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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's Talk!

The way I see..digresses from the way you perceive..
I believe I am 'RIGHT'..Why cant you receive..!!??
Let me put it straight my friend..I am here to Talk!
If you can't's your vision that you balk..!
For TALKS entail sharing..of thoughts and our beliefs..
and sharing is caring..a felicity that we HUMANS perennially seek..!

What is COMMUNICATION?..Is it the way to speak..or the way to convey one's thoughts to others..?..Well, Communication definitely imbues these characteristics, but it definitely is not only that!..As a matter of fact, communication is an immensely wide and deep term , which if understood intelligibly, can actually open doors of social acceptance, reception, and reverence - a possession that every individual seeks to have..

If I dig into the history of the term 'Communication', then it actually is derived from a Latin word 'communis', which means 'to make common' or 'to make known'. So basically, the term COMMUNICATION stands for the act of MAKING-KNOWN-WHAT-I-KNOW.. However, it will be a preposterous blunder to misinterpret it as a ONE WAY TOOL..
Communication has never been and can never be a one way activity.. If I want to talk and have a conversation with someone, then I need to have him understand, whatever I want him to understand..!..If I can successfully do that, then I am on way to become a good communicator!

People refrain from speaking out about their beliefs, their ideas, their problems or their stringencies...they are skeptical that what purpose will be solved in speaking out such PERSONAL STUFF..?? What if the other person does not respect my opinion..?? What if he/she will deplore me to a self derogatory state..!!??..and this leads to another inseparable extension of communication, which is LISTENING..

I myself am not a good listener..!.. I have always been a bad bad listener..I remember my college friends telling me this thing a zillion of times..But how could I have listened to them when I actually was a bad listener!..However, fortunately I realised that unless I will know what picture is being sketched in the speaker's mind, I can not fill it with my colors!..Since then, I have been trying to improve on that aspect..I hope to strengthen it as soon as possible, because without it communication is merely a one way loose wastrel blabbering..not more than that...Nobody wins anything out of it..Nobody even looses anything tangible..the only thing lost is the precious TIME..nothing else, if you understand what I am saying..

So, Communication is a conglomeration of Speaking and Listening..It is the exchange of thoughts and ideas that can be had by gestures, signs, signals, speech or writing..Any means that can help in abridging distance between two minds..two hearts..two souls..Any means to bring a HUMAN in understanding with another HUMAN, so that both reach a common acquiescence, is I believe what communication actually is.. A tool, which if pursued zealously, possesses the power to obliterate all the DISTANCES that we create in the absence of ITS knowledge..


  1. nice post sir... i wish this definition of communication was included in our communication syllabus!!

  2. its like a lesson i read in my padh k college ki class ki yaad aa gai...


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