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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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5th April 2005 (Based on memory..)
Case Scenario: My last board exam..last day of my school life..
Location: outside the gate of my exam centre..(gawd..!..i dun even remember the name of that school...strange:-0..)..

"Finally..exams done..!!.."..I exulted looking at my friends.."Yeah..I have my few days are gonna be fun..!!..Guys..WE WILL BE IN CONTACT..ALWAYS!!..

2 months later.. I cleared DCE..(Delhi College of Engineering..for all those who in case don't know the term DCE!!)..

17th August..
Shifted to hostel..

After few days.. suddenly, life was different..I wasn't able to make friends
in college/hostel..but I was kind of enjoying being alone..!!!..I didn't want to go fact even the idea never ever crossed my mind..!!..but yes..I used to call my mom on her cell phone on a daily basis ..:)

After few weeks.. I got busy with I started calling my mom on her cell phone once in 3 days..

1 year later..Finally I made some good friends..Life got busier..u know..FRIENDS + HOSTEL = a BUSY LIFE..! Now my mom started ringing me up on regular basis..coz I was so BUSY..that I never remembered to call her even once in 3 mom is so very understanding..she understood that my life was changing..and that I was MOVING ON..!!! ..

Few days later..9:30 AM..(Phone ringing)..I was sleeping..(probably half-slept)..

ME: "Hello.."
SPEAKER: "Sharad..Its me.."
Me: "Yeah..Hii..!!:) are you??..long time..!!"
SPEAKER: "Yeah..actually I called you many times..u never picked my call..and you have even stopped calling me on my phone yes..obviously..long time..!"..

and suddenly I realised..that I used to talk to the SPEAKER..(cant reveal the name guys..inconvenience regretted!!!)..on a regular basis..(Infact we loved conversating with each other) till I came to hostel..!!..and after that ..we hardly talked..and yes..the speaker did call me many times and I never attended..I was busy obviously..!!..and then I realised that life had moved on!!..things had changed..priorities had changed...

31st May 2009..Last day of my college/hostel..

"Guys.. WE WILL BE IN CONTACT.. ALWAYS.."..I said to my friends when we all were leaving for our homes..

20th June 2010..CHATTING with one of my college friend on FACEBOOK..
ME: Dude..its been like years that we saw each other..lets meet..and call everyone..!
FRIEND: Yeah..we definitely will..Let everybody be here..then we will meet..
ME: Hmm..!..Actually I wanted to meet everyone..haven't talked to anyone from months..!!
FRIEND: yeah..actually everyone has got busy with their LIVES...see.. instead of TALKING..we are CHATTING..we indeed have moved on dude!!..

25th June 2010..
(Message beep on my cell..message was from one of my college friend)..

MESSAGE: Lets meet on 26th June..tomorrow..

I replied: Need to go with her..(/*ahem..u know..!!*/)..urgently..can't come tomorrow..plan for some other day..!!..

And yes..I actually had to go with her..I didn't lie..but that is not the point..the point is..that my life has changed..the priorities have life..has moved on..

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  1. in a lot of ways its abt "distant relationships" as u had said in an earlier distances increase, priorities change....but the life must go on and it goes on...that's the basic rule of life!


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