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Monday, June 21, 2010


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Date(Probable): 12th September 2008
Place(Definite): BCH Hostel Room number 401
Condition: Me on my bed..thinking..

"What the hell I am doing in this college..???"...(i did tell u about my habit of talking to my own self right?..i call this self introspection..anyway..carry on..!)

"Its been 25 interviews now..and I am still unemployed..hmmm..I dun think m gonna get any job from this college..hmmm..."..and then suddenly i remembered something..and then i called my friend.."Hey dude, how much will the CL Test Series cost me??..I have decided..I AM GOING ALL OUT FOR MBA..YES DUDE..YOU HEARD IT RIGHT..ALL OUT FOR MBA..I AM NOT SITTING FOR FURTHER COMPANIES..!!"..
I was pretty confident regarding that..I always have been like that you see..I believe that I have strong decision making skills..and I also believe that I am quite a determined person and once if I decide to do something then I will definitely do it come what may..!!..but this is just what I believe..actuality may differ ..99 percent times it does..but still my belief has stood unshaken in spite of all odds and all the failures..:)..

9:00 A.M. (Phone ringing..!!).."Hello..What..??..But they were supposed to come by 10 right??..yeah yeah..OBVIOUSLY YAR..I WILL SIT FOR THE COMPANY..AND WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS DUDE??..I AM STILL UNEMPLOYED."..

10:45 A.M...I was giving the written exam..

1:00 P.M..."yeaaaa!!..written cleared..just an interview and I will be through..!!"

5:00 P.M...(called my dad on his mobile..)"Dad..Interview got screwed..Dun worry..I have started preparing for my MBA..NO MORE COMPANY INTERVIEWS..FOR SURE..!"...


I am still trying for my MBA..m not unemployed though:)..and yes..I have joined the test series too!!..

Hmmm..!!..I dun know why..but this thing has always been with me..lack of determination.. and if i am not wrong..i can generalize this statement for most of the people in their earlier 20s ..!!!...

We always know what is required to be done..we even know how it has to be done..we also know that we can do that thing..but still we fail to do..and our focus keeps on oscillating!..Why..??..I call it the HYPO-DETERMINATION SYNDROME..(HDS)!!..

1. Out of a sudden feeling of a belief in your own self that you can do anything..literally anything..!
2. Suddenly feeling happy and relaxed in spite of all the conundrums around you!
3. An instant feeling of exaggerated confidence..making inconceivable promises with people..and own self..

Last but not the least..

4. Excessively abrupt use of GOOGLE..for supposedly determinant searching for SOMETHING!!!!(its the most dangerous of all..)..

If you have any of these symptoms..then sadly and unfortunately you are suffering with HDS my friend..!!..

and if you are infected..dun worry..cure is not that difficult..!!.. It will just require a flashback of thoughts..!

Okay now just relax..take a long breath..close your eyes..think of the things that you were thinking few days back that suddenly converted your impulse into a determination...and now stop..!!..this is what the reality is dear..forget everything that you thought after this are cured!!!

DETERMINATION is a very heavy term asks for hard work..honesty..and your does not suddenly pops out but it takes a lot for its inception... A determination can take you even to the unmeasurable heights..on the contrary..a whim or an impulse..or an out of a sudden "determination"..can only waste your time..!!..BEWARE!!!:) time!!.. movie for the day is CINDERELLA will get to know what exactly the determination is!!!..its awesomely awesome !!



  1. Hmm...this is sooo true happens with suddenly feel that you have all the will power of the world and by next 2 years you will make it to your aim but after next two years you realize its just the time that is changing :)

  2. yeah...i agree...this is something everyone must have experienced at some point in their life...especially the abrupt use of google thing..its so very true...

  3. OMG..I think I am suffering from so called HDS..And dude tell me if you did your engineering or did you take medical science secretly.. ??? Anyways, the article is true and interesting as well despite the use of those first time read terms..

  4. yes guys..i know..everyone of us might have experienced this HDS..!! my case its too severe actually..just thought to write upon it!!

  5. rightly said...a lot of times we think of doing so many things and ultimately end up screwing everything...


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