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Friday, January 21, 2011


I have always been intrigued by the term "HAPPINESS"..Such an important word but with an obscure meaning..It definitely has a blurring.. rather an obfuscating can never know what exactly can make a person happy..because the moment one attains that happiness, the very same idea fails to entice him..then he aims for bigger things which probably will make him "HAPPIER"..and the impasse journey continues..! What exactly can make someone really HAPPY??..

In school, I had a firm belief that the topper of my class was the happiest guy in this world!..I remember all those reprimanding sessions when my mum used to find out all my hidden Exam Answer Sheets, that I used to surreptitiously enshroud under the bedding..(such a stupid I was!)..! And then she used to exemplify him (the topper of my class..a close friend of mine!)..At that time.. I wanted to be like him.. as HAPPY as him..

After I finished my schooling..I came to know that my supposedly GOOD MARKS weren't good enough to get me through any engineering college.. and that by even scoring soaring marks in all subjects, I still needed to clear the entrance examinations..!..Anyway..I studied and cleared the exam..and when I cleared it.. I was really HAPPY!..

Good-Marks-Make-You-Happy concept no longer enthused me.. I went to college with my Happiness-meter crossing its maximum limit.. 4 years later.. I didn't posses that meter any more..!..My entire fundamentals of measuring HAPPINESS had drastically changed..

Since then, a lot has gone through my life..(Yes I have dumped and moved a lot above my MARKS-DRIVEN-HAPPINESS fundamental!)I have seen a few successes..many failures..Personally and Professionally ..Out of my experiences (whatsoever they have been)..there is one thing I have learned..that there are always so many things to do..and when you achieve them, many others are conjured..!

Today..I see myself in the mirror..I see a guy who has got a gigantic universe in front of him to explore..I am happy..But I want to be HAPPIEST..Not HAPPIER.. As they say..GOOD IS THE ENEMY OF THE BEST..But how do you demarcate between GOOD AND THE BEST??..How will I be able to discern when I will be HAPPIEST...??..Will I be gratified to reach my Felicity-Acme.. Or the moment I will be HAPPIEST, I will want to be HAPPIER THAN THE HAPPIEST.. This fretting thought will linger in my mind almost forever..and till I overcome it..My Pursuit Of Happiness will go on..and on..

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