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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Confession of a 40+ Man..

Look..How my Hard-Earned Life has gone trite...
Raddled..Unhappy..complacently bright.
Look at me..I am the creator of this disguised heaven,
Flying with my spliced wings..spirit riddled..freedom craven..
Perpetually encumbered Time-Slave...way far digressed from Peace-Haven.

I blame nobody for the state I am in.
I have chosen my gloomy days..and my nights in din..
I knew the shiny bright was not light..
still I pursued it ..I believed I was right..
And now I cant even cry, on my self-animated plight..

When I was small..I fancied being copiusly billowed.
I loved chasing cars on my cycle..Prying for the happiness being endowed..
I wanted everything.. my parents embedded my goals..
I listened to what everyone around mumbled..I failed to listen to my soul..!

I worked hard..for clinching the obfuscated successes..
berefting ME..I joined this RACE to all my menaces..
I did cry often..I fell, I got hurt a number of times..
But my avariciously impounding heart...supported my legs to climb..
I fought with me..and so I kept Running..
But the RACE never ended..I now believe the end is not impending..

Today, when I am awakened by my faithful clock..
I find myself engaged in my drudgery..automatically without a croak.
I try encumber my legs and balk myself in this RACE..
But how should I expect my conscience to obey me..
when I myself have betrayingly forgotten even my own FACE..??..

Now..I am a part of everything my dreams manufactured..
I am following the traces of my Cloned-Predecessors..
So..Do I wish to live life unlike this..??..
Bereaved of self-woven miseries..away from these treacherous cries..???..
Ah!..the idea now is foreign to my hardwired mind..


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