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Sunday, February 13, 2011


This post HOW I MET MY VALENTINE! has been one of the WINNING POST in the contest STAGES OF LOVE hosted by Blogadda and judged by PREETI SHENOY..!..Roam ahead to read the post..:)

I was rambling and dabbling in the flow of my dreams..
resurrected to aim the pleasures and the fame..
I was the despot of the kingdom I formed..
With me and no one else..nothing did I I ever want!..

I was happy..and that was what I believed..
My heart always pried something I could never reveal.!
I was ruling myself and little did i see...
that someone else could ever..ever subdue me!

One day on that road..which never existed before..
I saw somebody..I got furious and uproar..
"How could that road be there in my realm??
without my ordain..intersecting the Kingdom Of My Dream??"

I asked for its destruction..everything failed..
"It is something unfathomable"..everyone said..!
Infuriated..enraged I rose to see..
to repeal the suspicious entrench by very own me..

When I reached there I got curious..
"Where does it lead to??.."..I wanted the answers..!
My speculations became my obstinance..
and I followed the road that intersected..
my world..the Kingdom Of My Dreams

When I reached the end..I saw light..
I saw green..a world haven't seen in my life..
Then I saw that SOMEBODY..sitting under a tree..
"I must see the face..before I let this place free.."
I moved closer..It started to rain..
She was holding a green lantern..
that healed all my pain..
I was wonder-struck.."What is going on?"..
SHE said-"You are welcome in the Kingdom Of Dawn.."..
"There is no kingdom like that..", I annulled..
"Nothing like this has ever been existent in my my life span"..

SHE smiled..she asked me to sit down..
"Let me explain please don't frown!"
"For every dream is unreal..It has to come to an end..
It needs a morning..for the revival..for a new beginning..
You must get up!..before it gets too late..
Before you get enshrouded by the unreal..all this you must abate..!
Look beyond your realm..There is life..brighter than your dream..
With happiness..and togetherness..abstracted in your Kingdom of Dreams..!"

"Now you will have to will have to decide..
You want to be in your dream..Or live your life here..with me beside..!"

Nothing moved after that..There was silence everywhere..
I saw back the road..that traced to my sphere..
"Is it really true?? I not real??.."
I wanted answers..and so I made this deal..
"I agree to be with you..
because I want to see this NEW WORLD with you..
But I want a promise..your words in this respect..
to allow me come case I want to trace back.."
"Okay..Open your eyes!"..she said..and here I am today..
Telling you my story..have not gone back to that place..!

This is how I met her..It was a new birth..a new time..
This is the story..HOW I MET MY VALENTINE..!

This post is written for BlogAdda's Stages of Love contest. Have a look at Preeti Shenoy's Life is What You Make It.

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  1. Thanks Nandana for reading the poem and your revering comments:):)!!..

  2. good be fair..its too good for me.. :)

  3. @Ankur..Thanks dude..!:)..You know how difficult it is to extract commendable words from you!!..And now that you have endowed them to me..yes it feels good!!:):)

  4. Loved the imagery that you have created here. Congratulations on being one of the winners. :)
    Well deserved. :)

  5. That intensely reminds me of someone.. simply beautiful Sharad...touched me deeply..

  6. @D2- Hey! Thanks for the raving comments..!..much appreciated..!!:):)..and many Congratulations to you too!!..:)

  7. @ Avantika - The poem though seems a fantasy, it actually is a true story of me and 'her'.!!.It feels so very happy to know that it brought memories into your mind..If my posts are able to do such a thing to readers, what better appreciation can I ask for!..loved your comment..!:)..keep visiting!

  8. I knew it would be true...u worked it out awesome.. :)


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