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Saturday, July 10, 2010


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25th June 2010 (Based on memory)

"Do you know the way to Delhi-Jaipur highway from your office..??..If not then do ask your friends..okay..i don't think it's too ask someone..okay??!!"..and I replied.."Dun wry darlin..I will GOOGLE it!!"..

1.6 hours later...

"I told you to ask someone..:-x..damn your Google map..its been about 2 hours and we are still in puhleeeeezzzzz..ask someone.."..and I replied.."Dun wry darlin..I think we are on track..see..we are moving as per given directions..!!"

3.5 hours later..

"We are still in Delhi....wanna say anything..!"..and I replied..
"Lemme call someone..for the way"..

We finally reached the highway in about 4 hours in total..I must have asked someone..but I trusted GOOGLE..anyway..I decided not to trust it again..

1 week later....

DAD: Do you know the way for your exam center or should I ask my friend..??
ME: No dad..dun worry..I will GOOGLE it!..

I am not telling you the time when I reached the center!!!

I realised that we have become so much dependent on GOOGLE that starting from ANYTHING and ending to EVERYTHING..we GOOGLE it..!!!.. So be it show..buying a new mobile..finding addresses..or literally everything..we GOOGLE it..!!!

A friend of mine call this as "TECHNOLOGY SLAVERY"..well I don't comply with her words..!..Yeah..I know that I am almost entirely dependent on GOOGLE..still I dont like the concept of the word "SLAVERY"..!!..Lets call it "DEPENDENCY"..!!(hmmm..better!!)...

Anyway..the thing is that with increasing technological development..and competition..and with ever-changing world around us..staying in the thick of the things is rather impossible..GOOGLE just a helpful tool in alleviating that least the GOOGLE users think so..!!.. So, calling it a 'SLAVERY' will be too harsh and as a matter of fact..totally inappropriate statement!!..

and as far as the "DISADVANTAGES" are's the law of the nature friends..with good things come the bad things..that's how nature balances can't change it right...!!!..

and as far as "DEPENDENCY" is concerned..well as I is a can't just ignore it..!!!..

and for those who believe that they can live without GOOGLE..well yes you can..but I am sure you will hate it soon..!!! what..?? you still don't concur with me..?? okay..then GOOGLE it.."CAN I LIVE WITHOUT GOOGLE?"..!! :-P



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  2. well m sure u can find out whether u can live without google or not, without GOOGLING , and if u can't , then it is called "TECHNOLOGY SLAVERY"...


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