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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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5th April 2005 (Based on memory..)
Case Scenario: My last board exam..last day of my school life..
Location: outside the gate of my exam centre..(gawd..!..i dun even remember the name of that school...strange:-0..)..

"Finally..exams done..!!.."..I exulted looking at my friends.."Yeah..I have my few days are gonna be fun..!!..Guys..WE WILL BE IN CONTACT..ALWAYS!!..

2 months later.. I cleared DCE..(Delhi College of Engineering..for all those who in case don't know the term DCE!!)..

17th August..
Shifted to hostel..

After few days.. suddenly, life was different..I wasn't able to make friends
in college/hostel..but I was kind of enjoying being alone..!!!..I didn't want to go fact even the idea never ever crossed my mind..!!..but yes..I used to call my mom on her cell phone on a daily basis ..:)

After few weeks.. I got busy with I started calling my mom on her cell phone once in 3 days..

1 year later..Finally I made some good friends..Life got busier..u know..FRIENDS + HOSTEL = a BUSY LIFE..! Now my mom started ringing me up on regular basis..coz I was so BUSY..that I never remembered to call her even once in 3 mom is so very understanding..she understood that my life was changing..and that I was MOVING ON..!!! ..

Few days later..9:30 AM..(Phone ringing)..I was sleeping..(probably half-slept)..

ME: "Hello.."
SPEAKER: "Sharad..Its me.."
Me: "Yeah..Hii..!!:) are you??..long time..!!"
SPEAKER: "Yeah..actually I called you many times..u never picked my call..and you have even stopped calling me on my phone yes..obviously..long time..!"..

and suddenly I realised..that I used to talk to the SPEAKER..(cant reveal the name guys..inconvenience regretted!!!)..on a regular basis..(Infact we loved conversating with each other) till I came to hostel..!!..and after that ..we hardly talked..and yes..the speaker did call me many times and I never attended..I was busy obviously..!!..and then I realised that life had moved on!!..things had changed..priorities had changed...

31st May 2009..Last day of my college/hostel..

"Guys.. WE WILL BE IN CONTACT.. ALWAYS.."..I said to my friends when we all were leaving for our homes..

20th June 2010..CHATTING with one of my college friend on FACEBOOK..
ME: Dude..its been like years that we saw each other..lets meet..and call everyone..!
FRIEND: Yeah..we definitely will..Let everybody be here..then we will meet..
ME: Hmm..!..Actually I wanted to meet everyone..haven't talked to anyone from months..!!
FRIEND: yeah..actually everyone has got busy with their LIVES...see.. instead of TALKING..we are CHATTING..we indeed have moved on dude!!..

25th June 2010..
(Message beep on my cell..message was from one of my college friend)..

MESSAGE: Lets meet on 26th June..tomorrow..

I replied: Need to go with her..(/*ahem..u know..!!*/)..urgently..can't come tomorrow..plan for some other day..!!..

And yes..I actually had to go with her..I didn't lie..but that is not the point..the point is..that my life has changed..the priorities have life..has moved on..

Monday, June 21, 2010


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Date(Probable): 12th September 2008
Place(Definite): BCH Hostel Room number 401
Condition: Me on my bed..thinking..

"What the hell I am doing in this college..???"...(i did tell u about my habit of talking to my own self right?..i call this self introspection..anyway..carry on..!)

"Its been 25 interviews now..and I am still unemployed..hmmm..I dun think m gonna get any job from this college..hmmm..."..and then suddenly i remembered something..and then i called my friend.."Hey dude, how much will the CL Test Series cost me??..I have decided..I AM GOING ALL OUT FOR MBA..YES DUDE..YOU HEARD IT RIGHT..ALL OUT FOR MBA..I AM NOT SITTING FOR FURTHER COMPANIES..!!"..
I was pretty confident regarding that..I always have been like that you see..I believe that I have strong decision making skills..and I also believe that I am quite a determined person and once if I decide to do something then I will definitely do it come what may..!!..but this is just what I believe..actuality may differ ..99 percent times it does..but still my belief has stood unshaken in spite of all odds and all the failures..:)..

9:00 A.M. (Phone ringing..!!).."Hello..What..??..But they were supposed to come by 10 right??..yeah yeah..OBVIOUSLY YAR..I WILL SIT FOR THE COMPANY..AND WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS DUDE??..I AM STILL UNEMPLOYED."..

10:45 A.M...I was giving the written exam..

1:00 P.M..."yeaaaa!!..written cleared..just an interview and I will be through..!!"

5:00 P.M...(called my dad on his mobile..)"Dad..Interview got screwed..Dun worry..I have started preparing for my MBA..NO MORE COMPANY INTERVIEWS..FOR SURE..!"...


I am still trying for my MBA..m not unemployed though:)..and yes..I have joined the test series too!!..

Hmmm..!!..I dun know why..but this thing has always been with me..lack of determination.. and if i am not wrong..i can generalize this statement for most of the people in their earlier 20s ..!!!...

We always know what is required to be done..we even know how it has to be done..we also know that we can do that thing..but still we fail to do..and our focus keeps on oscillating!..Why..??..I call it the HYPO-DETERMINATION SYNDROME..(HDS)!!..

1. Out of a sudden feeling of a belief in your own self that you can do anything..literally anything..!
2. Suddenly feeling happy and relaxed in spite of all the conundrums around you!
3. An instant feeling of exaggerated confidence..making inconceivable promises with people..and own self..

Last but not the least..

4. Excessively abrupt use of GOOGLE..for supposedly determinant searching for SOMETHING!!!!(its the most dangerous of all..)..

If you have any of these symptoms..then sadly and unfortunately you are suffering with HDS my friend..!!..

and if you are infected..dun worry..cure is not that difficult..!!.. It will just require a flashback of thoughts..!

Okay now just relax..take a long breath..close your eyes..think of the things that you were thinking few days back that suddenly converted your impulse into a determination...and now stop..!!..this is what the reality is dear..forget everything that you thought after this are cured!!!

DETERMINATION is a very heavy term asks for hard work..honesty..and your does not suddenly pops out but it takes a lot for its inception... A determination can take you even to the unmeasurable heights..on the contrary..a whim or an impulse..or an out of a sudden "determination"..can only waste your time..!!..BEWARE!!!:) time!!.. movie for the day is CINDERELLA will get to know what exactly the determination is!!!..its awesomely awesome !!


Monday, June 14, 2010


I remember the day I got my first bicycle..I was in 8th standard..(yeah..I learnt cycling that late u see!!!)..I was so happy dat the moment I saw my dad with that black Hercules sporty bicycle..I just snatched it from his hands and took it to the park only to realise that hey..I first need to know how to cycle it!!..I decided and promised to myself that I will learn to cycle in next 15 days...I remember that on the very 16th day..I went to my school on the cycle..!! cool right!!:)

After 6 months my school changed..and now I had to go on my school bus..8 AM to 3 PM I used to be in school..then coaching and then home..studying..doing homework and then sleeping!..I was not getting time for my beloved cycle and I knew that..but couldnt help it..and then time went by..Whenever I used to see my cycle lying at a corner I could see my relationship with it fading..It existed obviously..but was it the same??..The answer was no..the cycle and I were separated by the distance that was created by the circumstances..I am not blaming anything or anyone..but how does that make a difference..!!?? my relationship had weakened..! And then I got a scooter..:)..I dun even remember what happened to my cycle after it!!

Actually I have a very simple explanation for this complex phenomenon..We human beings hate distances..we hate it coz we are extremely poor at maintaining LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS..When things are around us..we love them..understand them..develop a bonding with them..but then when they go away..we tend to forget them..though we try our best to keep them alive in our memories..but only for some time..coz after that we lose contact..we almost cease to love them..we fail to understand them.. (though we try our best not to..but all our efforts fail infront of the distance!!)..and then those things are replaced with some other 'INTERESTING' things.. once again..I am not blaming anyone or anything..Its just the way we humans are!!!..we hate distances..we love to be loved!!

This relationship can be with anything ..your old guitar..or ur bike.or ur car..or anything..try using ur old computer at home..u will definitely find it difficult to locate the folder you last stored your data into..and on the contrary..just take out your new will exactly remember where your songs are..where your movies are and etc etc!!..The point is that when you get distant with something..u start losing its memories..and this memory loss aggravates with time!!..It doesnt mean that you totally forget things..(obviously you wont forget ur computer or how to use it..!!)..but then on the other hand, u hardly remember anything!!..silly human mind!!

So, when my friend and her 6 years old boyfriend..(who shifted to some other country) broke up..I wasnt at all shocked..(I was sad though..and i felt extremely bad..)..

They had their reasons for breaking up obviously I dun know them..but then whatever the reasons may be..I am pretty sure that had they been with each other they would have figured out a solution for staying together..but then the distance factor played its dirty part..and that is pretty obvious took me six months and my relationship with my cycle was gone!!..Now try to understand here..cycle is static (a non living thing) doesnt have any bondings or anything lively..Now if the DISTANCE FACTOR can ruin my relationship with a static bicycle..imagine what impact it can have when it comes in between two dynamic(read non-static) lives..two human beings..and they wont even be able to resist this distance factor coz as i earlier explained..the memory fundamental..silly human mind u see!! will forget matter how much you try!!

Now you might be thinking of giving me examples of the people (read couples!)..who are maintaining distant relationships..Well I never said that it is impossible to exist..(there is always room for exceptions!)..tell many happy couples can you think of who actually maintain a good healthy happy distant relationships.!!??..And even if they do..then do their relationship possess the same charm..if they would have been together??..Well I fail to agree on that..Do help me guys..I definitely need some orientation..! the movie time..!! I love this part!!..There is a movie called "Cairo Time"..You will understand what distance can do even to hugely strong relationships between two human beings..and what if the distance is agglomerated with something 'INTERESTING'!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010


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CASE SCENARIO: 3 years back..month of May..blazing front of my college gate at DTC bus stop..

About 16:00 hrs (based on memory!!)
"Its been an hour now since I came here"..(I have this habit of talking to my own self..I do it on a regular basis in fact!!).."I am tired..I am not going by this bus..(now focus on this line..)GOD! PLEASE SEND AN AUTO..PLLLLEEEAAASSSSSSSSE!!"..

16:05 hrs (for sure!!)

"Oh!..THANK GOD.. finally an auto is coming.."..(it was the first auto that I saw in last 60 minutes at the end of the road..and then it came nearer and I got up..I waved my hand..and then....and then it went away without stopping..!!!!)

I looked up and said..
"Thank you god.. for SENDING an auto..after all this is what I wished for..!:-x.."

Had I wished..”God!..Please send a vacant auto that will stop infront of me when I will be waiving my hand..and will take me to my home safely..securely..timely...and obviously by meter..!!”..then probably the story would have been a matter of fact, I am pretty sure regarding that..!!!

See, this is what I call fundamental art of wishing..and u know what..if you are proficient in this art then trust will get so very easy for you..
PS: God listens to you..always..and if you dun believe in god..well then you can say..that there is someone like a WISH GRANTER..whatever you wish for..if he/she listens to will be granted..and in the exact manner you would have absolutely exact manner!!..

So, basically if you are running with high fever and have taken an off from your office..and you wish something like this..”God..please get me soon as possible.”..then there is a very high probability that yes you will get better.. pretty soon infact..but then after 2 days..when you will return to ur job..u will find loads of pending will wake up for nights to cover that up ..and ultimately out of tension + frustration + time lag, u will again have a feverish body!!!!.. but then you cant blame anybody u see..!! whatever u asked for you got what happens after that has got nothing to do with god/Wish Granter okay!!..

At the start of the 4th year of my engineering, I realised I cannot do a job related to engineering!!:P..I wished just for 3 things ..a job which wont be technical..which would be interactive and which would pay me well..!!..After an year..I got my first job at Aakash Institute as Mathematics Faculty with a salary pack of 6 lac an annum!!!..It wasn't technical + it was interactive + it was a well paying job indeed!!..well..i joined it..and after 3 months i resigned..!!!!! Reason: I realised i can do alot more than just teaching..i m not deprecating the teaching job..i respect it alot..!! what I mean to say is that by being there I would have restricted myself to teaching only. I hate such restrictions ..When I know I can fly then why the hell should I be satisfied by the idea of hopping..!!!..

Anyway.. dat is not the point..the point is that if I would have wished lyk.."give me a job which will satisfy me completely..U KNOW WHAT I WANT..READ MY MIND.. HEART too..!!"..then probably i would have been in a better state..!!!..But then, I never knew wat to wish for..I was ignorant of the art of wishing..But now I know that!!..So, now..when I am standing at a bus stop..then instead of wishing for anything..I just say.."*To whomsoever it may concern!!*..Hey..You Know what I want..just give me that..!!!"..I think it is working!!..Well I manage to get autos on time now!!!:) the movie time..Movie for the day is "INTERSTATE 60"..a fantasy/adventure/road trip kinda stuff where a guy is in search for the answer to his questions with life..and he meets a WISH GRANTER!! Interesting right..!!! is..go for it..and from now on...keep know ..READ MY MIND..HEART TOO!!!:)

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