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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yes we all possess..the art of Lying..
On the face..eyes to eyes..without even trying..
Our smiles have worn the shrouds of the grin..
Pretentiously sycophantic..Uninterested lips stretching to chins..

Eyes gleaming with the beseechingly delusional trust..
And the Tongues trying hard to make themselves adjust..
to every situation and blabber accordingly..
and impress the others.. with the disguised charm..unwillingly..

And the hands too take part..
in the process of artificial conversational art..
They move..they twist and they turn..
To play their part in the surreptitious deception..

So that the listener will be pleased..
And the unknown acquaintance will be greased..
"Who knows he might be required in time of need!!?
I must wear this smile..even if HE is a malefic breed.."

"There was a time I used to real..
with my heart..with my eyes..and not in today's world..surreal..
The smile..that now has even faded from the reminiscence..
used to remain with people..for years and hence.."
"I used to be happy..and so the smile was heartily mine..
Today, my smile is felicity exanimate life in a vitrine.."

But is this 'Concealed' justified to be called as 'Life'..?
Does it satisfy the very purpose you were asked to servile..??..
Is it really gratifying to your callous soul??
Or you have capitulated 'it' play this MODERN role?..

"You can deplore..reprimand..beseech..or criticize..
The veracity of the fact is something that even I can not deny!..
That YES I have sold my SOUL to satisfy my LIFE..
And have agreed to this delusory marriage..betrothed to this shoddy 'WIFE'..
But I won't deny that yes I still miss that feeling..
which warmed my heart..and eased my blood's flowing..
Perhaps now I must dreams of even trying..
For the jewel has now been this ART OF LYING!"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Talk!

The way I see..digresses from the way you perceive..
I believe I am 'RIGHT'..Why cant you receive..!!??
Let me put it straight my friend..I am here to Talk!
If you can't's your vision that you balk..!
For TALKS entail sharing..of thoughts and our beliefs..
and sharing is caring..a felicity that we HUMANS perennially seek..!

What is COMMUNICATION?..Is it the way to speak..or the way to convey one's thoughts to others..?..Well, Communication definitely imbues these characteristics, but it definitely is not only that!..As a matter of fact, communication is an immensely wide and deep term , which if understood intelligibly, can actually open doors of social acceptance, reception, and reverence - a possession that every individual seeks to have..

If I dig into the history of the term 'Communication', then it actually is derived from a Latin word 'communis', which means 'to make common' or 'to make known'. So basically, the term COMMUNICATION stands for the act of MAKING-KNOWN-WHAT-I-KNOW.. However, it will be a preposterous blunder to misinterpret it as a ONE WAY TOOL..
Communication has never been and can never be a one way activity.. If I want to talk and have a conversation with someone, then I need to have him understand, whatever I want him to understand..!..If I can successfully do that, then I am on way to become a good communicator!

People refrain from speaking out about their beliefs, their ideas, their problems or their stringencies...they are skeptical that what purpose will be solved in speaking out such PERSONAL STUFF..?? What if the other person does not respect my opinion..?? What if he/she will deplore me to a self derogatory state..!!??..and this leads to another inseparable extension of communication, which is LISTENING..

I myself am not a good listener..!.. I have always been a bad bad listener..I remember my college friends telling me this thing a zillion of times..But how could I have listened to them when I actually was a bad listener!..However, fortunately I realised that unless I will know what picture is being sketched in the speaker's mind, I can not fill it with my colors!..Since then, I have been trying to improve on that aspect..I hope to strengthen it as soon as possible, because without it communication is merely a one way loose wastrel blabbering..not more than that...Nobody wins anything out of it..Nobody even looses anything tangible..the only thing lost is the precious TIME..nothing else, if you understand what I am saying..

So, Communication is a conglomeration of Speaking and Listening..It is the exchange of thoughts and ideas that can be had by gestures, signs, signals, speech or writing..Any means that can help in abridging distance between two minds..two hearts..two souls..Any means to bring a HUMAN in understanding with another HUMAN, so that both reach a common acquiescence, is I believe what communication actually is.. A tool, which if pursued zealously, possesses the power to obliterate all the DISTANCES that we create in the absence of ITS knowledge..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

And When The End Is Imminent..

Since the day I was small..I was told I could win the world..
Only if I try hard..only if I aimed to catch that soaring bird..
They said that nothing but a perilous place..
which stillborn souls fear to tread..and wanted others not to trace..

I was made to believe in HUMAN POWER..the ingenuity of the thoughtful brain..
That how it works indefatigably.. effectively..unrestrained..
That how it powers the derive solutions if used with sapience..
That how it could be used to control..everything and everyone with its influence..

I read about people climbing Himalayas..defying gravity and landing on the moon..
I even saw them flying planes...and I wanted to be one of them soon..
And this way I was made to believe..that human body could achieve wonders untired..
That how it can elongate to reach heights..and obliterate forces if desired..

Today..I stand in front of this BEAST..I want to stop its way but Can I??
I want to live more... I want to at least give it a try..
It's approaching near..seething with anger..roaring with strident thunder..
I believe I can wither its rage..I can impel these soaring waves to surrender..

Because I have always believed ..that I surely can if I want..
That I must not capitulate..even if my knife is severely blunt..
My conscience fails to give up..I have so many undone dreams to behold..
Howsoever fierce and forceful it may be..I must remain undeterred..and bold..

But then when I look at these tides..they want to assimilate me with their might..
I have an unusually strange feeling of helplessness..a streak of fearsome fright..
I am thinking of a solution..but my mind has now disallowed thinking..
My body feels incapable to handle it..brooding with is shivering..

How could that be happening.. Will IT decimate soul..??
Even if I will stand protect my achieve my goals??
Where's the might of the HUMAN POWER..that moved mountains and conquered the space..
Can't it subvert a conglomeration of petty drops..rampaging at belligerent pace??

I think the answer is NO..I believe my time has come..
However skillful and inviolable I may be..I am merely a mortal human..
All my life I thought I was the strongest..but that is what I was told..
Now when I see my imminent breath gets pulse gets cold..

I could defy any thing but how could I plunge the creator of my being..?
That controlled my every minute..every breath..and all my thinking..
But if YOU dominated my body..and my soul..
Then why did YOU implanted those dreams..those ideas..and created those roles.??..
The question will linger forever..I believe the answer is something unknown..
For YOU created us to be then die..for your RECREATION..forlorn..

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In The Ferociously Misogynist Land of Man...

I am the 'MAN'..only I will show 'her' the way..
By my power of MANHOOD..I will subdue her to obey..
How can she refuse..??..I will even KILL her if she retaliates..
for I am the MAN ...her MASTER..and she is my petty SLAVE..
I am the POTTER..she is just 'MY FILTHY CLAY'..

Anything we will do..Any damn rule we might make.. Any severe measures we will take in future..WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SAVE AND PROTECT WOMEN..

Yes.. I strongly believe in the statement I have just now made..And the rationale behind this logically driven concept is the FUNDAMENTAL IDEOLOGIES OF THE MISOGYNIST MALES..The worst part is that 95% of the MALE BREED are like that..they are all the same.. Let me paint the picture of WOMEN in THEIR MINDS with some banal words..

" Women - 'A Softer, Weaker, Passive and Submissive human breed'- stands nowhere when compared to a stronger..Stiffer..and Pro-active Male (Us!!)..She must not displease us..ever..Can a slave distraught his Dominus??..Can a dog disobey his master??..The answer is never..and so they must always lie behind the demarcation.; We will make sure that they always will...And if ever any trial of infringement be made by them..they will be taught the LESSON they will never forget..Like the dog is strangled when it barks a lot..We will always tame them..Come what may.."

How can anyone think of uplifting the condition of the WOMEN when almost all of their MALE counterparts behold this belief???.. Today at one hand when we brag of our WOMEN CEOs managing Multinational Companies or so many other women professionals making their presence felt, we have the MALE counterparts quashing and subverting women to prove their INDEPENDENCE as hollow and abstract..Every time women claim that they are coming in equality with men..Our BRAVE MEN audaciously fight against the claim to reclaim and reinstate their lost prestige..

Around 25 per cent of murder victims in the national capital are women. This year so far, 42 women were raped and 73 molested in the capital. In 2010, the city witnessed 489 rape incidents as against 2009's 459..

In the defense of MEN, I will say that they are following the law of the nature as is being understood by them - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST...They believe they are FITTER than they believe that they must prevail..Their specious knowledge of the concept of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST lacks the further corollary to the theory which says that - " Any individual organism which succeeds in reproducing itself is "fit" and will contribute to survival of its species, not just the "physically fittest" ones..".. But DOES THAT MAKE ANY DAMN DIFFERENCE??..Can any body ever even think to change their mentality???..

The answer is a straight NO..Never will be more apt..

So, women must learn to appease themselves with the whatsoever respect they are receiving..with whatsoever efforts that are being made to help them..with whatsoever DAYS they are provided with to mark their disguised 'RISE'.. Because in actuality.. MEN WILL REMAIN MEN..

And this is not what I say.. this is what the MALE's BELIEF is..this is what the FACTS are SCREAMING about..It has been like this in the past..and it will further continue to be sullenly same..Unfortunately..

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A 'ROMANCE' To Remember..!

They met..they saw.. their eyes answered the curiosity..
The DEFERENCE bolstered the spark, the easiness and the compliancy..
Was it true..or just a sweet disposition.??..or was it a conspiracy??..
His sequestered heart obfuscated his mind..his decisions grafted hostility..
He was an intellect, a TRUE LOVER..But History might never ratify his advocacy..

It was the summer of 1947. MASHOBRA, a small hill station in Shimla, probably spawned the affection..They met and they appreciated each other..Appreciation conduced Adoration. Social bounds and uncongenial time did play the spoil sport .. still the 'Romance' blossomed. Little did he know that the banal act would be soaked in the historical foliates of the annalists with murky dark ink..

He was an intellectual, a philosopher, a futuristic ideologue and 'Lonely'.. She was a smart, glamorous, vivacious, and an amazing woman.. They met and were attracted..The attraction was mutual..

In the book -- India Remembered, written by the daughter of Edwina and Lord Mountbatten -- Lady Pamela recalls that Nehru wrote a letter to Edwina a decade later in which he described the way he was enamored by her at Mashobra, "that there was a deeper attachment between us, that some uncontrollable force, of which I was dimly aware, drew us to one another."..

Their romance blossomed and flourished..He used to write letter every night to her once she left India..Yes, they were in love.. a deep, affectionate, 'platonic' love..It did have a profound effect on his personal life.. However, Did his love for the wife of the last viceroy of India affected his Public Decisions..??..This question sired by their controversial relationship and kindled by his handling of the KASHMIR ISSUE after INDEPENDENCE, when he was the Prime Minister of the country, will probably lurk perpetually on his name..

Jawahar Lal Nehru became the first PM of the Independent India..Though India got Independence, it was still divided into BRITISH RAJ and several princely states.. Sardar Vallabh Bahi Patel spearheaded the successful annexation of the Princely States along with V.P. Menon, an alacritous, smartly intelligent and highly cogent personality. However, when it came to the annexation of KASHMIR, Nehru demanded to handle it as per his method. Nehru was a Kashmiri and he thought he was better suited to handle the Kashmir issue and consequently he disallowed Sardar Patel for the same..

In October 1947, Pakistan encouraged tribal warriors from the North West to attack Kashmir. The infiltrators plundered, raped, killed and marched ahead. By October 26, the infiltrators had reached the outskirts of Srinagar and Kashmir’s ruler Hari Singh had no other choice but to sign the instrument of accession to India under Jawahar Lal Nehru.. However the problems aggravated in KASHMIR..but instead of sending INDIAN ARMIES into the affected regions..he went to LORD MOUNTBATTEN to seek his advice on the matter..!

He used to admire Lord Mountbatten, owing to the influence that Edwina had over him. Undoubtedly, the Edwina-Nehru relationship was also of use to Lord Mountbatten as it was seen when he handled KASHMIR ISSUE in accordance with Lord Mountbatten..

“He (Lord Mountbatten) did use her (Edwina Mountbatten) in such ways. But he certainly wasn’t going to throw her, he didn’t say to her ‘go and become the Prime Minister’s (Nehru) lover, because I need you to intercede.’ It was a by-product of this deep affection.”
- Lady Pamela, daughter of Edwina & Lord Mountbatten

For strategic reasons, Britain was inclined towards Pakistan and Mountbatten was reportedly given the responsibility to ensure that India do not take any steps to eradicate the infiltrators from Jammu & Kashmir. By the end of 1947, Mountbatten had convinced Nehru to refer the Kashmir issue to the UN...

On 20 December 1947, Nehru accepted the idea implanted into his mind by Lord Mountbatten and Mountbatten succeeded in implementing the designs of the then British PM Clement Attlee. He played a sleight of hand by continuously highlighting the dangers of military action in Kashmir to Nehru and on the other hand, transferring confidential information to Attlee..It was during those days when Edwina probably managed to make the issue rather placating and appeasing to his heart and mind. Later, India’s case was buried into the piles of the administrative UN files..The infiltrators remained on the Indian soil, what today exists as PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR (POK)..



Thursday, March 3, 2011


Undeterred, Unfettered, Unperturbed, and Unrestrained
Phlegmatically solid he stood..every time..every where..
Exhorted million voices.. glued them to be one..
The only wish he had..A COUNTRY IN UNISON..!

4th February, 1916. It was the opening ceremony of Hindu University Central College at Banaras. Mrs. Annie Besant had started a school at Banaras in 1892, and then in 1916, it was being expanded into Hindu University Central College and 4th Feb was the day of the inaugural ceremony. Hundreds of renowned and esteemed copiously embellished Maharajas, Maharanis, Rajas, Princes and Princesses were present along with Lord Hardinge, the then Viceroy of India. Mahatma Gandhi was to address the ceremony with his speech. So every body went silent when he came at the dais. The silence was soon obliterated by an inviolable voice that transgressed, rather deplored, the audience's obscured mind. A voice never been heard before, which showed a mirror to the 'INDIANS', as they thought they were, over there..A voice that would soon conglomerate millions of voices to fetch the INDEPENDENCE from the barbed clinks of the BRITISH.

'His Highness, the Maharaja, who presided yesterday over our deliberations spoke about POVERTY of INDIA. Other leaders laid great stress upon it. But what did we witness in the great pandal ..?..Certainly a most Gorgeous show, an exhibition of Jewellery....There is no salvation for India unless you strip yourselves of this jewellery and hold it in trust for your countrymen in INDIA.'..

Every single person was shocked to hear those words being darted at them by a thin, haggard man in a white loincloth..But that was just the beginning..It was probably the eruption of all that he had experienced in the last one year after he had returned from South Africa to stay in his OWN country..As Professor Gokhale had commanded him to spend the first year in INDIA with 'his ears opened but mouth shut', he did the same. His speeches were weak, and in an unimpressive colloquial tone..But not this day.. he stood in front of them with a strong voice bolstered with anger, never ever been heard in INDIA from his mouth..

Mahatma Gandhi had returned to India in 1915, and since then he was extremely stirred by the poverty in India..He wanted the uplift of peasants..which was possible only if the politicians would drop their comforts and go among them.."How could a person in Bond Street suits or Bombay coats and trousers win peasants support..?"..More than 80% population of India was in villages..impoverished and deplored..Village Uplift was Mahatma Gandhi's primeval motive..

So, when he saw so called INDIANS dressed in adorned clothes..he could not stop his convulsion that transformed into an acerbic diatribe. He stood alone in front of the crowd..His voice was undeterred..and it censured every single person over there..didn't spare any body..

'Whenever I hear of a great palace rising in any great city in India..I become jealous and say,"Oh, it is the money that has come from the agriculturists.."..Our salvation can come only through farmers..Neither the lawyers, nor the doctors, nor the RICH landlords are going to secure it..It is a matter of deep humiliation for address my countrymen in a language FOREIGN to me..'

His sentiments provoked scattered applause..So many eyebrows were raised..but he didn't stop..

'No paper contribution will ever give us self government...'..So many aristocrats, Kings, Princes were there..He feared nobody..'It is only our conduct that will fit us for it..And how are we trying to govern ourselves..?...Is it right that the lanes of our sacred temples should be as dirty as they are..?..The houses roundabout are built anyhow..If even our temples are not models of roominess and cleanliness, what can our self government be..?'..

Mahatma Gandhi did realise the hostility and the resentment that had grown among the crowd, but he went on criticizing everyone. He even said unpalatable words against the Viceroy calling him and other British officers as "DETECTIVES IN OUR COUNTRY"..So many of the GUESTS had already left..The remaining crowd turned extremely uncongenial..and strident roars of booing and dissent could not face the TRUTH any more..'SIT DOWN, GANDHI'..crowd intimidated him..'GO on..'..few in support said.. But Mahatma Gandhi's voice was by now lost in the clamor..

Finally..Mahatma Gandhi had to stop..But his voice traveled all over the country..His words even fell into the British ears..A man who was known as a weak and calm Indian had reappeared as a courageous and indiscreet .. It didn't take long for the entire India to hear and then confront a new GANDHI, a man who defied FEAR..a man who lived like a poor and defended them..A man who renounced COMFORTS for the sake of freedom..FREEDOM OF THE POOR..


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