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Thursday, June 3, 2010


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CASE SCENARIO: 3 years back..month of May..blazing front of my college gate at DTC bus stop..

About 16:00 hrs (based on memory!!)
"Its been an hour now since I came here"..(I have this habit of talking to my own self..I do it on a regular basis in fact!!).."I am tired..I am not going by this bus..(now focus on this line..)GOD! PLEASE SEND AN AUTO..PLLLLEEEAAASSSSSSSSE!!"..

16:05 hrs (for sure!!)

"Oh!..THANK GOD.. finally an auto is coming.."..(it was the first auto that I saw in last 60 minutes at the end of the road..and then it came nearer and I got up..I waved my hand..and then....and then it went away without stopping..!!!!)

I looked up and said..
"Thank you god.. for SENDING an auto..after all this is what I wished for..!:-x.."

Had I wished..”God!..Please send a vacant auto that will stop infront of me when I will be waiving my hand..and will take me to my home safely..securely..timely...and obviously by meter..!!”..then probably the story would have been a matter of fact, I am pretty sure regarding that..!!!

See, this is what I call fundamental art of wishing..and u know what..if you are proficient in this art then trust will get so very easy for you..
PS: God listens to you..always..and if you dun believe in god..well then you can say..that there is someone like a WISH GRANTER..whatever you wish for..if he/she listens to will be granted..and in the exact manner you would have absolutely exact manner!!..

So, basically if you are running with high fever and have taken an off from your office..and you wish something like this..”God..please get me soon as possible.”..then there is a very high probability that yes you will get better.. pretty soon infact..but then after 2 days..when you will return to ur job..u will find loads of pending will wake up for nights to cover that up ..and ultimately out of tension + frustration + time lag, u will again have a feverish body!!!!.. but then you cant blame anybody u see..!! whatever u asked for you got what happens after that has got nothing to do with god/Wish Granter okay!!..

At the start of the 4th year of my engineering, I realised I cannot do a job related to engineering!!:P..I wished just for 3 things ..a job which wont be technical..which would be interactive and which would pay me well..!!..After an year..I got my first job at Aakash Institute as Mathematics Faculty with a salary pack of 6 lac an annum!!!..It wasn't technical + it was interactive + it was a well paying job indeed!!..well..i joined it..and after 3 months i resigned..!!!!! Reason: I realised i can do alot more than just teaching..i m not deprecating the teaching job..i respect it alot..!! what I mean to say is that by being there I would have restricted myself to teaching only. I hate such restrictions ..When I know I can fly then why the hell should I be satisfied by the idea of hopping..!!!..

Anyway.. dat is not the point..the point is that if I would have wished lyk.."give me a job which will satisfy me completely..U KNOW WHAT I WANT..READ MY MIND.. HEART too..!!"..then probably i would have been in a better state..!!!..But then, I never knew wat to wish for..I was ignorant of the art of wishing..But now I know that!!..So, now..when I am standing at a bus stop..then instead of wishing for anything..I just say.."*To whomsoever it may concern!!*..Hey..You Know what I want..just give me that..!!!"..I think it is working!!..Well I manage to get autos on time now!!!:) the movie time..Movie for the day is "INTERSTATE 60"..a fantasy/adventure/road trip kinda stuff where a guy is in search for the answer to his questions with life..and he meets a WISH GRANTER!! Interesting right..!!! is..go for it..and from now on...keep know ..READ MY MIND..HEART TOO!!!:)


  1. Oh C'mon man. You are not going to leave us ( and I love saying this !!!! :D) with your stupid choice of movies again...

    Remember those sunshine, sunrise, sunset kind of movies and I have Kunal who can vouch for those pathetic times when you made us sit to watch these.

    Oh this is great... You have given me a license to go for the kill now in front of everybody. I will post whenever I want... Awesome!!!

    And yeah how can I forget that hell of a movie (mind you, your favorite..) Socha Na Tha for which you were willing to pay us watch it and strangely enough for you everybody dozed and shut the laptop within 10 mins or so.

    Loving it!!!! Dare you delete this post.

  2. This is a real gud one Sharad..Things happen as per our wish yet things are so complicated. I agree on the fact one should keep wishing and you gave them an easy way to filter their search by the statement...READ MY MIND..HEART TOO!!!:)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @Prakhar
    Yup..I do remember everything yar..!!..n dun wry I wont delete any single post of yours..!!!..keep commenting..ur commennts will be much appreciated..!!but do give the posts a read at least(by your comment it seems as if you read just the last para of the entire post..)..coz its not only about movies...!!..and if you find anything relevant then do comment on that thing too..!! and can make hell lotta fun of it..m used to it u know..!!!:)

  5. khush hoja that even i m following you..but still the posts are based on the facts found ubiquitously...just keep up the good work man...

  6. rather than lack of proficiency in the art of wishing, i feel its more abt our confusion bcz most of the times we ourselves don't know what we actually want!!

  7. this was a gud to read and less confusing!;)


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