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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Guys..I am starting this weekly post as a MOVIE REVIEW post..
To start with..I will be telling you about the TEN BEST MOVIES that I have seen till now belonging to different genres..and categories....and trust me guys..they are just fantastic..I have a team member from now on who will be helping me in writing these posts..(finally I have a team member..!)..anyway guys..enjoy the stuff..!!

Movie name: MEMENTO
Director- Christopher Nolan
Writers- Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan
Genre- crime, drama, thriller, drama

What if the last thing you remember is the most haunting memory of ur entire life.. and now..supplement it with a condition that forbids you from making any new one, which means u r stuck with that same memory for the rest of ur life aka 'short term memory loss', interesting scenario isnt it...!! This is "Leonard" finds himself in when he wakes up in his bedroom.. That aim is all he has got and it is the sole point of his existence...

The most striking part of this flick is its screenplay, first of its kind and it justifies the character and the plot entirely. The story is being told in a reverse fashion i.e from the end moving toward the beginning.. As an audience we are being put into the shoes of "Leonard" cause like him we too have no clue as to what happened before. The plot calls for so much involvement from the viewer that he/she just cant drift away even for a moment..(PS: it was nominated for the best screenplay written directly for the screen at the OSCARS)... last but definitely not the least..the immaculate performance by Guy Pierce as "Leonard" will leave you spell bounded..!!

It surely will grip u till the very end even when it will get over..there will be constant thoughts that will beleaguer your mind..

Caution: In case u are not in the mood to use your mind..kindly stay away from this can be highly insalubrious for you..!
- TEAM[..up in the air..we nowhere]

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