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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Blame My Education System..

It feels so "different"..Well, It's been 3 months that I wrote my last post!!..Gawd!..So many exams..!!..Anyway.. here I am with my brand new post!..

It happened last month when I was checking out myself on a car's side-view mirror that a kid, probably be 5 or 6 years old, passed beside me. He grabbed my leg and said.."Excuse me..UNCLE!!".. I immediately looked down..gave him a contemptuous stare..!..and then again I checked my own self..diligently!.."Gawd.. Have I grown that old!!???".

Let me explain you guys a bit. I don't have any problem with my increasing age or its physical implications. As a matter of fact I prefer people to consider me older than my actual age, prudent, and consequently maturer..!..:).. The reason that incident struck me so badly was that it made me question myself.." are 23..What have you achieved??.."..and the question was followed by questions marks..and nothing else..

I mean seriously, what have I achieved till now..??..and even if I have not..then am I really working to acquire or achieve anything..Do I aspire to reach a destination..Or..let me simplify the question.."DO I EVEN HAVE A DESTINATION????"..

I was 15 when I I needed to choose my stream in school..I chose science without even knowing why I was choosing it.. I finished my schooling at 17 and I never knew what i wanted to do.. I went to a premier engineering college without even knowing if I wanted to be an engineer.. and today I am standing in front of me ..still seeking a destination..

Whom should I blame?..I won't blame myself or my parents for today as both of us did whatever we were made to believe was the necessity and the trend.. I will blame my EDUCATION for not directing me to a fixed source..I will blame my EDUCATION SYSTEM for failing to channelize my imaginations and obliterating them with insignificant "LABORIOUS STUDY".. and making me and my parents live in a fool's paradise..

Just tell me guys..that how many of you are actually walking on the line drawn by your own self??..

Today when I think of kids going to "SCHOOLS" carrying those arduous books..or to "ENGINEERING COLLEGES" without knowing the very purpose of going heart is filled with commiseration..and for our EDUCATION SYSTEM today..I see a Countenance more in Sorrow than in Anger..

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