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Saturday, July 17, 2010

INDIA 'ShininG'..POOR 'ShunninG'..!

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Common Wealth Games are coming..and our Delhi is undergoing the process of "EMBELLISHMENT" for the "GUESTS".. So what do we have in stores for them..lemme count..

ULTRA CLEANSED roads(they were already cleaned..but they are rebuilding them!!..).. NEW FLYOVERS(even if they aren't required..)..LESS POPULATED CITY..(All schools and offices will be closed for TEN DAYS..!)..POVERTY-RIDDEN country..(I guess its more of POOR-RIDDEN..emphasis is on enshrouding poor..obviously guys!!..)..

So yes.. our Delhi is getting cleaner..and greener..and better..for the "GUESTS"..We just now have had the inauguration of the 3rd best international terminal...I read somewhere that government has spent $2.6 billion on it..great..!!!!!..So what if food prices are soaring..what if the Common man is failing to survive the inclemency of the inflation..we will welcome our GUESTS with Zeal and Enthusiasm...!!...

Protracted power cuts + Procrastinated water supply + Horrendous Summer + Abrasive humidity is what DELHIites are going through...but nah..that is not important..after all we are used to it right..!!..coz we we need to lighten up the stadiums with exhorbitant lights..see..we value our GUESTS..

PRICES are it any damn literally anything..

I, being from an average middle class family, am finding life getting a bit tougher these days..coz every tenth morning when my dad tells me that "hey..Petrol prices has increased..take some more money.." makes me wonder where these prices will be few years from now..... and when every fifth evening my mum tells me.."I didnt get your favorite pulses..I was carrying just 50 bucks and its price increased yesterday..!!"...I wonder what is happening..!!..But then..I think we all know the answer...

WE NEED MONEY FOR THE SHOW-OFF..and so..OUR GOVERNMENT IS COLLECTING THE SAME..!!.. this justified..???? A developing country like ours..where focus should be more on people and their development..and where government must take every initiative to ease daily living of the common man..the focus has shifted towards placation of the "GUESTS"..!!..Strange..!!

Just a thought..
A middle class family is affected with the price rise even if it is of a few bucks..but after gets used to it..(no other option..!!)..But what about the POOR..??..Imagine..what does he go through when he goes to the general store with 25 bucks to buy 1 kg sugar and he doesn't get it..coz he is being told.."hey..prices increased yesterday.."..I am quite sure..he will find way too difficult to adjust..

So..Is INDIA SHINING..??? I think YES..but only SHUNNING the POOR..
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Sunday, July 11, 2010


12th July 2010..

Finally I saw "I HATE LOVE STORYS.."...I wasn't expecting much from the movie..(I usually leave the bag of expectations at home whenever I go to watch typical Bollywood movies!! offence!!)..and thank god I did so..!!..

Actually I couldn't understand what they wanted to portray..and even after immense extensive thoughtful thinking..I am failing to decide that in which category or genre I should put this movie I just GOOGLED it..!(u know I am a google-maniac!!!:))and there I came to know that is a romance-comedy..!! is comic..true indeed..i laughed alot..(no pun intended has got some nice one-liners..!!..two thumbs up for them!!!!..with applauds..)..but that's it..there's nothing more..and romance..?????????????....well the makers have actually butchered the concept of love and romance with this movie guys..I will tell you how first let me throw some light on this "DIFFERENT" rom-com's "ULTRA-DIFFERENT" plot...

So..there is this guy Jai(our cutie..IMRAAN KHAN..!)..and there is this girl Simran..(Sonam Kapoor)..Simran has a boyfriend..(who is just PERFECT..!!) from dunno when..!!..she is even engaged with him..and they are totally in love!!!..Simran and Jai are opposites..and she infact hates him alot..and suddenly after she spends sometime with Jai..out of a sudden..she realises that no.. her Mr. PERFECT is actually not perfect for she falls in love with Jai..and then the story keeps on reiterating between LOVE-REALIZATIONS..!!..(and everything out of a sudden..!!)..I think i cant write more about the plot guys..because actually this is the whole stuff!!...

BAD..BAD..BAD!!!..Its a bad product..the gal loves a guy..and then suddenly out of a whim..she starts loving another guy and is ready to dump her fiancee..well i am not against such kind of romance but then please show me the reason me the romance..!!..unfortunately there are no reasons..there are just JOKES..and ONE-LINERS(I told you..they are good!!)..!.. So basically if you are one of those who can spend 200 bucks to listen to some good ONE LINERS..I HATE LOVE just perfect..go on!!..It definitely will work for you..!!

After watching this movie I was thinking what if I HATE LOVE STORYS: 2 will come..well this time SIMRAN will be in love with JAI at the start ..and then some other JAI-2 will come..and again Simran will realise that no ..JAI is not the perfect guy..but she is in love with JAI-2..and then she will this time dump JAI and will marry JAI-2...Well likewise you can think of the storyline of the next in pipeline..I HATE LOVE STORYS: 3, 4,...5..n..!!!..they will be one and the same..just with DIFFERENT ONE-LINERS..!!..go ahead guys..but I HATE such FUGLY movies..because I LOVE LOVE STORYS..

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


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25th June 2010 (Based on memory)

"Do you know the way to Delhi-Jaipur highway from your office..??..If not then do ask your friends..okay..i don't think it's too ask someone..okay??!!"..and I replied.."Dun wry darlin..I will GOOGLE it!!"..

1.6 hours later...

"I told you to ask someone..:-x..damn your Google map..its been about 2 hours and we are still in puhleeeeezzzzz..ask someone.."..and I replied.."Dun wry darlin..I think we are on track..see..we are moving as per given directions..!!"

3.5 hours later..

"We are still in Delhi....wanna say anything..!"..and I replied..
"Lemme call someone..for the way"..

We finally reached the highway in about 4 hours in total..I must have asked someone..but I trusted GOOGLE..anyway..I decided not to trust it again..

1 week later....

DAD: Do you know the way for your exam center or should I ask my friend..??
ME: No dad..dun worry..I will GOOGLE it!..

I am not telling you the time when I reached the center!!!

I realised that we have become so much dependent on GOOGLE that starting from ANYTHING and ending to EVERYTHING..we GOOGLE it..!!!.. So be it show..buying a new mobile..finding addresses..or literally everything..we GOOGLE it..!!!

A friend of mine call this as "TECHNOLOGY SLAVERY"..well I don't comply with her words..!..Yeah..I know that I am almost entirely dependent on GOOGLE..still I dont like the concept of the word "SLAVERY"..!!..Lets call it "DEPENDENCY"..!!(hmmm..better!!)...

Anyway..the thing is that with increasing technological development..and competition..and with ever-changing world around us..staying in the thick of the things is rather impossible..GOOGLE just a helpful tool in alleviating that least the GOOGLE users think so..!!.. So, calling it a 'SLAVERY' will be too harsh and as a matter of fact..totally inappropriate statement!!..

and as far as the "DISADVANTAGES" are's the law of the nature friends..with good things come the bad things..that's how nature balances can't change it right...!!!..

and as far as "DEPENDENCY" is concerned..well as I is a can't just ignore it..!!!..

and for those who believe that they can live without GOOGLE..well yes you can..but I am sure you will hate it soon..!!! what..?? you still don't concur with me..?? okay..then GOOGLE it.."CAN I LIVE WITHOUT GOOGLE?"..!! :-P



Guys..I am starting this weekly post as a MOVIE REVIEW post..
To start with..I will be telling you about the TEN BEST MOVIES that I have seen till now belonging to different genres..and categories....and trust me guys..they are just fantastic..I have a team member from now on who will be helping me in writing these posts..(finally I have a team member..!)..anyway guys..enjoy the stuff..!!

Movie name: MEMENTO
Director- Christopher Nolan
Writers- Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan
Genre- crime, drama, thriller, drama

What if the last thing you remember is the most haunting memory of ur entire life.. and now..supplement it with a condition that forbids you from making any new one, which means u r stuck with that same memory for the rest of ur life aka 'short term memory loss', interesting scenario isnt it...!! This is "Leonard" finds himself in when he wakes up in his bedroom.. That aim is all he has got and it is the sole point of his existence...

The most striking part of this flick is its screenplay, first of its kind and it justifies the character and the plot entirely. The story is being told in a reverse fashion i.e from the end moving toward the beginning.. As an audience we are being put into the shoes of "Leonard" cause like him we too have no clue as to what happened before. The plot calls for so much involvement from the viewer that he/she just cant drift away even for a moment..(PS: it was nominated for the best screenplay written directly for the screen at the OSCARS)... last but definitely not the least..the immaculate performance by Guy Pierce as "Leonard" will leave you spell bounded..!!

It surely will grip u till the very end even when it will get over..there will be constant thoughts that will beleaguer your mind..

Caution: In case u are not in the mood to use your mind..kindly stay away from this can be highly insalubrious for you..!
- TEAM[..up in the air..we nowhere]

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