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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beware Of THAT MALE..

..25 RAPE CASES along with 42 MOLESTATIONS reported in last month in DELHI..

There has to be something wrong with MEN in DELHI..right???..

"What exactly could be the reasons that are compelling DELHI MALES to divulge their intrigues and fantasies in such a horrendously barbaric ways??.."..I have been asking this question to myself..Considering that I am a probably by self introspection, I might be able to land up on some concrete evidences to support my MALE RAPE-ACCUSED COUNTERPARTS.. Anyway..after a lot of my MALE-IDEOLOGIES-EXCAVATION, I could come up with these two specious arguments...

ARGUMENT 1: "Guys' minds congenitally are satiated with perverseness and concupiscence..and so when they don't get girls to satisfy their so called PROBLEMS, raping or molesting them is the only resort to make their voices heard.."..
Well, had that been true then probably no woman in the city would have been left UN-RAPED till now!!..Even if guys are pervert to an extent, no guy who is in PERFECT MENTAL STATE will ever think of being engaged in a horrendous CRIME like RAPE..It's not a problem with MALES..It is a problem with few MENTALLY DISGORGED MALES..

ARGUMENT 2: "Guys' think of women as easy targets to levy their they are the weaker sex..and so probably they will never fight back..and so they will elude all consequences.."

Well, every man with a NORMAL HEAD ON HIS SHOULDERS know that even if women are the weaker sex..raping or molesting them is like hitting your own foot with an axe..So even if guys would have loved to be engaged in such a deed , the consequences fetched by the sin are a lot to ask for a few minutes' pleasure..Definitely it's a no-deal for a NORMAL MALE...

So, basically a MALE in a SALUBRIOUS-STATE-OF-MIND can NEVER be engaged in this evil..Those who are doing this, they are those MENTALLY-DISLODGED-MISOGYNISTS who need a treatment..A MORALLY DIDACTIC AND DECISIVE SOLUTION for their so called PROBLEM..Capital Punishment or Life Imprisonment won't serve the purpose because in that case you are just ending an entity ..not the root cause.. To culminate the root cause there must be some actual MORALIZING PUNISHMENTS..which will serve an example infront of every WANNABE ACCUSED to think ten times before being digressed into his fantasies..

MY SOLUTION: All the ACCUSED must be SEX-CHANGED to FEMALES..Let them live the lives the way their victims live..Then probably they will understand its IMPORTANCE and REVERENCE..Though I am not sure that even this will change their callous minds..but then..Let's take a chance..!

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