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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Chronicles of the Future-Delhi..

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Cramping Space..Sky High Price..
Nascent frustration in every one's eyes..
Road Rage..Accidents..Molestations to name a few..
This is DELHI..Dwelt by and you..

15th FEB, 3000

This story enunciates the very transformation of our city..from DELHI to D'wel'LHI..

Years and Years before..There was a moderately populated city called DELHI. Although, people used to crib about over-crowded roads and overtly congested streets even then too, at least there was enough room for them to walk nonchalantly on roads..or breathe AIR while traveling in Public Transports..

Then things started to change..Delhi being the capital of the country was thronged and immigrated by the NON-DELHI DWELLERS..People came in millions and never left..Streets cramped..Living Spaces diminished..but nobody cared in the course of their regularities and schedules..

Number of slums started accruing..The demoniac pollution started seething..Diseases increased and several new ones mushroomed..Though new fancy roads and flyovers were erected, roadsides became the new TRASH DUMPS..But even then nobody paid any heed..

But then one day, an affluent Media Stalwart, whose car had stopped working in the midway of a flyover, was trying to cross the road. He needed to catch a bus that would have taken him to his place..The moment he stepped out of his car, he inhaled the venomous DELHI-OXYGEN..he immediately came back into his car and turned on the AC to breathe OXYGEN.."What the hell was that??", he decried.. However, he needed to out of compulsion and necessity, he enshrouded his nose with his scented handkerchief and started crossing road..To his utmost surprise, he could not accommodate himself in the clamantly bustling road..He covered his ears too..He tried to cross the road but whenever he used to reach half way, he was forced to fetch his feet backwards by the harum-scarum traffic..After 2 hours of travailing hard work..he managed to cross the road..

After that he had to catch a BUS (air-metros and aviated-taxis never existed at that time..) In his way to the BUS STOP, he saw an accident..Within seconds, people stranded both the collided cars whose owners, after the accident, had gotten into a strident brawl..Anyway, he moved ahead through the extraneously clogged slum area..and final after 3 hours of painstakingly edifying experience, he reached the BUS STOP..Luckily he got the bus immediately..but it definitely was not his lucky the BUS was severely clotted with sweating and fretting people..Half an hour later, when he got out of the BUS, he accelerated to his home..and the moment he reached inside..he closed all the doors hastily and threw himself on his bed..He fell asleep in a few minutes..but the memories of the day remained awake..

Next day, appalled by his experience, he wrote an article in a leading daily newspaper.. It was after reading that article, our Bourgeoisie was awakened of its complacent scheduled dream life..

Since then people had been constantly ranting and whining and remonstrating the over crowded DELHI..But as they say that A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE....They actually never STITCHED on time..and then when they had lost the time, they were complaining of the miseries..all in vain ..

As time progressed, so many recuperative measures were perused to grapple with the INCREASING-DELHI-POPULATION monster.. IMPROVED BUSES..METRO..MORE FLYOVERS etc. etc. ..But every time when it seemed as if they had subdued the 'monster', it roared back resulting into more and more miseries..

Today, in spite of all the MANAGED-PLANS undertaken by the administration, nothing has been able to stop the MONSTER..Immigration has stopped though, as there is no more square centimeter left for accommodating a new human being..Road Rage has become the NEW FASHION..and it has become more gigantic owing to the humungous traffic..100-300 accidents daily is normal..Those who are spared of the road accidents are dying of pollution and noise. Respiratory Problems have increased mostly among the people living in 100th to 200th floors..Others who live below them, are reportedly suffering from hearing disorders, Psychological personality disorders , acute hyper-tension, a NEW eye-disease and SEX-REPUGNANCE to name a few..

Nothing can be changed now..Time once gone is gone forever..We will have to DWELL in the world we chose to create for ourselves..

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  1. Wow! so well conceptualized. What you described may be inevitable.I dread to see such a day. Our cities are choking.:(
    And so are we!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @sree
    Thanks dude..! And seriously ..our cities are choking..I so desperately don't want any future like this..!..Unfortunately the imminent future is fraught with a dangerous reality..

  4. The very thought of such a Delhi scares me...

  5. @Radhika

    True..Cant agree with you more..

  6. the past is done, nothing can change that but the future can still be shaped by what we do today!
    that is what i think :D but that was also cute am impressed but i still like white flower better.


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