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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Last Promise!..

With a blink of my eyes..I can travel back in the time..
You know I can invigorate you..everyday..all the time..!
I can still the moments..I can chase the flying planes..
In my world..I am the one..who can bring all the change!
But will you believe me..when I tell you..
That I can relinquish these powers divine..??..
For a new MEMORY with you..I can bequeath the blinking of my eyes!

Do you remember the hurdles..we thought were difficult to clear..
The time when our innocuous hearts..envisaged things our mind could not bear!..
The STAIR you thought was it could break in between..
The BOAT you wished to see the world you had never seen..!
Then I had promised..that I will abide..I will make it possible..
That one day WE will climb those STAIRS..and sail the BOAT across that RIVER..
Do you know I can do everything today..that your mind ever designed..
Still for a new JOURNEY with you..I can bequeath the blinking of my eyes!

You know I can solve..the mysteries..and all those conundrums labyrinthine..
If I wish..Everything you can see..I can own mine!
With another blink..I can animate all 'OUR' dreams..
Whatever we ever thought..I can all the means..!
But will you believe me..when I tell you..
That I can stop DREAMING..for ever by choice..
For a new DREAM with you..I can bequeath the blinking of my eyes!

So TOMORROW when you will be here.. to enliven this EXANIMATE..
Which I keep recreating..with my eyes blinking at infinite rate!..
I promise to make no more promises..but to make this very last one indeed..
That TOMORROW..I will open my see this it must be seen!
For the real turns magical with you..And MY eyes will need no more BLINKING!!..


Saturday, June 11, 2011

In The Midst Of Life..We Are All Dead..

Do you wish to last..the sip of the time..
forever for you...till eternity divine..?
Are you too in love..with this life indued..
And do you care to care for it..Do you??..
And if I ask you.."Why..this love so trenched..??"..
Would you repeal my thoughts..inanely quenched..??..
Can you guide me to the end..of this labyrinthine riddle..
I have tried but disentangle this abhorrent puzzle..
That how can there be the midst of the deathly troubles..??..

We live to see the sun..everyday and so on..
"Will it rise tomorrow..??.."..the possibility if any is unknown..
Still we sleep with the dream of tomorrow..
and night conceals the thoughts within our eyes..eluding all the sorrows..!..
and then with the emanating rays..we rise with gleaming eyes..
With the promise to succeed..Now we live by choice..
And so we draw the move forward and far..
To fetch it to the success..only until the night befalls..!..
And once again the banal delved with the very same puzzle..
That how can there be the midst of the deathly troubles..??..

So yes..there is life that lives in peace..and the death too lies amidst in ease..
There is profusion on the way..and then the abjection surmounts..!..
Every one happens to be happy..and still grapples with the fear that mounts..
Still the lives no worse can happen for real!..
We wake up..we live..we strive..and we persevere..
The idea of LIVING enamors the avaricious mind..
that even the capricious thought of the end..seems like mere lying!..

Perhaps we are in love.. with this speciously innocuous witch..
And consequently fail to see all those gaps in which....
We fall freely..and keep falling the free fall..
And delude ourselves with the idea..that we are stable..and nothing is going wrong.!
We let her play the chants..she bewitches us with her magical wand..
And only when out of tedium..she decides to let us free..
That we realise that life was nothing but a fictitious rainbow of false glee..!..
And till then..the so called LIFE moves on..the 'Way We Want It To be..!..'
And the vicious game of LOVE is being played..with zeal..and merrily....

Perhaps that is how we live..amongst the DARKNESS so dark and intense..
that nothing is visible..and we deludes it with NOTHINGNESS..!
So without fear..we march..holding the ignorance's hand..
With confidence and enthusiasm..we rule our blissful land!..

I am not sure if that is true..but I surely am willing to know..
That how can the world which seems so happy..can turn gloomy in a moment's go..
That how can there be suffering and pain..together with the celebrations..?
How can poor die of hunger..where people suffer from acute corpulence..??..
I have tried but disentangle this abhorrent puzzle..
That how can there be the midst of the deathly troubles..??..


Thursday, June 9, 2011


So much of Political Melodrama is going on from last few days that our boring televisions have once again become interesting after the IPL ended!!..The protagonists..BABA RAMDEV and very recently ANNA HAZARE..they all are giving their best shots in order to prove there sustenance..The CONGRESS as usual is clutching at straws to enshroud its very own pampered child - The self-nourished and hyper-magnified blatant depredation..! And BJP..well finally it has got something to do to demonstrate its position as the so called THE OPPOSITION..!!..And so..IT is showing all the hearts to support our BABAji and the hope of some magic in the upcoming elections..!!..So is it really interesting to see them yelling and whining and lamenting over the most popular topic of discourse today..??..Eh..Not really..!..Specially when we all actually believe in the very concept of the process called CORRUPTION..!!!..Strange..isn't it..??..Let me clear!

If seen with logical pragmatism..we all are an integral part of a matter of we all have become so very much dependent on it that life without it will be near to impossible!..This very concept is actually being installed into our minds from our very childhood.. right from the day we actually start using our minds..!..I remember my Mom and Dad used to promise me to pay 5 bucks..or 10 bucks or 50 bucks..for scoring high in the class tests or exams!!..the amount obviously used to vary from test to test!..So many times my mom had promised me a delicious dinner in return of the entire day's study!..Hundreds of times my teachers in the school gave us the games period when we did stuff the way they wanted it to be done...

Can you see since when we all have been corrupted??!!..The point is that we have always been taught to be corrupt..!!!..The demon has been insinuated and then always have been nourished within our parents..or our teachers...and then by us..The roots are so deep-rooted that now it can't be deracinated ..however hard we may try!!..

Secondly..Corruption is actually a necessity for it enhances and accelerates the functioning of the so called everything!! a country with a malefic and a dysfunctional democracy like ours..every one enjoys the RIGHTS and the FREEDOM to do things they want to do..Unfortunately..even the indolently pathetic jerks and imbecile morons enjoy them too..!..Worst of all..99% of the aforementioned categories' people run our administration...!..Now definitely we have chosen them..but did we really have a choice..??..Anyway..that is another thread of discussion!!..The point is that since we have a PEOPLE-FRIENDLY the amount of favorable it is for the victim of is favorable to the dispatcher also and that too with the same amount!!..And in the war between the SEEKER (Read victim!) and the DISPATCHER..only and only one thing wins..THE TIME DELAY!!!..Corruption is the only savior that can actually obliterate that extremely crucial TIME DELAY..and hence can improve and as a matter of fact accelerate the work flow in the otherwise contemporary permanently-languorous world around us!!.. is a part of the system..the very system of which we are a part too!..In order of coexistence..we will have to cooperate..!

So why such a mayhem to oppose something as essential as CORRUPTION??..All those who are opposing it ..they probably don't even know what they are doing or why they are doing!!..Our YOGA GURU stands up and says, "People..I will eradicate this evil corruption..and I will bring back OUR MONEY"..Well no one questions..HOW can it come back??..Is it even possible???..Or...Even if it will come back..Can the CORRUPTION be really eradicated??..Nopes..No questions asked..!! People are so emotionally attached to their GURUji that they don't care..!!..So they are standing by and supporting their LEADER who is daring to do something which they don't understand..but then "Hey..Everyone is doing..So why not I????.."..Funny isn't it!!

And look at our government..!!..Gawd they are even funnier!!..Agreed that corruption is fine..and is actually pretty important..!..However..people's anger and frustration, even if it doesn't make any practical sense, needs to be addressed. Come on!..Ours is a Democratically Elected Government of the world's second fastest growing economy..and instead of addressing THE PEOPLE, their anger, and their frustration..look what they are doing!!..They are cracking down on the peaceful protestors..!!!!..They also have time to mock a 15-second jig by senior opposition leader..SUSHMA SWARAJ..but they don't have time to address the demands of their own PEOPLE..those who made them what they are so damn proud of!!!..Funny they are..!!..

Anyway..with all due respect to everyone..Please stop this NON-SENSE..There is no point pleading for something which can't practically be done..!..And GOVERNMENT people..please understand..that it is okay to be corrupt and squander money..but do it under cover guys..secretively and surreptitiously..We won't mind..We hardly have minded in the last 64 years..!!..but now when everyone knows about it..and your so called secret is out in the open..and is known to each and every citizen of this country..SHOW SOME RESPECT BY GIVING AN ACCOUNT OF YOUR DEEDS TO PEOPLE AND DEAL WITH THEM..PLEASE SHOW SOME DECENCY AND NOW GIVE THEM BACK WHAT ACTUALLY IS THEIRS..PLEASE DON'T RUN LIKE THE COWARDS AND BEHAVE LIKE THE FOOLS..PLEASE..EVEN CORRUPTION IMBIBES SOME RULES..!..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Can I think..the thought of lying..
when I see in front of flying..
soaring high..with my eyes prying..
following the fall.. falling but still trying..
To hypnotize my eyes..with the green gleaming shine..
I say I can own that bewitching glistening light..just one time..!

Everything in this world is fathomable to my mind..
but the GREEN CHASE is something beyond divine!..
for am in the love..with you so pure..
that a single moment without you..I want nothing more..!
You own everything..that my mind ever designed..
With you..I see me happy..overcoming all the hinds..
and so my dear..O ya GREEN SHINE..
I adore..I admire..and I proudly want you to be forever ..Just Mine..
So just Take me with you..O Ya GREEN SHINE..
coz only along With you..I feel alive.. I feel fine..
I say I can lie..again....and yes again..forever all the time!

When I was a kid..I used to be quite good in studies.. However there was one question confronting which used to leave me embarrassingly confounded..literally every time..!..The question was.."Hey Sharad..What do you want to be in your life..What is your AMBITION..??.."..and this word..AMBITION used to encircle my mind with loads and loads of question marks..every time it used to be thrown up at me..and I just used to stand still..with a half smiling piquant face..answering nothing..!..People..after bombarding me with that stupid question.. used to leave..however the question used to remain..all the time with me..!.."WHAT IS MY AMBITION..????????"

One day I overheard my neighbor aunty talking to my mom and she asked her.."What have you thought of your kid..??"..and my mom said.."I definitely want him to be an Engineer..but rest is his choice..Lets see what happens..!"..

ENGINEER!!!..those 8 miraculous words struck my mind like anything..and I finally had the answer to the most prying question..!.."I WANT TO BE AN ENGINEER!!"

I didn't have even the slightest of the knowledge of the meaning of the word.."Engineer.."..However I promised myself that yes..One day I will be one..An Engineer..!!..Only if I would have known what the hell I had promised to my own self!!..

Anyway..after that day..whenever anyone used to ask me about my ambition..or future prospects..then I used to retort with THE ENGINEER ARGUMENT..!..So be it my dad's inquisitive mom's clamorously intriguing friends in the parties..the teachers in the school..or my friends..I used the ENGINEER ARGUMENT every time..Fortunately, considering the kind of marks I used to score in the school..everyone believed me..!..and yes finally I was peacefully happy..!..

I grilled myself..studied hard..and then cleared up the entrance exam to be in one of the most prestigious Engineering College!..and Finally.."I was about to be an ENGINEER.."..Trust me when I say.."I still did not know exactly the meaning of the term ENGINEER..pathetic me..".. Two years ambition started dwindling..!..The studies..the environment..the ambiance..I disliked for the sake of studying ..I studied..for the sake of my AMBITION..yes..I studied..

I remember one day I was entering my college..I saw the gate..and the name of the college written in bold.."DELHI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING"..Out of a whim the question arose.."Do I actually belong here..??..Do I actually want to be an ENGINEER..???.."

3 years have the ENGINEER degree..yet I am not an ENGINEER!! what happened to my Ambition..??.. Well it has been modified to camouflage with the surviving race.."I actually want to earn loads and loads of money..That is the only ambition I have..Not an engineer..not a civil servant..not a scientist..not a researcher..I just want to earn MONEY..and for that.. lets see what I can do.."

23 years..yes 23 years I was following an obscurely wrong dream..and I am pretty sure it's not jut me who has been the victim of our DELUSIONAL AMBITIONS.. because in the end..IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY.. Today Millions of people are going to Engineering Colleges..But how many of them are Engineers in real sense???..How many of us actually want to contribute to the core research..or spend rest of our lives doing nothing but coding..(I am an IT guy..!)..If I am to take the statistics..the answer is NEGLIGIBLE..

So many coaching institutes have come up and have mastered the art of manufacturing the ENGINEERS or DOCTORS..or MANAGERS.. Just empty your pockets and shell out a few years of your lives..and fill them up with those grilling and persevering continuously studying hours..and yes one day you can become any of the above!!..The motive however remains the same..MONEY..MORE AND MORE MONEY!!..For you can be an Engineer..or a Doctor..or a Manager quite easily today..but the actual measuring parameter of success is..well yes..MONEY..More you have it..Better you are fit to survive in this race of survival today..and if you don't have it..then even God can't help you..for the latest saying is as i heard..MONEY IS THE NEW GOD..!..

Now in this Money-Driven world..we obviously will find people negating this thought of mine..that All We Need is Money..But seriously people..Whom are we kidding..??..

So my 12 years old cousin asked me few days back.."What should I do to be an ENGINEER..Like YOU..!!..It is MY AMBITION"...and I said.."Do you really want to be an Engineer..????.."..
She said.."I don't know..but I want to be rich..!"..and finally I said..
" don't want to be an ENGINEER..You want to be a BILLIONAIRE..and that has to be YOUR AMBITION.."..

I saw her face..she looked peacefully happy..She rushed to her mom..and said.."Mom..Not an Engineer..Not a Doctor..and I don't want to be anything else..I just want to be the girl earning loads of money..and this is MY AMBITION.."..

I smiled..I grew up chasing the wrong Ambition..At least she knows now..What actually she wants..!!..



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