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Sunday, May 8, 2011

And when they say.."IF I COULD...."

They say if they could..
hold the sun and walk through the wood..
They would have rolled back the pins of the clock..
and reverberated the sounds of blissful talks..
the time that they laughed and spent with the ones they loved..
They would have held the moments and made those seconds pause..
for they feared the time would not be the same..
Those moments..those times..would be lost in the memory lanes..

They say if they could..
clinch the stars and get to the moon..
they would have gone to the world of abstraction..
where the reality would have been enslaved by the imagination..
and then they would have driven in the back gear..
and parked themselves upon the happiness' sphere..
forever and till eternity they would have been..
only with the ones they the world so mean..

They dream of the world unreal..
They wish a lot for their wishes to be real..
They want the happiness forever..they say if they could..
have got it then their lives would..
have been DIFFERENT..than this normal life's play..
They never are sure though..for the life is a vicious roulette..

They desire..and just the 'Wishing' they do..
like the tinkers they perch upon the hope..
and sing the songs of 'IFs' and 'ORs'..
They dream..and they dream..they remain in the very same world..
which they wish to be true..and exuberance cluttered..

They fail to see that the TIME..
is not human..and is not divine..
It knows no understands no love..
It flurries into the future..burning the past troves..
But it is the friend of an honest and humble 'CHANCE'..
which fortunately repeats..but only if you will want..
To the ones who live for the future and not in the past..
It promises to ease the pains..and raise the SUCCESS FLAG on the effort's mast..!


Why not believe that one day WE will..
hold the sun and walk through the wood..
WE can't roll back the time..but will make every second count..
to bring back the time the way WE want..
and will reverberate the sounds of blissful talks..
the time that WE laughed and spent with the ones WE loved..
WE can make them grander and more profound..
for WE believe the CHANCE will repeat..and bring US better luck and fame..
Those moments..those times..WE will recreate those memory lanes...
Again..and Again...and yes..Once Again..!


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