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Friday, April 8, 2011


I was sitting on the chair outside the PANEL 1 waiting for my MICA interview..the interview that I had dreamed about zillion of times.. Those 27 minutes that I had to wait outside on that chair, filled my mind with nervousness and I was finding it impossible to control the state of my mind..I was shivering and my limbs were trembling..but I could not afford the nervousness to subdue me at that time..So to overcome it, I closed my eyes..Following is A TRUE STORY..!

"I Can"..and "I can not"..
Both the things are possible..exactly the way you want..
Because your mind is steered by you and no one else..
And it can cross the 'DARK'..without incurring any dent..
For the torch of the 'WILL' can light the way..always..
With it's 'Switch' that you control..each night and every day..!

I opened my eyes and found myself in a an arbitrarily turbid place.. My feet were encumbered..My hands were tied but they had a sword in them..And then I saw 'THEM' rushing towards me stridently..They had long creepy legs with strong gigantically muscular arms..their body was thin though, but their hair and teeth were long and sharp..they ran towards me and cluttered around..and now I could see that they were definitely not humans..In few seconds, I was surrounded by an army of blood-colored entities and yes .. I was their PRISONER..

A coarsely strong and stentorian voice fell in my ears that came from among them and said...

"You must drop this 'Sword' and capitulate..
If you want your life in your body to remain..
or else you can chose to raise and fight..
and meet your end..You INCAPABLE HUMAN..You Trite..!"

They were hundreds and probably a lot more..and I had just a sword..Surrendering to them was the easier thing to do.. and so I was about to drop the sword but then I looked at my clutched feet devoid of THE FREEDOM..and a voice rose from within..

"I am a HUMAN..may be weak but NOT AN INCAPABLE..
How can I fall without trying..when FREEDOM is forever palpable..!
I will not capitulate..for now I am the exemption's perceiver..
and with the 'RED' I will inscribe the CHRONICLE OF MY ENDEAVOR..
For by standing and with this sword.. I can make them FALL

And then I stood still and my head brimmed with confidence..They saw it clearly and they knew what my answer was..And so..They ravaged towards me..All of them all together..I saw them coming and so I closed my eyes...

"I want to let myself free
I want to repeal this Darkness with the Light within Me..
So My Lord..Help Me and LET ME SHINE..!
And let I be your STAR to debilitate this DARK..this time.."

And then with an upheld head I opened up my eyes..I looked at my sword and it was shining with a fluorescent yellow light.. My feet were now disencumbered and I was wearing a shield with an iron mask like a GLADIATOR..And yes..Now I was ready to take them all..TO KILL THEM ALL..

I ran towards them slicing and gashing every one that came in my way..I rose my self higher to slit their throats..and I threw my sword to slash their heads.. I gnawed their limbs and cut open their chests..and yes there was blood all around..not mine but theirs..They came they sword incised their flesh and their blood oozed out of their bodies as if it never wanted to be in there..

27 minutes the battle was fought..and after it..there was no one left except me..I looked around..every where..the place was finally the LIGHT OF MY SWORD..

I Gained My Own Self and My freedom..Those 27 minutes defined me..and yes..those 27 minutes made me believe that YES..I CAN..!

THE FINAL OUTCOME: I went in the interview room, confident and determined, and after 50 long minutes..I got through..



  1. Isnt that a bit too much of imagination!! But i guess its all for good since it helped u in the proper way!

  2. @Red handed.. yeah..! But It is true!!..I did exactly the same to overcome my nervousness!!..It eventually helped!:)..

  3. @Science for US Kids - Hey!..thanks for the revering comments..much appreciated:)

  4. well this was encouraging...
    n congrats... :)

  5. Really an inspiring sentence! Great! I appreciate for your wonderful writing.

  6. @Diva
    Thanks for your wishes!:):)

  7. @Television Guide: Thanks for your revering comments:)..much appreciated..!

  8. This is umm encouraging..


    congrats though!


  9. awesome word selection with real cum war effect........very nice and congrats


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