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Friday, January 14, 2011

How Can We Be So Corrupt????

How can we INDIANS be so corrupt?? If there is anything that I can remember of the past year is corruption ... and corruption.. and more of the same!.. So be it the 2G SPECTRUM SCAM (that caused the exchequer, and consequently us, more than $38 billion or Rs. 1,76,000 Crores!) , the IPL SCAM, or the CWG SCAM (Rs. 70,000 crore were spent on the Games, only half or god knows how much less of the amount was actually spent!) to name a few..!(unfortunately!)....How can I even forget the SATYAM SCAM!(The largest scam till date in the Corporate World history that involved a defalcation of Rs. 14000 Crore!!)..There are just too many of them..But these are those which have tarnished, rather decimated, the image of our POLITICIANS, our CORPORATES and our BUREAUCRATS.

Considering the amount of money being embezzled, no wonder we are still a Poor Nation and unfortunately we will always remain the same..Do you guys know that in our country, more than 75% people earn less than $2 a day..even Sub-Saharan Africa, which is one of the world's poorest nation, has that figure under 73%!!!!..I mean..can you believe that..??..At one place we talk about billions of dollars of money being despoiled by people governing us..and on other place we have our 75% population failing to secure even a square-meal..!.. We seriously are a country with UNITY IN DIVERSITY..!!!..

So, what drives our ADMINISTRATORS to plunder "our" money for their own splurge..?? How can they be so Heartless and Malevolent that they don't even spare people living under BPL of their selfish money-minded social scathe??..Probably they are a bunch of really smart people who have mastered the art of be-fooling us..or probably we are a group of 1.1 billion really dopey people..Whichever be the way..we surely are not the winners..

I read an article which described the deplorable state of the Homeless Farmers of Rajasthan that how they have been bereaved of even their minimum basic monthly wages of Rs 2000 per month through MNREGA, the world's largest job program for the poor landless farmers.. It is really disheartening to see such a pitiable state..At least poor must be spared from the disgrace of corruption..They can surely not afford to be a part of these money-making junkets of our administrators..Let them live peacefully, if not happily, for god's sake..


  1. Hehe!.:)..But on the contrary I believe it will rather increase the rich - poor divide..! Problem wont be ameliorated but aggravated..!!


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