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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Confession of a 40+ Man..

Look..How my Hard-Earned Life has gone trite...
Raddled..Unhappy..complacently bright.
Look at me..I am the creator of this disguised heaven,
Flying with my spliced wings..spirit riddled..freedom craven..
Perpetually encumbered Time-Slave...way far digressed from Peace-Haven.

I blame nobody for the state I am in.
I have chosen my gloomy days..and my nights in din..
I knew the shiny bright was not light..
still I pursued it ..I believed I was right..
And now I cant even cry, on my self-animated plight..

When I was small..I fancied being copiusly billowed.
I loved chasing cars on my cycle..Prying for the happiness being endowed..
I wanted everything.. my parents embedded my goals..
I listened to what everyone around mumbled..I failed to listen to my soul..!

I worked hard..for clinching the obfuscated successes..
berefting ME..I joined this RACE to all my menaces..
I did cry often..I fell, I got hurt a number of times..
But my avariciously impounding heart...supported my legs to climb..
I fought with me..and so I kept Running..
But the RACE never ended..I now believe the end is not impending..

Today, when I am awakened by my faithful clock..
I find myself engaged in my drudgery..automatically without a croak.
I try encumber my legs and balk myself in this RACE..
But how should I expect my conscience to obey me..
when I myself have betrayingly forgotten even my own FACE..??..

Now..I am a part of everything my dreams manufactured..
I am following the traces of my Cloned-Predecessors..
So..Do I wish to live life unlike this..??..
Bereaved of self-woven miseries..away from these treacherous cries..???..
Ah!..the idea now is foreign to my hardwired mind..


Thursday, February 24, 2011


We can be ONE, if we will believe in the spree..
if we will think beyond YOU and ME..
And only if we will rise as a TIDE..
Or we will capitulate as a DROP left in the dry..

How malefic is the idea of dividing people on the base of anything..??..Be it religion..caste..language..Our country stands on the disguised pillars of the thoughts being imbued in the three words of "UNITY IN DIVERSITY"...These three words corrode my mind constantly and every time I assuage it by few balmy hackneyed arguments favoring MY COUNTRY..The appeasement does work for some time but the IMPREGNABLE QUESTION constantly reiterates like a pendulum..ARE WE UNITED??..

The answer is straight NO??..I say..How can we even talk of being united in a country like ours divided on almost each and every aspect of humanity..??..I don't see any other country with so much of segregation..Let me throw some light on that argument..

India has more than two thousand ethnic groups...India contains the majority of the world's Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jains and Bahá'í...India is also home to the third-largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan... There are 1,652 languages and dialects spoken in India..So many castes and their sub-castes..and their sub-sub-castes are existent..

As is written by LOUIS FISCHER in his biography of MAHATMA GANDHI..

..Blood Connects Hindus with Muslims and Sikhs. Religion weakens the connection... Geography connects; bad communication divides..The multiplicity of Languages divides..

However..This is the place we live in..We brag about our diversities..but our pellucid shroud of UNITY can not hide the injured and scathed HUMAN inside..PUBLIC MASSACRES on the basis of Religion..LANGUAGE DIVIDE making Social Development impossible and even resulting into GEOGRAPHICAL DIVISIONS...The virulent CASTE-ISM which in plain words is unfathomably deep rooted and hence can not be deracinated.. These are some ludicrous problems which are insignificantly insalubrious for the upliftment and uprising of a country like ours, already marred with obstacles of POVERTY, ILLITERACY, CORRUPTION and UNEMPLOYMENT to name a few..

The moment we impose a DEMARCATION..the idea of UNITY dies..A nation can either be UNITEDLY DEVELOPED or DIS-UNITEDLY REPEALED..The earlier we understand that, the better it will be for us..Else the choice is OURS..


Sunday, February 20, 2011

That Thing Called "An Ostentatiously Vociferous Marriage"..

"Everything is fine..But Where are the Guests..??
I had this ultra bright gown..specially prepared to Showcase..!!"..
"They will be here my dear bride..don't pick up the rage!"
"And till then..let's play the doltishly fancy game of SIMPLE MARRIAGE!.."

DISCLAIMER : Those who love Indian marriages' brouhaha and kitschy melodrama, this post might be a bit hurting..You can choose not to read..else you are more than welcome!..

I always fail to understand the concept behind people getting married in pretentiously extravagant way. Well, I do understand the basic fundamental which as per my understanding can be jotted down as under-

'A marriage happens only once, so why not celebrate it to a reminiscent remembrance..So, let's get married in a way that everyone will say, "Wow..What a Marriage Sir ji..!"..'

'It's my marriage..Let me celebrate it the way I want to guys!..I want thousands of guests (who will be giving me many thousand gifts..!) awesome DJ which will make each and every person dance..I don't care about anything else..Well..It's my marriage..Why should I??!!"..'

'I studied so very hard to get this well paying job..Since the time I got it, I have been saving every single pie to make BIG DAY even BIGGER..Come On Guys!..If I Can Then Why Shouldn't I??.."..'

Hmmm..I do actually understand all these arguments..!..The thing that stands beyond the realms of my understanding is a simple question that says- "WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT - A HAPPY MARRIAGE or A HAPPY PRETENTIOUSLY CELEBRATED MARRIAGE??"..

If your answer is the latter one then you can stop reading as there is no food for your thoughts ahead!..

And if the answer is A HAPPY MARRIAGE..then what is the need of making it a PUBLIC SHOWCASE?? MARRIAGE of two people must be an extremely personal experience..Why to corrupt it by allowing it to be pillaged by an army of flamboyantly dressed people who only come to have a free dinner and to exhibit their fancy dresses in public..(and yes..) demonstrate their ludicrous dancing abilities without even realising the deleterious effects it can have on people watching them???..Why to entertain those whom you would have hardly ever liked to talk..??..Why to accept those speciously disguised blissful wishes from the STRANGERS when your parents' and your good friends' wishes are probably a lot more than enough to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise??..

The only thing I see the MARRIED COUPLE accumulating is the severe scrutiny (followed by a piquant face!)by the guests of each and every single thing, be it food or the DJ or the dress of the COUPLE..(they probably delve into nostalgia and somehow may/may not find the present marriage THAT HAPPENING!)..They are hardly concerned about the EMOTIONS or the FEELINGS the COUPLE might be going through..Why the hell call such HYPOCRITICAL CROWD to your marriage..???..

These turbulent questions constantly linger in my mind every time I see two people engaged in an An Ostentatiously Vociferous Marriage...Why can't two people get SIMPLY MARRIED??..Is that such a difficult thing to do???..

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Chronicles of the Future-Delhi..

This post CHRONICLES OF THE FUTURE-DELHI has been selected by Blogadda as one of the SPICY SATURDAY PICK! Roam ahead to read the post!

Cramping Space..Sky High Price..
Nascent frustration in every one's eyes..
Road Rage..Accidents..Molestations to name a few..
This is DELHI..Dwelt by and you..

15th FEB, 3000

This story enunciates the very transformation of our city..from DELHI to D'wel'LHI..

Years and Years before..There was a moderately populated city called DELHI. Although, people used to crib about over-crowded roads and overtly congested streets even then too, at least there was enough room for them to walk nonchalantly on roads..or breathe AIR while traveling in Public Transports..

Then things started to change..Delhi being the capital of the country was thronged and immigrated by the NON-DELHI DWELLERS..People came in millions and never left..Streets cramped..Living Spaces diminished..but nobody cared in the course of their regularities and schedules..

Number of slums started accruing..The demoniac pollution started seething..Diseases increased and several new ones mushroomed..Though new fancy roads and flyovers were erected, roadsides became the new TRASH DUMPS..But even then nobody paid any heed..

But then one day, an affluent Media Stalwart, whose car had stopped working in the midway of a flyover, was trying to cross the road. He needed to catch a bus that would have taken him to his place..The moment he stepped out of his car, he inhaled the venomous DELHI-OXYGEN..he immediately came back into his car and turned on the AC to breathe OXYGEN.."What the hell was that??", he decried.. However, he needed to out of compulsion and necessity, he enshrouded his nose with his scented handkerchief and started crossing road..To his utmost surprise, he could not accommodate himself in the clamantly bustling road..He covered his ears too..He tried to cross the road but whenever he used to reach half way, he was forced to fetch his feet backwards by the harum-scarum traffic..After 2 hours of travailing hard work..he managed to cross the road..

After that he had to catch a BUS (air-metros and aviated-taxis never existed at that time..) In his way to the BUS STOP, he saw an accident..Within seconds, people stranded both the collided cars whose owners, after the accident, had gotten into a strident brawl..Anyway, he moved ahead through the extraneously clogged slum area..and final after 3 hours of painstakingly edifying experience, he reached the BUS STOP..Luckily he got the bus immediately..but it definitely was not his lucky the BUS was severely clotted with sweating and fretting people..Half an hour later, when he got out of the BUS, he accelerated to his home..and the moment he reached inside..he closed all the doors hastily and threw himself on his bed..He fell asleep in a few minutes..but the memories of the day remained awake..

Next day, appalled by his experience, he wrote an article in a leading daily newspaper.. It was after reading that article, our Bourgeoisie was awakened of its complacent scheduled dream life..

Since then people had been constantly ranting and whining and remonstrating the over crowded DELHI..But as they say that A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE....They actually never STITCHED on time..and then when they had lost the time, they were complaining of the miseries..all in vain ..

As time progressed, so many recuperative measures were perused to grapple with the INCREASING-DELHI-POPULATION monster.. IMPROVED BUSES..METRO..MORE FLYOVERS etc. etc. ..But every time when it seemed as if they had subdued the 'monster', it roared back resulting into more and more miseries..

Today, in spite of all the MANAGED-PLANS undertaken by the administration, nothing has been able to stop the MONSTER..Immigration has stopped though, as there is no more square centimeter left for accommodating a new human being..Road Rage has become the NEW FASHION..and it has become more gigantic owing to the humungous traffic..100-300 accidents daily is normal..Those who are spared of the road accidents are dying of pollution and noise. Respiratory Problems have increased mostly among the people living in 100th to 200th floors..Others who live below them, are reportedly suffering from hearing disorders, Psychological personality disorders , acute hyper-tension, a NEW eye-disease and SEX-REPUGNANCE to name a few..

Nothing can be changed now..Time once gone is gone forever..We will have to DWELL in the world we chose to create for ourselves..

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


This post HOW I MET MY VALENTINE! has been one of the WINNING POST in the contest STAGES OF LOVE hosted by Blogadda and judged by PREETI SHENOY..!..Roam ahead to read the post..:)

I was rambling and dabbling in the flow of my dreams..
resurrected to aim the pleasures and the fame..
I was the despot of the kingdom I formed..
With me and no one else..nothing did I I ever want!..

I was happy..and that was what I believed..
My heart always pried something I could never reveal.!
I was ruling myself and little did i see...
that someone else could ever..ever subdue me!

One day on that road..which never existed before..
I saw somebody..I got furious and uproar..
"How could that road be there in my realm??
without my ordain..intersecting the Kingdom Of My Dream??"

I asked for its destruction..everything failed..
"It is something unfathomable"..everyone said..!
Infuriated..enraged I rose to see..
to repeal the suspicious entrench by very own me..

When I reached there I got curious..
"Where does it lead to??.."..I wanted the answers..!
My speculations became my obstinance..
and I followed the road that intersected..
my world..the Kingdom Of My Dreams

When I reached the end..I saw light..
I saw green..a world haven't seen in my life..
Then I saw that SOMEBODY..sitting under a tree..
"I must see the face..before I let this place free.."
I moved closer..It started to rain..
She was holding a green lantern..
that healed all my pain..
I was wonder-struck.."What is going on?"..
SHE said-"You are welcome in the Kingdom Of Dawn.."..
"There is no kingdom like that..", I annulled..
"Nothing like this has ever been existent in my my life span"..

SHE smiled..she asked me to sit down..
"Let me explain please don't frown!"
"For every dream is unreal..It has to come to an end..
It needs a morning..for the revival..for a new beginning..
You must get up!..before it gets too late..
Before you get enshrouded by the unreal..all this you must abate..!
Look beyond your realm..There is life..brighter than your dream..
With happiness..and togetherness..abstracted in your Kingdom of Dreams..!"

"Now you will have to will have to decide..
You want to be in your dream..Or live your life here..with me beside..!"

Nothing moved after that..There was silence everywhere..
I saw back the road..that traced to my sphere..
"Is it really true?? I not real??.."
I wanted answers..and so I made this deal..
"I agree to be with you..
because I want to see this NEW WORLD with you..
But I want a promise..your words in this respect..
to allow me come case I want to trace back.."
"Okay..Open your eyes!"..she said..and here I am today..
Telling you my story..have not gone back to that place..!

This is how I met her..It was a new birth..a new time..
This is the story..HOW I MET MY VALENTINE..!

This post is written for BlogAdda's Stages of Love contest. Have a look at Preeti Shenoy's Life is What You Make It.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Have you ever tried to halt..
The cruel pins, rambling inside that clock..
Phlegmatically Surreptitiously rowing..
Carrying the callous TIME BLOCK..

How can they be so ignorant.???
Do they even know the consequences of their job..??
Do they know the malefic power they speciously possess..
in each and every single conspicuous Tick-Tock???

They move..they find me Happy..
Another tick plunges me out of the top..
They bring out the sun to gleam..
and the other tick pushes it in the abyss of Dark..

They liven the life..make it grow..
Shorten it..slow it..everything they control..
Every tick enlivens..Every tick Kills..
Still they keep moving..Obdurately..Un-Ceased..

I tried to stop them..I successfully stopped one!
then I found another one ticking..How could I stop every one???
Because I want to make them aware ..of their cruel deed..
of their in-cognizant which they are not paying the heed..

In my endeavor..I have used them all..
Adjuration..Cogency..and my pleading plea..
I tried Calm..I have tried my fury..
Every single thing has failed..staggeringly..

So have you tried to stop..
these nonchalantly rambling pins of the clock..???..
If yes..then please divulge this message to them..
and help them disencumber..
these ploddingly perfunctory shackles of the TIME BLOCK..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beware Of THAT MALE..

..25 RAPE CASES along with 42 MOLESTATIONS reported in last month in DELHI..

There has to be something wrong with MEN in DELHI..right???..

"What exactly could be the reasons that are compelling DELHI MALES to divulge their intrigues and fantasies in such a horrendously barbaric ways??.."..I have been asking this question to myself..Considering that I am a probably by self introspection, I might be able to land up on some concrete evidences to support my MALE RAPE-ACCUSED COUNTERPARTS.. Anyway..after a lot of my MALE-IDEOLOGIES-EXCAVATION, I could come up with these two specious arguments...

ARGUMENT 1: "Guys' minds congenitally are satiated with perverseness and concupiscence..and so when they don't get girls to satisfy their so called PROBLEMS, raping or molesting them is the only resort to make their voices heard.."..
Well, had that been true then probably no woman in the city would have been left UN-RAPED till now!!..Even if guys are pervert to an extent, no guy who is in PERFECT MENTAL STATE will ever think of being engaged in a horrendous CRIME like RAPE..It's not a problem with MALES..It is a problem with few MENTALLY DISGORGED MALES..

ARGUMENT 2: "Guys' think of women as easy targets to levy their they are the weaker sex..and so probably they will never fight back..and so they will elude all consequences.."

Well, every man with a NORMAL HEAD ON HIS SHOULDERS know that even if women are the weaker sex..raping or molesting them is like hitting your own foot with an axe..So even if guys would have loved to be engaged in such a deed , the consequences fetched by the sin are a lot to ask for a few minutes' pleasure..Definitely it's a no-deal for a NORMAL MALE...

So, basically a MALE in a SALUBRIOUS-STATE-OF-MIND can NEVER be engaged in this evil..Those who are doing this, they are those MENTALLY-DISLODGED-MISOGYNISTS who need a treatment..A MORALLY DIDACTIC AND DECISIVE SOLUTION for their so called PROBLEM..Capital Punishment or Life Imprisonment won't serve the purpose because in that case you are just ending an entity ..not the root cause.. To culminate the root cause there must be some actual MORALIZING PUNISHMENTS..which will serve an example infront of every WANNABE ACCUSED to think ten times before being digressed into his fantasies..

MY SOLUTION: All the ACCUSED must be SEX-CHANGED to FEMALES..Let them live the lives the way their victims live..Then probably they will understand its IMPORTANCE and REVERENCE..Though I am not sure that even this will change their callous minds..but then..Let's take a chance..!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011


I was reading this article by KARAN THAPAR in HT on the EGYPT MASS UPRISING in which he raised a quintessential question, CAN SOMETHING SIMILAR HAPPEN IN INDIA??..I was boggled by his idea at once but after some ostentatious retrospection and hindsight, I realize that I believe in his a matter of fact, I believe that YES, SUCH A THING CAN and probably WILL HAPPEN IN OUR COUNTRY TOO..

With 77 % population living at merely Rs.20 a day nominal wage, and the rest of 23%, including a languidly fanciful and ostentatious "thoughts-driven-implementation-deprived" bourgeoisie, such an uprising might be at the brink of its embarkation..Let me put some lights on HOWS and WHYS...?..

Though we are a democracy.. wherein every appallingly calumniatory social disgust is discoursed and consequently the best representative, who will not-just try but actually work to extirpate all the social conundrums, is faithfully chosen by the franchisee...there is ONE BIG PROBLEM that has probably been constantly submerged under the piles of obfuscatory National Economic Development..and ostensibly disguised "Improving Living Standard".. That BIG PROBLEM is the ever increasing social divide between the Rich and the Poor..

ONE-THIRD of the population has improved, rather upgraded, socially and of the TWO-THIRD has gone from the sublimes to the ridiculous. Their deplorably wretched state is being humiliated and mocked by the affluence and debauch of their own franchised ADMINISTRATORS..Basically the very idea of democracy has been besmirched and "THEY" don't feel any different than the persecutors in EGYPT.. They are filled with contempt when government is aiming at 10% growth and blaming the improved standard of living for the demoniac inflation...They are reeling under pecuniary deprivation while people around them are amassing wealth and getting richer and richer..They are hurt, filled with a disgust and contempt..and now the Tunisian-uprising followed by the one in EGYPT has shown them the way to fetch their rights..

It's just a matter of time that there may be an EGYPT-LIKE-UPRISING..The question is..HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE..??..


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