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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Parallel Universes...

I don't know how my world is existent..
even today when we have obliterated...
each and every thing and out..
and in the process we have depleted...
the essentials of human existence.
Love and respect seem long past gone..
And yes we have deleted...
even the slightest traces of humanity..
Just look around.

What do you think about Time Travel? Do you believe that it can happen in reality; probably sometimes in future? Yes?? .. Well even I used to believe that probably years and years later in future, the technology will advance to such an extent that it will be possible to go back into the past and change or modify things the way one may want. I mean just beautiful the world would be if given a chance to correct each and everything that went terribly wrong in the past. All these social debilities, the cultural blindfolds, divisions on the pretext of stupid things like caste, color, sex, casualties as an after-effect of wars, murders on the pretense of nationalism, demarcations on the basis of regionalism and ridiculous rules, regulations, and obligations on the name of religion would probably have been corrected up-till now. People would have been civilized or probably better evolved in the real way..and not in the hypothetical way. There would have been respect of human beings belonging to any strata of the society and most importantly, people would have respected each others' ideas, point of views and perspectives; such that there would have been equal space for everyone - belonging to any caste, any culture, any religion or anything.

However, the thing is that considering nothing like this has happened and all the above pathetically meaningless ideologies that have resulted into too many wars, riots and societal degradation are still persistently existent, there has been no such technological advancement in the future to create something like a time machine. Otherwise, people would definitely have gone back in time and changed everything. And since they would have changed everything that lead to this devastated state of the world that we are living in today, the world would have been entirely a different place!

I mean seriously...a world without boundaries...without demarcations based on any possible thing be it language, region, religion..Well, then I must say, the world would have become a paradise!..and we would have been living in it! Sadly, nothing like that has is still the same..Why should I even bother to examine the world when my own country is divided and segregated on the stupidest things one can ever imagine..! So many divisions...and then so many subdivisions per is an endless list if one will even start mentioning the names of the divisions! And to enshroud our dissevered heart, we have taken the use of the so called - "Unity - in - Diversity" fundamental... which has been so appallingly bridled and dislodged by the evils of our traditional norms, religion and culture.

So, in conclusion, there is nothing like time machine else any changes done in the past would have been reflected on the present, which unfortunately, as we can all see, are invisible!

But then the moment this thought comes across my mind, I realize that there is one point that I am missing - an important point indeed! See, let's suppose that in future there is a time machine and people have actually gone back in time to correct the mistakes; the moment they would have corrected anything in the past, there would have been a bifurcation of the timelines! Consequently the new timeline would probably have been created which would have started running in parallel to the the timeline that we are a part of. So that means that in present another parallel time line might be existing in which even we exist the way we are existing over here, but only in a better state of world - a happier version - with no stupidities and pathetic demarcations. As a matter of fact, there might be many such parallel timelines that would have been formed every time any time machine from the future would have modified any mistake done in the past! Basically, there probably are zillions of timelines - the parallel universes - that are running together. I believe that when I am writing this post sitting over here on my bed thinking about the deplorable conditions prevalent, there exist many other beautiful worlds where I am existent simultaneously at the exact same time enjoying a world without hatred...without boundaries...without divisions ...and only with love and respect for humans; Yes I believe such worlds are existent! For there has to be a balance between the evils and the goods which in our universe is non existent - it has to be there in other Parallel Universes.

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