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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In The Ferociously Misogynist Land of Man...

I am the 'MAN'..only I will show 'her' the way..
By my power of MANHOOD..I will subdue her to obey..
How can she refuse..??..I will even KILL her if she retaliates..
for I am the MAN ...her MASTER..and she is my petty SLAVE..
I am the POTTER..she is just 'MY FILTHY CLAY'..

Anything we will do..Any damn rule we might make.. Any severe measures we will take in future..WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SAVE AND PROTECT WOMEN..

Yes.. I strongly believe in the statement I have just now made..And the rationale behind this logically driven concept is the FUNDAMENTAL IDEOLOGIES OF THE MISOGYNIST MALES..The worst part is that 95% of the MALE BREED are like that..they are all the same.. Let me paint the picture of WOMEN in THEIR MINDS with some banal words..

" Women - 'A Softer, Weaker, Passive and Submissive human breed'- stands nowhere when compared to a stronger..Stiffer..and Pro-active Male (Us!!)..She must not displease us..ever..Can a slave distraught his Dominus??..Can a dog disobey his master??..The answer is never..and so they must always lie behind the demarcation.; We will make sure that they always will...And if ever any trial of infringement be made by them..they will be taught the LESSON they will never forget..Like the dog is strangled when it barks a lot..We will always tame them..Come what may.."

How can anyone think of uplifting the condition of the WOMEN when almost all of their MALE counterparts behold this belief???.. Today at one hand when we brag of our WOMEN CEOs managing Multinational Companies or so many other women professionals making their presence felt, we have the MALE counterparts quashing and subverting women to prove their INDEPENDENCE as hollow and abstract..Every time women claim that they are coming in equality with men..Our BRAVE MEN audaciously fight against the claim to reclaim and reinstate their lost prestige..

Around 25 per cent of murder victims in the national capital are women. This year so far, 42 women were raped and 73 molested in the capital. In 2010, the city witnessed 489 rape incidents as against 2009's 459..

In the defense of MEN, I will say that they are following the law of the nature as is being understood by them - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST...They believe they are FITTER than they believe that they must prevail..Their specious knowledge of the concept of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST lacks the further corollary to the theory which says that - " Any individual organism which succeeds in reproducing itself is "fit" and will contribute to survival of its species, not just the "physically fittest" ones..".. But DOES THAT MAKE ANY DAMN DIFFERENCE??..Can any body ever even think to change their mentality???..

The answer is a straight NO..Never will be more apt..

So, women must learn to appease themselves with the whatsoever respect they are receiving..with whatsoever efforts that are being made to help them..with whatsoever DAYS they are provided with to mark their disguised 'RISE'.. Because in actuality.. MEN WILL REMAIN MEN..

And this is not what I say.. this is what the MALE's BELIEF is..this is what the FACTS are SCREAMING about..It has been like this in the past..and it will further continue to be sullenly same..Unfortunately..

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  1. i so luved that.. loved that with an added emotion of a woman in the city... 3 rounds of applaud !!

  2. @Avanthika
    A sad and unfortunate truth it is..the worst part is the inability to bring any change..How many of them will/can you change??..

  3. a truly deplorable state of mind... but who is responsible for inculcating such thoughts in men?? obviously our society itself... an unsuccessful woman is looked down upon with contempt whereas a successful woman has all the jealous male chauvinists surrounding her... why can't men keep their ego aside when it comes to competing with women??

  4. We are shaped by the views of our parents. Change is sometimes slow, but all things change.

  5. Hey Sharad!! You truly jerked my inner self once again...For the past 7 yrs even I am into this perplexity that "Is Indian Woman Really progressing?" And Answer I get is "NO". She may be progressing from the way she carries herself but not way her inner self carries her.....
    I think "Development of Indian Women" has become an Oxymoron. It is a vicious circle.

  6. @Radhika
    It is the age old practice dear..!.. Since long past..women have been treated inferior to men.. Probably that superiority feeling in men has been transferred from one age to another..Extremely difficult to change..

  7. @Kristine
    I just hope that you are right..though any change does not seem imminent to me, I would love to see that change happening..

  8. @Sonam..
    A sad reality it can change the system..rules..regulations..but how does one change the mentality of a person??..

  9. Interesting post, looking forward to future ones. Found you on 20sb. Following now.


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