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Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Thing Called "An Ostentatiously Vociferous Marriage"..

"Everything is fine..But Where are the Guests..??
I had this ultra bright gown..specially prepared to Showcase..!!"..
"They will be here my dear bride..don't pick up the rage!"
"And till then..let's play the doltishly fancy game of SIMPLE MARRIAGE!.."

DISCLAIMER : Those who love Indian marriages' brouhaha and kitschy melodrama, this post might be a bit hurting..You can choose not to read..else you are more than welcome!..

I always fail to understand the concept behind people getting married in pretentiously extravagant way. Well, I do understand the basic fundamental which as per my understanding can be jotted down as under-

'A marriage happens only once, so why not celebrate it to a reminiscent remembrance..So, let's get married in a way that everyone will say, "Wow..What a Marriage Sir ji..!"..'

'It's my marriage..Let me celebrate it the way I want to guys!..I want thousands of guests (who will be giving me many thousand gifts..!) awesome DJ which will make each and every person dance..I don't care about anything else..Well..It's my marriage..Why should I??!!"..'

'I studied so very hard to get this well paying job..Since the time I got it, I have been saving every single pie to make BIG DAY even BIGGER..Come On Guys!..If I Can Then Why Shouldn't I??.."..'

Hmmm..I do actually understand all these arguments..!..The thing that stands beyond the realms of my understanding is a simple question that says- "WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT - A HAPPY MARRIAGE or A HAPPY PRETENTIOUSLY CELEBRATED MARRIAGE??"..

If your answer is the latter one then you can stop reading as there is no food for your thoughts ahead!..

And if the answer is A HAPPY MARRIAGE..then what is the need of making it a PUBLIC SHOWCASE?? MARRIAGE of two people must be an extremely personal experience..Why to corrupt it by allowing it to be pillaged by an army of flamboyantly dressed people who only come to have a free dinner and to exhibit their fancy dresses in public..(and yes..) demonstrate their ludicrous dancing abilities without even realising the deleterious effects it can have on people watching them???..Why to entertain those whom you would have hardly ever liked to talk..??..Why to accept those speciously disguised blissful wishes from the STRANGERS when your parents' and your good friends' wishes are probably a lot more than enough to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise??..

The only thing I see the MARRIED COUPLE accumulating is the severe scrutiny (followed by a piquant face!)by the guests of each and every single thing, be it food or the DJ or the dress of the COUPLE..(they probably delve into nostalgia and somehow may/may not find the present marriage THAT HAPPENING!)..They are hardly concerned about the EMOTIONS or the FEELINGS the COUPLE might be going through..Why the hell call such HYPOCRITICAL CROWD to your marriage..???..

These turbulent questions constantly linger in my mind every time I see two people engaged in an An Ostentatiously Vociferous Marriage...Why can't two people get SIMPLY MARRIED??..Is that such a difficult thing to do???..

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  1. It's a nice thought.. getting married to ur loved one in the presence of people who are close to you and matter to you would be an ideal way of getting married... but the society that we live is not so permissive about it... in fact parents of the bride and the groom make all possible efforts to make the wedding lavish and extravagant more or less to please the society... our society looks up to such weddings... these are some silly rules of the society and people just willingly or unwillingly abide by them...

  2. Yeah..True..THE SOCIETY ARGUMENT..!
    In that respect I will say that a SOCIETY is nothing but a collection of INDIVIDUALS..If one person will do something then their is a high probability that people will follow him/her..So if I, being a part of a SOCIETY will take a step forward to bring a change, then 100 will decry me but 10 will comply..That is how you change the society by affecting those 10..and then a chain reaction is bound to happen!..So, basically, It's just a matter of that initial step..ONE man can bring a change..One man Can change the SOCIETY..The problem is..Where the hell is that one MAN??..

  3. loved that man! I wud simply say I loved that without being vociferous... ;)

  4. Hey Avantika!
    Thanks for liking it!!:):)..


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