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Saturday, July 17, 2010

INDIA 'ShininG'..POOR 'ShunninG'..!

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Common Wealth Games are coming..and our Delhi is undergoing the process of "EMBELLISHMENT" for the "GUESTS".. So what do we have in stores for them..lemme count..

ULTRA CLEANSED roads(they were already cleaned..but they are rebuilding them!!..).. NEW FLYOVERS(even if they aren't required..)..LESS POPULATED CITY..(All schools and offices will be closed for TEN DAYS..!)..POVERTY-RIDDEN country..(I guess its more of POOR-RIDDEN..emphasis is on enshrouding poor..obviously guys!!..)..

So yes.. our Delhi is getting cleaner..and greener..and better..for the "GUESTS"..We just now have had the inauguration of the 3rd best international terminal...I read somewhere that government has spent $2.6 billion on it..great..!!!!!..So what if food prices are soaring..what if the Common man is failing to survive the inclemency of the inflation..we will welcome our GUESTS with Zeal and Enthusiasm...!!...

Protracted power cuts + Procrastinated water supply + Horrendous Summer + Abrasive humidity is what DELHIites are going through...but nah..that is not important..after all we are used to it right..!!..coz we we need to lighten up the stadiums with exhorbitant lights..see..we value our GUESTS..

PRICES are it any damn literally anything..

I, being from an average middle class family, am finding life getting a bit tougher these days..coz every tenth morning when my dad tells me that "hey..Petrol prices has increased..take some more money.." makes me wonder where these prices will be few years from now..... and when every fifth evening my mum tells me.."I didnt get your favorite pulses..I was carrying just 50 bucks and its price increased yesterday..!!"...I wonder what is happening..!!..But then..I think we all know the answer...

WE NEED MONEY FOR THE SHOW-OFF..and so..OUR GOVERNMENT IS COLLECTING THE SAME..!!.. this justified..???? A developing country like ours..where focus should be more on people and their development..and where government must take every initiative to ease daily living of the common man..the focus has shifted towards placation of the "GUESTS"..!!..Strange..!!

Just a thought..
A middle class family is affected with the price rise even if it is of a few bucks..but after gets used to it..(no other option..!!)..But what about the POOR..??..Imagine..what does he go through when he goes to the general store with 25 bucks to buy 1 kg sugar and he doesn't get it..coz he is being told.."hey..prices increased yesterday.."..I am quite sure..he will find way too difficult to adjust..

So..Is INDIA SHINING..??? I think YES..but only SHUNNING the POOR..
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  1. true...very true indeed......
    i wish our law makers, our govt agencies and all those master minds(with no place to think for poor)had also thought the same way before the incongruous idea of putting the pompous show was planted into their greedy minds(which should be full of NOBLE IDEAS..!!)...........

    and the fact that they don't seem to be in the condition of putting the show in the right manner adds onto their mockery....

  2. Yup..I wish I could do something..!..

  3. i completely agree with u...people are weeping and the govt is sleeping...

  4. @Radhika
    yes they are..just accruing unaccounted money..!!

  5. Even I think the same way..CWG suck..


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