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Friday, August 27, 2010

CRITICAL CORNER: Reviewing "Top Five (5) Romantic Movies"

I am back to watching movies again.:)(thing I just love to do.. )!!..So, just thought of sharing some Greatest Romantic Movies that I have seen till now..Mind you guys that the movies I will suggest may or may not be loved by you depending upon the way you perceive ROMANCE...!! But then when I am suggesting them to me guys..they deserve at least a watch..!!! And then when you will see them..let yourself decide if I am right or wrong..!!

Okay so here it goes!!..


Whenever anyone asks me about my Favorite Romantic Movie..then I always have one answer..BEFORE SUNRISE..
Two people meet in a train..they start a conversation somehow..and then they just keep talking and talking...!!!..The plot itself mesmerizes me..always!!...Awesome chemistry...great dialogues..and romantically fantastic direction makes it a must watch!! they say..When love comes as a complete never know!!!!...

MY RATING: 9 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):


This is one of those classics which every one should see..!!..A story of two different people destined to be together but finally manage to be together 20 years after knowing each other!!!..Awesome right!!:)..

MY RATING: 8.5 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):


At first looked like another teen movie..but then when I saw it..I loved it..I cried too..(Yes..It made me cry..obviously guys not literally !!)..but yes..A POWERFUL movie..with some strong performances ..especially by MANDY MOORE..She was just terrific..Watch it!!

MY RATING: 8 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):


Its a story of a poor and passionate young man who falls in love with a rich young woman and gives her a sense of freedom. They soon are separated by their social differences..but then..they do meet again!!!:)..(No more plot revealing!!!)..

MY RATING: 8 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):


One of my all time favorite KOREAN ROMANTIC MOVIE..!!..(Yes you read it right..Its a Korean movie..!)..Its a story of a girl who loves a guy..and one day..she finds her mom's letters..and a diary with her story..a truly spellbinding romantic story of two people separated by circumstances!!..Awesome story + Fantastic Acting + Contrived Direction + Great MUSIC!!!..
You will need the subtitle file to see this movie.

MY RATING: 7.5 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):

There are many others too..but when I had to choose TOP 5 from my list..I chose these 5..Watch them..and trust me.. you will love them.. and yes..after you will see them..please let me know about your views..!!..


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Movie : "MR. NOBODY"
Director: Jaco Van Dormael
Writer : Jaco Van Dormael (writer)
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Tagline : Nothing is real, everything is possible.

How difficult can it be to choose one thing out of two when both the things are indispensable...??

A boy is running after the train in which his mother is leaving him and his father..his father is crying and pleading him to stay with him...he is CONFUSED where to go with his mother..or be with his father...what if he lived both the lives SIMULTANEOUSLY???...Which one will be better..??...How difficult is to CHOOSE one thing when you don't know if your CHOICE will lead to HAPPINESS or DISASTER....?????..

"Mr. Nobody" answers these questions beautifully...A cinematic excellence..Construed Performances...and Revering direction...

I actually don't want you guys to think a lot and know more about this movie..Because the less you will know..more you will enjoy..

SPOILERRS: For all those who are looking for a time pass light hearted mindless stuff..plz make some other arrangements..coz this one will drag your mind and consequently your thoughts..Yes guys..IT WILL MAKE YOU THINK..

I give it an 8/10


Check out more about this movie at

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



I read an article in HT BRUNCH..and I just could not resist to express my opinion on it..So here it is..(All the stats and quotes are taken from there only..)

12th March 1930..
Mahatma Gandhi and 79 SATYAGRAHIS left SABARMATI ASHRAM in Ahmedabad and marched to DANDI to protest against the tax on salt, a basic necessity for everyone..

6th April 1930..
By extracting salt from the sea-sand, the first act of NON VIOLENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE was displayed..Mahatma Gandhi lead it..and lead it successfully..

He was arrested and his incarceration was followed by all his followers being LATHI-CHARGED..but those followers didn't even raise their arms in retaliation..coz Mahatma Gandhi had urged every INDIAN to do willfully surrender and undergo the movement NON-VIOLENTLY..!!..

So what happened was that swarms of people were brutally knocked down by the BRITISH ARMY..and none of them fought back..they marched..they shouted..they cried..but police methodically beat them..their white clothes were drenched in RED..

An extract from GANDHI'S SPEECH on April 5 1930(before he got arrested)...
.... "If the government arrest me or my companions tomorrow I shall not be surprised, I shall certainly not be pained...What if all the eminent leaders in Gujarat and in the rest of the country are arrested? This movement is based on the faith that when a whole nation is aroused and on the march, no leader is necessary..."

This was a slight snapshot of one of the major risings of our country for the INDEPENDENCE..

Guys,I am actually not a supporter of MAHATMA GANDHI..I hardly believe in his fact I despise him for lots of it curbing extremists..or be it teaching INDIANS how to suppress themselves and never to retaliate..Shedding our own blood...and showcasing our miseries in media to the that they could feel sympathetic and painful for us..Sometimes I realize that probably WE GOT INDEPENDENCE OUT OF PITY..WE NEVER EARNED IT...

Probably, MAHATMA GANDHI just got lucky to be there as a leader at the right time..when BRITISH power was already so much weakened due to World War 2..and they could hardly focus on administering such an aroused nation....

But whatever be the thing is for matter how much I loathe him..I will always respect his ability to INFLUENCE PEOPLE..Come on guys..his followers believed in his words to the extent that they were ready to die for the cause..for the INDEPENDENCE..He gathered masses against BRITISH and lead them in his OWN WAY..He truly was an ORATOR extraordinaire..!..

Today...63 years after INDEPENDENCE..When I look at all the problems and evil practices...forever Inflated Inflation..Impasse Corruption...Indigence..and above all..those bunch of crooked and self centered money collectors or in short ..our POLITICIANS..those who only mean to fill their pockets out of the hard earned money of COMMON PEOPLE.... I just realize that we actually need LEADER like MAHATMA GANDHI to lead us against fight for our our agglomerate us..and to instill a common feeling within that we will become a force to defy the POLITICAL GIMMICK that these POLITICIANS play with us..

As he said ..."..When a whole nation is aroused and on the march, no leader is necessary..."...I cant agree more... I believe.. WE NEED A LEADER..

Saturday, August 7, 2010


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So this 15th of August we enter into 64th year of our independence..feels great..!! has always been the same feeling since the day I remember celebrating this day!..a feeling of utmost proud and has always been with me..always..(no matter what happens in our country!!!!)..why??..I think..I am proud to be an INDIAN..we all are..Well this is what we always have believed guys..!!..isn't it so??..But if that is the case..then why do we keep ranting and lamenting over almost everything that happens in our country...?????...Why do we keep remonstrating every single thing.???.(I would rather not go into details..!!!!)..strange!!!!...seems quite contradictory in fact...!!..Anyway..lets forget everything..and for that..I will try to enlighten you guys with our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS .. emblematic of the INDEPENDENCE that we POSSESS..the whole fundamental reason for the celebration of this very day..our INDEPENDENCE DAY..!!...

1. RIGHT TO EQUALITY: Ours is a country of poor..25% are below poverty line(LOW CLASS)..another 25% are just above the line by a whisker..(again..LOW CLASS)!! 25% are those who are able to survive..(sadly..even they are recognized as LOW CLASS)!!..and the last 25% are MIDDLE CLASS + HIGH CLASS..!!..If that division is not enough..then we have the CASTE SYSTEM..(SC/ST/OBC/GENERAL/etc/etc)...Obfuscating these divisions..well..yes..I apparently suppose we are EQUAL..!!

2. RIGHT TO FREEDOM: Hmmm..!!..what should I say..few girls were physically abused and their faces were blackened by some "RELIGION PROTECTORS"..those girls were celebrating friendship day!!..I am reading the cases of HONOR KILLING on almost daily basis!!..Enshrouding these and other similar practices..I think we are FREE!!


4. RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF RELIGEON:..hehehe!!!!..I would rather not say anything on that..(silence speaks louder!!)..

5. CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS: appx 35% of our population(mind it..its a huge number..when I say OUR POPULATION!!!) is illiterate..and other 30% just manage to come within this category (of being LITERATE) by a whisker!!..Well..that is more than half!!..Hide that.. then we have education right too!!..(DISCLAIMER: I am not considering FEMALE'S LITERACY RATE coz the figures can turn out to be insalubrious for the readers..)..

Last but not the least!!!

6. RIGHT TO CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDIES: OMG..!!..Do we have such a right!!!...I never read or saw or heard about it!!!!..immaculately strange!!..Everyone is disparaging CWG..people are railing about inflation...people dying of hunger..(when $6 bn worth of wheat is decaying in FCI go-downs coz of lack of storage..!!)..people are complaining..but government is busy with the HONESTLY CORRUPT PREPARATION of CWG and beautifying PLAYGROUNDS...what the hell can we do???????..NOTHING...Curtain all this..then yes..we do have this right too..(sorry!..I again forgot its name!!!!:P:P)..

Anyway..all in all..if we believe that we are independent then yes..we are..but only to rant..and to suffer..there is hardly any other freedom I can see or experience...sad but true..


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Sunday, August 1, 2010


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I am always intrigued by the people who believe in god..!!..Well I may sound a bit indifferent but just give it a thought.. those who believe in god..they believe that god created this world and whatever they do is actually what god's wish is..!..
and this very thought befuddles me all the time...

Guys..if we say..that god created this world..or even controls this world..or we say that there is a superpower who always know where we are..what we are short ..he knows everything..!!..then don't you think that this very concept contravenes the very idea of our FREEDOM or FREE WILL..!!!???

So basically..when we say that god is the absolute control of eternity..then it means that everything that we do is predetermined..!!.. This idea of things being predetermined if is true then do you think that there is any worth of doing anything on your own..??..Does the idea of FREEDOM to do things on your own..the idea of INNOVATION..makes any worthy sense..??!!!..Well..I don't think so..!

I have numerous examples of people who believe in god completely..who believe that everything that is around us is GOD'S CREATION.. In other words god is the SCRIPTWRITER of this world..Considering this statement to be true..whatever we do is actually PRECONCEIVED and PRE-WRITTEN....

So, if you did something extra normal today that made you feel proud of your own self..then hey..consider thinking again..coz there actually nothing that you are doing is new..whatever you are doing is actually pre-scripted..!!..

This very idea made me question the relevance of my being..that if I am writing this post right now..then it actually is pre-written somewhere in GOD'S script in the exact manner I am doing it right now..The way I think..the way I conceive ideas..everything..every grotesque of an idea is this..I would rather not believe in god..!

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