call such HYPOCRITICAL CROWD to your marriage..???..

These turbulent questions constantly linger in my mind every time I see two people engaged in an An Ostentatiously Vociferous Marriage...Why can't two people get SIMPLY MARRIED??..Is that such a difficult thing to do???..

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Chronicles of the Future-Delhi..

This post CHRONICLES OF THE FUTURE-DELHI has been selected by Blogadda as one of the SPICY SATURDAY PICK! Roam ahead to read the post!

Cramping Space..Sky High Price..
Nascent frustration in every one's eyes..
Road Rage..Accidents..Molestations to name a few..
This is DELHI..Dwelt by and you..

15th FEB, 3000

This story enunciates the very transformation of our city..from DELHI to D'wel'LHI..

Years and Years before..There was a moderately populated city called DELHI. Although, people used to crib about over-crowded roads and overtly congested streets even then too, at least there was enough room for them to walk nonchalantly on roads..or breathe AIR while traveling in Public Transports..

Then things started to change..Delhi being the capital of the country was thronged and immigrated by the NON-DELHI DWELLERS..People came in millions and never left..Streets cramped..Living Spaces diminished..but nobody cared in the course of their regularities and schedules..

Number of slums started accruing..The demoniac pollution started seething..Diseases increased and several new ones mushroomed..Though new fancy roads and flyovers were erected, roadsides became the new TRASH DUMPS..But even then nobody paid any heed..

But then one day, an affluent Media Stalwart, whose car had stopped working in the midway of a flyover, was trying to cross the road. He needed to catch a bus that would have taken him to his place..The moment he stepped out of his car, he inhaled the venomous DELHI-OXYGEN..he immediately came back into his car and turned on the AC to breathe OXYGEN.."What the hell was that??", he decried.. However, he needed to out of compulsion and necessity, he enshrouded his nose with his scented handkerchief and started crossing road..To his utmost surprise, he could not accommodate himself in the clamantly bustling road..He covered his ears too..He tried to cross the road but whenever he used to reach half way, he was forced to fetch his feet backwards by the harum-scarum traffic..After 2 hours of travailing hard work..he managed to cross the road..

After that he had to catch a BUS (air-metros and aviated-taxis never existed at that time..) In his way to the BUS STOP, he saw an accident..Within seconds, people stranded both the collided cars whose owners, after the accident, had gotten into a strident brawl..Anyway, he moved ahead through the extraneously clogged slum area..and final after 3 hours of painstakingly edifying experience, he reached the BUS STOP..Luckily he got the bus immediately..but it definitely was not his lucky the BUS was severely clotted with sweating and fretting people..Half an hour later, when he got out of the BUS, he accelerated to his home..and the moment he reached inside..he closed all the doors hastily and threw himself on his bed..He fell asleep in a few minutes..but the memories of the day remained awake..

Next day, appalled by his experience, he wrote an article in a leading daily newspaper.. It was after reading that article, our Bourgeoisie was awakened of its complacent scheduled dream life..

Since then people had been constantly ranting and whining and remonstrating the over crowded DELHI..But as they say that A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE....They actually never STITCHED on time..and then when they had lost the time, they were complaining of the miseries..all in vain ..

As time progressed, so many recuperative measures were perused to grapple with the INCREASING-DELHI-POPULATION monster.. IMPROVED BUSES..METRO..MORE FLYOVERS etc. etc. ..But every time when it seemed as if they had subdued the 'monster', it roared back resulting into more and more miseries..

Today, in spite of all the MANAGED-PLANS undertaken by the administration, nothing has been able to stop the MONSTER..Immigration has stopped though, as there is no more square centimeter left for accommodating a new human being..Road Rage has become the NEW FASHION..and it has become more gigantic owing to the humungous traffic..100-300 accidents daily is normal..Those who are spared of the road accidents are dying of pollution and noise. Respiratory Problems have increased mostly among the people living in 100th to 200th floors..Others who live below them, are reportedly suffering from hearing disorders, Psychological personality disorders , acute hyper-tension, a NEW eye-disease and SEX-REPUGNANCE to name a few..

Nothing can be changed now..Time once gone is gone forever..We will have to DWELL in the world we chose to create for ourselves..

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


This post HOW I MET MY VALENTINE! has been one of the WINNING POST in the contest STAGES OF LOVE hosted by Blogadda and judged by PREETI SHENOY..!..Roam ahead to read the post..:)

I was rambling and dabbling in the flow of my dreams..
resurrected to aim the pleasures and the fame..
I was the despot of the kingdom I formed..
With me and no one else..nothing did I I ever want!..

I was happy..and that was what I believed..
My heart always pried something I could never reveal.!
I was ruling myself and little did i see...
that someone else could ever..ever subdue me!

One day on that road..which never existed before..
I saw somebody..I got furious and uproar..
"How could that road be there in my realm??
without my ordain..intersecting the Kingdom Of My Dream??"

I asked for its destruction..everything failed..
"It is something unfathomable"..everyone said..!
Infuriated..enraged I rose to see..
to repeal the suspicious entrench by very own me..

When I reached there I got curious..
"Where does it lead to??.."..I wanted the answers..!
My speculations became my obstinance..
and I followed the road that intersected..
my world..the Kingdom Of My Dreams

When I reached the end..I saw light..
I saw green..a world haven't seen in my life..
Then I saw that SOMEBODY..sitting under a tree..
"I must see the face..before I let this place free.."
I moved closer..It started to rain..
She was holding a green lantern..
that healed all my pain..
I was wonder-struck.."What is going on?"..
SHE said-"You are welcome in the Kingdom Of Dawn.."..
"There is no kingdom like that..", I annulled..
"Nothing like this has ever been existent in my my life span"..

SHE smiled..she asked me to sit down..
"Let me explain please don't frown!"
"For every dream is unreal..It has to come to an end..
It needs a morning..for the revival..for a new beginning..
You must get up!..before it gets too late..
Before you get enshrouded by the unreal..all this you must abate..!
Look beyond your realm..There is life..brighter than your dream..
With happiness..and togetherness..abstracted in your Kingdom of Dreams..!"

"Now you will have to will have to decide..
You want to be in your dream..Or live your life here..with me beside..!"

Nothing moved after that..There was silence everywhere..
I saw back the road..that traced to my sphere..
"Is it really true?? I not real??.."
I wanted answers..and so I made this deal..
"I agree to be with you..
because I want to see this NEW WORLD with you..
But I want a promise..your words in this respect..
to allow me come case I want to trace back.."
"Okay..Open your eyes!"..she said..and here I am today..
Telling you my story..have not gone back to that place..!

This is how I met her..It was a new birth..a new time..
This is the story..HOW I MET MY VALENTINE..!

This post is written for BlogAdda's Stages of Love contest. Have a look at Preeti Shenoy's Life is What You Make It.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Have you ever tried to halt..
The cruel pins, rambling inside that clock..
Phlegmatically Surreptitiously rowing..
Carrying the callous TIME BLOCK..

How can they be so ignorant.???
Do they even know the consequences of their job..??
Do they know the malefic power they speciously possess..
in each and every single conspicuous Tick-Tock???

They move..they find me Happy..
Another tick plunges me out of the top..
They bring out the sun to gleam..
and the other tick pushes it in the abyss of Dark..

They liven the life..make it grow..
Shorten it..slow it..everything they control..
Every tick enlivens..Every tick Kills..
Still they keep moving..Obdurately..Un-Ceased..

I tried to stop them..I successfully stopped one!
then I found another one ticking..How could I stop every one???
Because I want to make them aware ..of their cruel deed..
of their in-cognizant which they are not paying the heed..

In my endeavor..I have used them all..
Adjuration..Cogency..and my pleading plea..
I tried Calm..I have tried my fury..
Every single thing has failed..staggeringly..

So have you tried to stop..
these nonchalantly rambling pins of the clock..???..
If yes..then please divulge this message to them..
and help them disencumber..
these ploddingly perfunctory shackles of the TIME BLOCK..

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