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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CASUAL SEX - A Win-Win Case For MEN..Powered By WOMEN!!

"Indian Women" and "Casual Sex" oxymoron in our societies few years back..has taken a back seat today..!..Welcome to this new era where women, who decided to break women-are-emotional-fools concept, as being religiously followed by their mums or grand-mums or grander ones.., have successfully obliterated it..Really?????..

Let me give you a bit of an insight of the definition of "CASUAL SEX"..It means having sex without thinking..without strings questions asked..nothing just sex and "absolutely nothing else at all" that may involve further allegiances..

Women today have led the frontier when it comes to expressing their sexual desires.. In this age of 72-hour after abortion pills, hole proof condoms and the anonymity that comes by working or living in a big city..(where neighbors may fail to notice even a death in the abutted house..!)..the three big fear factors ..PREGNANCY .. HIV ..and SOCIAL ABANDONMENT..have ameliorated..(obviously they don't have to fear if they will get a guy or not..however "not so attractive" she may be..she can always ..(yes always..!!.) manage to get a guy(same quality or above than the girl!) for a night..!!) and consequently women have attacked the undefended territory of this taboo with all guns rolling..!...

For guys it has become a relatively tricky game to play..(though advantageously tricky!!)..Well they have always been taught to initiate as per "girls-are-shy" myth..But today..they are getting laid just by putting their RELATIONSHIP STATUS - SINGLE on FB..or "SEEKING WOMEN FOR DATING, FRIENDSHIP" updates..Today's women love to play the lead..After a simple "Hi!"..the next sentence from her side can be "Your Place or Mine!" ..leaving guys dumbfounded..for good obviously.!...

Another best thing going in their favor..they are not required to get involved in any commitment..(their biggest fear!!)..thanks to our women debouching their WOMEN ARE FREE AND EQUAL TO MEN slogan!!..

So who is happier ..Men Or Women??..

I will vote for Men..Reasons being..They have nothing to lose..(except one thing!;)).. This is one thing they had always wanted and will always want..rather desperately..and now they are getting it without much of an effort..!!..For Women ..I am a bit skeptical regarding their fundamentals regarding this whole CASUAL SEX thing..(NOT INVOLVING ANY THINKING OR EMOTIONS).. For them even if they manage not to think about anything..or question anything about being involved in a CASUAL SEX..they are and will always be seized by constant intriguing crazy queries.."WAS IT BECAUSE I WAS TOO DRUNK DAT I CHOSE THIS GUY??..".."DID HE USE ME..??".."IS HE THINKING THAT I WAS VERY EASY DEED FOR HIM ??.."..blah blah blah!!.. For Guys..They will always be happy to gain the score..You know..They don't "THINK"!!!..


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  1. Interesting post! I am not sure whether I approve or disapprove of the notion of Casual Sex, but since i liked your post I am surely applauding for it. :)
    something THEY call life

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  3. We agree to disagree!

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