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Thursday, April 14, 2011


The road to 'The Journey'.. starts from the dark..
piercing which you reach to the start..
and then you search for the ride to take you through the dour..
to revive and make you an ambitiously souring bird..
THE WHITE FLOWER will guide you to the BRIGHT NEW WORLD..

He was living in this world unknown to him.. For 21 years he had survived..looking for the 'Fountain of the Light'..As far as he could remember, he was dropped on this planet from a far far world..somewhere belonging to the WHITE STARS..and since then he had been trying to find the way back..For 21 years..he kept solving clues and riddles..he fought dragons..he crossed the oceans and climbed the peaks..he even killed the venomous beasts.. and then he found a map..a map to the 'Fountain of the Light'..the way to the land of the WHITE STARS..

The Map was possessed by the gigantically ugly 12-legged spider..He sliced all of its legs and pierced its eyes to subdue it.. and then the spider revealed..

"Through the flow of the fountain..You will have to pass..
In search of a place guarded by the saint souls..
You will have to prove yourself worthy of your goals..
To reach to the WHITE will have to follow the white marks..
And You will need THE WHITE protect you from the carks..
Possessing it you will reach to the end..sure and safe..
THE WHITE FLOWER will guide you..and will show you the way.."

And then with the map given by the spider..he went search of THE WHITE FLOWER..However he was skeptical regarding the credibility of the spider.."how can a mere flower show me the way to my city of THE BRIGHT STARS??"..But in the absence of any other options, he had no choice..

The way, as per the map..was not he already had traveled a lot..and luckily he had been on the right track..always!.."Just a few more hurdles and I will get it...."..

He crossed abysmal valleys..he walked on the thorns..he faced the dark clouds and thunderstorms..but he kept moving...

As he progressed nearer to THE FOUNTAIN..there were changes everywhere..the surroundings started turning green..the thorns vanished and started converting into purple white flowers..Black clouds paved the way for the white clouds..Now he could also see the white angels guarding the place..He asked one of them.."I am in search of the WHITE FLOWER"..The guard gazed at him..and then pointing towards a fountain said..

"We knew you will come..for it was destined
IT is waiting for you..You are right on time..
21 years IT waited for your touch stranger..
Take IT with you..IT will protect you from all the dangers..
As much you need IT..IT needs you and your touch..
To shine, for you, and guide serve its very purpose..!"

So the fountain was just in front of him..He went through without wasting a single minute..and on a floating WHITE JAR..he saw the hanging WHITE FLOWER..As he stretched his hands to pluck it..a voice emerged out of the emptiness...

"The moment you will pluck..
You will get all the luck..
Everything that you suffered you will forget..
Pain and Sorrows will vanish..and your life will be reset..
You will reach your land of THE BRIGHT STARS and will always be there..
Till the WHITE FLOWER you will hold will remain in your care.."

and then in reply he said..

"21 years I searched for IT.. untiringly un-ceased..
I have suffered's time for them to be repealed..
I want to see the world of light..I can't brook this darkness in any way..
I will protect THE WHITE FLOWER..I will stand for it..come what may..!"

With these words he plucked the flower and held it in his hands..Everything glistened with the fluorescence..THE WHITE FLOWER turned brighter with his touch on it..and he was surrounded and cluttered by the small white angels everywhere..then a long white stair-way to the sky unfolded in front of THEM.."This will take both of you to your destination.."..the angels murmured.. He held THE FLOWER diligently and with love..He rose his first step towards the stairs and then he paused for a moment..He kissed THE WHITE FLOWER and said..

"With you and for you..
I will make this journey as beautiful as you..
Your purity and sanity is nothing but god's creation..
I will always be with you..Let's head for OUR DESTINATION.."

With these words and with that kiss..he ran on that stair-way..and never looked back..



  1. The white flower seems like the beacon of light.. for four wrong decisons one made right. Loved your style. Used in plays as well if i am not wrong.. :)

  2. awsumm!!!
    very well writtn..was completetly lost while readng ts..
    keep writing!!!!!!!

  3. very cute:D The white flower lead him home, a beacon of light in dark times and times of sorrow.


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