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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yes we all possess..the art of Lying..
On the face..eyes to eyes..without even trying..
Our smiles have worn the shrouds of the grin..
Pretentiously sycophantic..Uninterested lips stretching to chins..

Eyes gleaming with the beseechingly delusional trust..
And the Tongues trying hard to make themselves adjust..
to every situation and blabber accordingly..
and impress the others.. with the disguised charm..unwillingly..

And the hands too take part..
in the process of artificial conversational art..
They move..they twist and they turn..
To play their part in the surreptitious deception..

So that the listener will be pleased..
And the unknown acquaintance will be greased..
"Who knows he might be required in time of need!!?
I must wear this smile..even if HE is a malefic breed.."

"There was a time I used to real..
with my heart..with my eyes..and not in today's world..surreal..
The smile..that now has even faded from the reminiscence..
used to remain with people..for years and hence.."
"I used to be happy..and so the smile was heartily mine..
Today, my smile is felicity exanimate life in a vitrine.."

But is this 'Concealed' justified to be called as 'Life'..?
Does it satisfy the very purpose you were asked to servile..??..
Is it really gratifying to your callous soul??
Or you have capitulated 'it' play this MODERN role?..

"You can deplore..reprimand..beseech..or criticize..
The veracity of the fact is something that even I can not deny!..
That YES I have sold my SOUL to satisfy my LIFE..
And have agreed to this delusory marriage..betrothed to this shoddy 'WIFE'..
But I won't deny that yes I still miss that feeling..
which warmed my heart..and eased my blood's flowing..
Perhaps now I must dreams of even trying..
For the jewel has now been this ART OF LYING!"


  1. Intriguing!!

    Well written and words beautifully placed!

  2. "There was a time i used to smile... in REAL..." very true...

  3. amazing work man!! landed here through blog adda! and im glad :)

  4. @Ram - Thanks man!:)..I am glad you landed here!..keep visiting!:)

  5. @Kitkat - Hey..! Thank you for your revering comments!..much appreciated!:):)

  6. very true in today's scenario..

  7. Hey, man! That was a real good one there.You must really be one heck of a verbose to compose such a wonderful poem. :)

  8. @Avantika

    Hey!.. Thanks for liking!:):)

  9. @Hema
    Thanks Hema for your revering comments!:)


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