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Thursday, February 24, 2011


We can be ONE, if we will believe in the spree..
if we will think beyond YOU and ME..
And only if we will rise as a TIDE..
Or we will capitulate as a DROP left in the dry..

How malefic is the idea of dividing people on the base of anything..??..Be it religion..caste..language..Our country stands on the disguised pillars of the thoughts being imbued in the three words of "UNITY IN DIVERSITY"...These three words corrode my mind constantly and every time I assuage it by few balmy hackneyed arguments favoring MY COUNTRY..The appeasement does work for some time but the IMPREGNABLE QUESTION constantly reiterates like a pendulum..ARE WE UNITED??..

The answer is straight NO??..I say..How can we even talk of being united in a country like ours divided on almost each and every aspect of humanity..??..I don't see any other country with so much of segregation..Let me throw some light on that argument..

India has more than two thousand ethnic groups...India contains the majority of the world's Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jains and Bahá'í...India is also home to the third-largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan... There are 1,652 languages and dialects spoken in India..So many castes and their sub-castes..and their sub-sub-castes are existent..

As is written by LOUIS FISCHER in his biography of MAHATMA GANDHI..

..Blood Connects Hindus with Muslims and Sikhs. Religion weakens the connection... Geography connects; bad communication divides..The multiplicity of Languages divides..

However..This is the place we live in..We brag about our diversities..but our pellucid shroud of UNITY can not hide the injured and scathed HUMAN inside..PUBLIC MASSACRES on the basis of Religion..LANGUAGE DIVIDE making Social Development impossible and even resulting into GEOGRAPHICAL DIVISIONS...The virulent CASTE-ISM which in plain words is unfathomably deep rooted and hence can not be deracinated.. These are some ludicrous problems which are insignificantly insalubrious for the upliftment and uprising of a country like ours, already marred with obstacles of POVERTY, ILLITERACY, CORRUPTION and UNEMPLOYMENT to name a few..

The moment we impose a DEMARCATION..the idea of UNITY dies..A nation can either be UNITEDLY DEVELOPED or DIS-UNITEDLY REPEALED..The earlier we understand that, the better it will be for us..Else the choice is OURS..


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