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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ambitions; Incapacitated

I would have stroll on that dappling cloud..
To see the world through those obscures..I would have taken that extra stride...
To see the world beneath me.. would have appeased me like nothing else..
Only if I could take that extra leap..only if I would have had that obstinate mind..
And only If could have thought beyond merely the thought of thinking..
Probably that would have saved my dreams from their hapless plight..

The specious ideas of reaching to the sky..
The spurious thoughts of measuring the mountain heights...
All those dreamy dreams we dream and only dream about...
Would have been more than metaphors..had we been blessed to delude the mediocrity's sight...
Then..I believe it would have made more think freely without any binds..

Everything I would have envisaged..would have become real in reality..
All the wishes, hopes, and desires would have transcended to ingenuous subtlety..
But this abstract determination binds my indolent mind instead..
And so the concept of ambition rests in fuzzy obscurities!
Probably without aspirations and delusive would have been a better place to be..

So yes you can dream big..but dream rationally my friend..
For the world we live in is afraid of the way we imagine...
And so there are obligations restricted by infrangible strings...
Which we don't even know where they are...and what are they supposed to mean...
The funny thing is our inherent the idea to think beyond things we can never achieve!
Without realising how incapacitated we are...that we can do nothing but only think!

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