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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Science of CONFIDENCE!

You will shake..You will shiver..
Your tongue will twist and won't trigger..
The words that must have been said..
The excuses that must have been delayed..
For the time once gone is irretrievable..
THE CONFIDENCE turns The Impossible to The Achievable..!

When I was a small kid in my school, I had a belief that the more I would raise my hand when teacher would ask a question to the class, the better impression I would have in front of the teacher!..The belief was so strong that I used to raise my hand even before teacher used to ask any question..for I believed that whatever question would be thrown upon me..I would successfully answer that..!..So much so that in all the Parents-Teachers Meetings, I always used to have only one complaint from my teachers.."He is Over-Confident.."..and mom and dad never asked me to "improve" upon the problem brought into their notice by my teachers..and so the problem persisted and rather got aggravated with my constant practice!..

As I grew up I developed some more traits like that..! I started believing that the more I would participate in the cultural activities..the more my teachers would appreciate me..And so I zealously participated in Singing..and Dancing..and debates and many other competitions..So many changes occurred..However, the complaint remained the same.."He is Over Confident.."..My parents still never ever tried to mold me..

I remember when I was in my 10th grade..I used to be one of the toppers..I was one of the most active guys in my class..and yes I still used to raise my hand as before..and yes I enjoyed the way I was..

However.. as I grew further..I began to realize that the way I behave in an overtly brisk way and the way I raised my hand even before the teacher would ask any question..didn't look decent!..and so..I stopped doing it..and then things changed..rather terribly..

My performance got deteriorated..I started scoring less..I even failed once in a subject in my terminal exams when I was in class 11..!..For the very first teachers had a different performance review to tell my parents..!..

"What has happened to your kid..??..He used to be so active in the class but now he remains silent..Even before asking any questions,he used to raise his hand..Though I believe that it is a sign of over confidence..but then..Over confidence is far more better than Lack of confidence..please take care of him..."..

After mom came to me..and she said the following words that will remain with me till eternity...

"Do you know what is the most important thing that defines the personality of a man??..It is the SELF CONFIDENCE..and a person is never born with it...but he gains it by practice and hard work..and so my is not an ART but a SCIENCE that must me tried and tested again and again..and should always be worked upon to attain better results..I never asked you to change your habit of confidently raising your hand because it showed your belief in your self..It showed that you were ready to face any hurdle..any problem..come what may..Always remember..your confidence in your own self defines you..and yes..Nothing Else Matters.."..

At that time..I did understand what she meant..but haphazardly..!..I could only conclude..that she wanted me to be more active and behave confidently..and so I did..!..I again started performing well..and yes I started enjoying the way I was..once again..!

Today..when I am able to understand the grandness of these words in the most enunciating way..I realize that how true my Mom was when she said those words to me..!..Our confidence defines it any situations and circumstances..

So it can be the time when we order food in a restaurant or when we are confronted with the challenging problems of shaping our careers..or be it any other scenario..The confidence boosts the performance..and it makes the surroundings favorable to us..People find it comfortable and pleasing to talk to a person who speaks articulately and confidently..It is always..and always..the Intelligent Briskness and THE CONFIDENCE we possess..that makes the difference..and yes it is a FACT..!..



  1. Well written, especially the last paragraph !!

  2. Liked your Mom's pep talk. Nice one!

  3. @Arti: Hey..Thanks for liking it!:)

  4. @Nandana: Thanks for the rave review Nandana..! Keep visiting!:)

  5. confidence is a rather brash thing
    I like mystery, smoke and molten lava

    but it is intersting you chose to write about it like this:D haw


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