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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Impossibilities of the Possibilities!!!

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Lately I am spending a lot of time in mah car..(well thanks to Delhi’s extensive and exclusive traffic..!!).. So basically when i am stuck in those unceasing jams ..I am forced to do nothing..absolutely nothing!!.. By doing that nothing..i actually do a lot of things..!! well starting from the worst..I waste mah time..(immaculately precious time!!)..I frustrate mahself..I look out and try to figure out the reason for the jam..I drink water..I check out myself in the back view mirror..again and again..and then when I see some movement.. I start mah car and after those disengaging 3 mins..I am again forced to do mah ‘nothing’!!..

All this makes me realise one incapable we humans are.. see I cant do anything but have to wait for that vehicle infront of me to move on..and till it doesnt move..i am forced to do nothing..!.. its like doing stuff you dont want to do..but then you dun hv any option but to do that only ..u may feel frustrated..disappointed..helpless..but thats all..!!.. the sad truth is you cant do anything bout it..!!!!

Have you ever thought about it!!??..have you ever been confronted with such case scenarios..!!????

They say dat if you have will power then u can achieve the impossible..!! Really??..Well i have a doubt regarding this saying that "u will achieve impossible"..this sentence is actually eradicating the concept of things to be impossible..!! Well, if you can achieve a thing in any way it extreme hard work..or miraculous will power, then i will say that nothing is impossible..and if nothing is impossible..dat in simple English means that everything is possible..and if that is the case..then can somebody please explain me the concept of things being impossible..!!:-o..m confused!!!

Guys..i know m sounding like a m not..!..i believe in humanity..and i am an immensely optimistic person..but i hate the fact that there is hardly anything..(as a matter of fact.. there is nothing!!) that we have control over.!!.. you may drive ur car in the most perfect manner..but can u extirpate the possibility of an accident..nopes u cannot!!..coz it doesnt matter how good u r driving..if someone else's car will hit upon wont be able to do anything..!! can you understand the incapability of human beings m talkin bout..?? we merely are like puppets who don't control anything!!

Take any damn situation in your life .. ur exams..a day in your office.. a meeting..ur relation with ur friends..anything..and tell me do you control anything??!! Can u guarantee me of 100 percent marks in ur exams even if you study everything perfectly..??..well u cant..!..infact forget about 100 percent marks..can u even guarantee if you will get the marks u deserve to get..!!?? u see..we banal beings can never be sure of anything ..literally nothing!!..

Now..the question is..if we know dat we dun have control over things..y do we keep on doing the same things always the same way..well i knew dat i didnt control the result of mah board exams..still i studied for them..i know i dun control the possibility of an accident when m drivin mah car..still i drive it..!! why???

Well.. i have an engineered way of answering this question.. see.. try to correlate human mind with a if you have programmed that computer to work in one particular way..then it will always work in that way..without even considering the effects that work will bring out..similarly our minds are probably programmed the same way..we keep on doing the stuff the same way as if following a procedure..!!..the only difference is that we can think..but then does that thinking capability helping us anywhere..??..

Now u might be hating me saying all these things..i know..!!..but please feel free to correct me if i am wrong anywhere!!.. for the day is "OCTOBER SKY"'s one of the most inspiring movies ever been made..and it shows how a thing that seems impossible can be made possible!!..well i know..the movie goes against the stuff i have written ..but see as i said..i m an optimistic person .. and believe in humanity..i totally appreciate if someone shows me the way to achieve impossible..infact everyone of us will love it..right??..but hey..tell me the way which is actually possible and which can guarantee me that yes i i will put in the effort ..i will get the deserving result..i dun ask for more..but give me atleast what i deserve..Can anybody guarantee that..!! I m afraid if there is anyone!!..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy To Be Single??

"How can people live without a girlfriend or a boyfriend??"...Lemme rephrase the question...
"How can people live all alone without that "special person" in their life?????"

I was rumbling my laptop keys when this question was thrown at me by my friend ..!!!
A good question indeed..but was a little tricky one..
Anyway..I will be telling you what I answered..but for that i need to first rewind the time 4 years back..!!

I loved everything about mah college..!! Yeah..even those boring lessons (probably coz I hardly attended them..!! :)..Infact I have a strong connection with mah college..!!!!(well.. I met her in mah college itself!!)..!! College corridors, canteen..(it is called the "MECHanical CANTEEN"), T5 canteeen (it is like couple's mecca!!)..Computer center..even T&P (Training and Placement dept), it gave me mah first job !... can I forget that place..have spent hours there with her!!!:):) ..well it was the only place with AC..!!.. Basically..I loved everything bout mah college.. literally everything..!!

Did I forget something.. yeah I did..but I didnt forget it..I have just kept the best thing for the end..or I should rather say..this post starts from here!!!


Living in hostel is one of the best things that has happened to me in mah life.!! It has changed me to a remarkable extent..I remember those friday nights when I used to sit for an hour and used to decide the movies that I would see in the coming two days..!!..I remember when I used to spend hours just talking to myself and thinking bout just anything..!!

Friends.. Freedom..Abundant time..hostel life gave me everything and I loved everything!! Best of all...It made me fell in love with my own self..!

So much so that I started disliking when mah privacy was infringed by any means...I didnt want anything..I was happy to be with me..all alone..just with me!!

Trust me guys.. it was all fantastically fantastic..until I met her..!!

Suddenly.. mah whole world changed..mah life was no more personal..the boundaries were encroached..the walls were broken..and she rampaged into my niche world.I hated her for doing that.. but..more than that ..I realised ..dat I loved her..!!..

and then..(flashback the present time..!) the rest is history..!!! the problem in this story is dat if I really loved mahself so much then how could I allow her to enter in mah life..!!..Logically speaking..I must not have done dat..still I did it..infact I started enjoying 'my' life that has turned to 'our' life!!

You know what.. Life gets so very easy and so very interesting when you have someone to share it with..!!

Even when you are confronted with any trouble..then instead of you alone dealing with that problem, basically now there are two persons dealing with the same problem (considering you have someone with whom you can actually share everything!!)..see.. mathematically speaking..(1 problem/2 persons = 0.5 problem!!!) again your life gets easier..!

When mah friend asked me, "How can people live all alone without that "special person" in their life?????".. I was reminded of the time of mah singlehood..and i totally agree that it was the best time..I loved that..and yes..I was happy!!..but then with her in mah lyf ..mah tym became better than that best..and yeah,.. I became happier..!! Its not as if all the problems vanished..(infact there are loads and loads of new problems that arise everyday!! hehe!!) but then ..see I just told you the mathematical fundamental of how the problem is being shared..!!!:):)

So, the moral of the story is ..Singlehood rules..but a shared life..(that is what I call a commitment!!)..makes life a bit more interesting + easy + enjoyable..!! Now just take your pick!!

Anyway, movie for the day is .."INTO THE WILD".. Dun doesnt have anything related to commitment a matter of fact its an adventure movie..!! one of the finest films ever been made.. well it is a bit slow in pace..but that wont make much of a difference..the movie will manage you to sit infront of your viewing screen..!! and the best will make you realise the importance of what I call ..a shared life..!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After I finished the movie.."Up in the air".. once again I realised that how backward our Indian Cinema is when it comes to create a good moralistic yet enjoyable drama conglomerated with fantastic feel and enjoyability. I don't intend to criticize our Indian cinema by any means.. not at all.. as a matter of fact, I acknowledge Indian cinema for progressing miraculously in last 60 years.. From Pakeezah to Veer-Zarra..from Upkar to Rang De Basanti..and from Sholay to Dil Chahta Hai...obviously I am proud that we have progressed .. but somewhere i believe that we have not progressed enough..and the movies like Housefull, Paathshaala, etc etc etc.. and yes Prince of can I forget that one (:-x).. all these releases corroborate the fact that we haven't progressed yet.

Though the movies like RDB, DCH, Lage Raho....even Jab We Met boast of our genuineness and innovation then the likes of, well I would rather not name them.. they are just too many..infact all of them minus a few!!.., substantiate the callowness and the maladroitness of our filmmakers.

Just look at was a total bizarre. My sixth standard cousin has got a better imagination and stories than the makers of Prince have who were bragging of extreme stunts and special effect/action sequences their movie possess before the release..Well, I haven't heard anything from them off late.. dun know wat happened to them and that is not my concern is.. What I feel sorry about is that our movies lack stories..lemme rephrase it.. Our movies lack soul .. More than entertainment medium, moviemaking has become a moneymaking business with our filmmakers cashing on the successes of the likes of Om Shanti Om or take any friday flick we have over here..!

Anyway, I am starting this blog for those Indians who are fascinated by the world of movies but Indian Cinema leaves them starving for everything!!

To start with.. just get your copy of.. Up in the air.. get it from ur frnz.. download it.. or rent it.. whateva.. but do not miss this one.. just watch it to make yourself realise the difference..the huge difference!!


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