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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Can I think..the thought of lying..
when I see in front of flying..
soaring high..with my eyes prying..
following the fall.. falling but still trying..
To hypnotize my eyes..with the green gleaming shine..
I say I can own that bewitching glistening light..just one time..!

Everything in this world is fathomable to my mind..
but the GREEN CHASE is something beyond divine!..
for am in the love..with you so pure..
that a single moment without you..I want nothing more..!
You own everything..that my mind ever designed..
With you..I see me happy..overcoming all the hinds..
and so my dear..O ya GREEN SHINE..
I adore..I admire..and I proudly want you to be forever ..Just Mine..
So just Take me with you..O Ya GREEN SHINE..
coz only along With you..I feel alive.. I feel fine..
I say I can lie..again....and yes again..forever all the time!

When I was a kid..I used to be quite good in studies.. However there was one question confronting which used to leave me embarrassingly confounded..literally every time..!..The question was.."Hey Sharad..What do you want to be in your life..What is your AMBITION..??.."..and this word..AMBITION used to encircle my mind with loads and loads of question marks..every time it used to be thrown up at me..and I just used to stand still..with a half smiling piquant face..answering nothing..!..People..after bombarding me with that stupid question.. used to leave..however the question used to remain..all the time with me..!.."WHAT IS MY AMBITION..????????"

One day I overheard my neighbor aunty talking to my mom and she asked her.."What have you thought of your kid..??"..and my mom said.."I definitely want him to be an Engineer..but rest is his choice..Lets see what happens..!"..

ENGINEER!!!..those 8 miraculous words struck my mind like anything..and I finally had the answer to the most prying question..!.."I WANT TO BE AN ENGINEER!!"

I didn't have even the slightest of the knowledge of the meaning of the word.."Engineer.."..However I promised myself that yes..One day I will be one..An Engineer..!!..Only if I would have known what the hell I had promised to my own self!!..

Anyway..after that day..whenever anyone used to ask me about my ambition..or future prospects..then I used to retort with THE ENGINEER ARGUMENT..!..So be it my dad's inquisitive mom's clamorously intriguing friends in the parties..the teachers in the school..or my friends..I used the ENGINEER ARGUMENT every time..Fortunately, considering the kind of marks I used to score in the school..everyone believed me..!..and yes finally I was peacefully happy..!..

I grilled myself..studied hard..and then cleared up the entrance exam to be in one of the most prestigious Engineering College!..and Finally.."I was about to be an ENGINEER.."..Trust me when I say.."I still did not know exactly the meaning of the term ENGINEER..pathetic me..".. Two years ambition started dwindling..!..The studies..the environment..the ambiance..I disliked for the sake of studying ..I studied..for the sake of my AMBITION..yes..I studied..

I remember one day I was entering my college..I saw the gate..and the name of the college written in bold.."DELHI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING"..Out of a whim the question arose.."Do I actually belong here..??..Do I actually want to be an ENGINEER..???.."

3 years have the ENGINEER degree..yet I am not an ENGINEER!! what happened to my Ambition..??.. Well it has been modified to camouflage with the surviving race.."I actually want to earn loads and loads of money..That is the only ambition I have..Not an engineer..not a civil servant..not a scientist..not a researcher..I just want to earn MONEY..and for that.. lets see what I can do.."

23 years..yes 23 years I was following an obscurely wrong dream..and I am pretty sure it's not jut me who has been the victim of our DELUSIONAL AMBITIONS.. because in the end..IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY.. Today Millions of people are going to Engineering Colleges..But how many of them are Engineers in real sense???..How many of us actually want to contribute to the core research..or spend rest of our lives doing nothing but coding..(I am an IT guy..!)..If I am to take the statistics..the answer is NEGLIGIBLE..

So many coaching institutes have come up and have mastered the art of manufacturing the ENGINEERS or DOCTORS..or MANAGERS.. Just empty your pockets and shell out a few years of your lives..and fill them up with those grilling and persevering continuously studying hours..and yes one day you can become any of the above!!..The motive however remains the same..MONEY..MORE AND MORE MONEY!!..For you can be an Engineer..or a Doctor..or a Manager quite easily today..but the actual measuring parameter of success is..well yes..MONEY..More you have it..Better you are fit to survive in this race of survival today..and if you don't have it..then even God can't help you..for the latest saying is as i heard..MONEY IS THE NEW GOD..!..

Now in this Money-Driven world..we obviously will find people negating this thought of mine..that All We Need is Money..But seriously people..Whom are we kidding..??..

So my 12 years old cousin asked me few days back.."What should I do to be an ENGINEER..Like YOU..!!..It is MY AMBITION"...and I said.."Do you really want to be an Engineer..????.."..
She said.."I don't know..but I want to be rich..!"..and finally I said..
" don't want to be an ENGINEER..You want to be a BILLIONAIRE..and that has to be YOUR AMBITION.."..

I saw her face..she looked peacefully happy..She rushed to her mom..and said.."Mom..Not an Engineer..Not a Doctor..and I don't want to be anything else..I just want to be the girl earning loads of money..and this is MY AMBITION.."..

I smiled..I grew up chasing the wrong Ambition..At least she knows now..What actually she wants..!!..




  1. Ha ha... a very interesting way of looking at things. An enjoyable read! :D

  2. @Deboshree: Thanks for your reverence!:)


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