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Monday, June 14, 2010


I remember the day I got my first bicycle..I was in 8th standard..(yeah..I learnt cycling that late u see!!!)..I was so happy dat the moment I saw my dad with that black Hercules sporty bicycle..I just snatched it from his hands and took it to the park only to realise that hey..I first need to know how to cycle it!!..I decided and promised to myself that I will learn to cycle in next 15 days...I remember that on the very 16th day..I went to my school on the cycle..!! cool right!!:)

After 6 months my school changed..and now I had to go on my school bus..8 AM to 3 PM I used to be in school..then coaching and then home..studying..doing homework and then sleeping!..I was not getting time for my beloved cycle and I knew that..but couldnt help it..and then time went by..Whenever I used to see my cycle lying at a corner I could see my relationship with it fading..It existed obviously..but was it the same??..The answer was no..the cycle and I were separated by the distance that was created by the circumstances..I am not blaming anything or anyone..but how does that make a difference..!!?? my relationship had weakened..! And then I got a scooter..:)..I dun even remember what happened to my cycle after it!!

Actually I have a very simple explanation for this complex phenomenon..We human beings hate distances..we hate it coz we are extremely poor at maintaining LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS..When things are around us..we love them..understand them..develop a bonding with them..but then when they go away..we tend to forget them..though we try our best to keep them alive in our memories..but only for some time..coz after that we lose contact..we almost cease to love them..we fail to understand them.. (though we try our best not to..but all our efforts fail infront of the distance!!)..and then those things are replaced with some other 'INTERESTING' things.. once again..I am not blaming anyone or anything..Its just the way we humans are!!!..we hate distances..we love to be loved!!

This relationship can be with anything ..your old guitar..or ur bike.or ur car..or anything..try using ur old computer at home..u will definitely find it difficult to locate the folder you last stored your data into..and on the contrary..just take out your new will exactly remember where your songs are..where your movies are and etc etc!!..The point is that when you get distant with something..u start losing its memories..and this memory loss aggravates with time!!..It doesnt mean that you totally forget things..(obviously you wont forget ur computer or how to use it..!!)..but then on the other hand, u hardly remember anything!!..silly human mind!!

So, when my friend and her 6 years old boyfriend..(who shifted to some other country) broke up..I wasnt at all shocked..(I was sad though..and i felt extremely bad..)..

They had their reasons for breaking up obviously I dun know them..but then whatever the reasons may be..I am pretty sure that had they been with each other they would have figured out a solution for staying together..but then the distance factor played its dirty part..and that is pretty obvious took me six months and my relationship with my cycle was gone!!..Now try to understand here..cycle is static (a non living thing) doesnt have any bondings or anything lively..Now if the DISTANCE FACTOR can ruin my relationship with a static bicycle..imagine what impact it can have when it comes in between two dynamic(read non-static) lives..two human beings..and they wont even be able to resist this distance factor coz as i earlier explained..the memory fundamental..silly human mind u see!! will forget matter how much you try!!

Now you might be thinking of giving me examples of the people (read couples!)..who are maintaining distant relationships..Well I never said that it is impossible to exist..(there is always room for exceptions!)..tell many happy couples can you think of who actually maintain a good healthy happy distant relationships.!!??..And even if they do..then do their relationship possess the same charm..if they would have been together??..Well I fail to agree on that..Do help me guys..I definitely need some orientation..! the movie time..!! I love this part!!..There is a movie called "Cairo Time"..You will understand what distance can do even to hugely strong relationships between two human beings..and what if the distance is agglomerated with something 'INTERESTING'!!



  1. Good One dude...I still remember your cycle and do you remember the way we use to cycle from school till home...Those were da days man...And regarding the orientation..I think U r right on the long distance not working relationships as I lost my life due to the distance factor..I still think opting to do an MBA here and leaving her back home was the worst decision of my life..I wish I could have lived some more for her...

  2. likhta achcha hai..:)
    content bhi serious hai so no messing with it at this pointa time..but yeah keep it up..
    2 anguthe!!B)

  3. first u tell me 4m where did u get this pic?? ;)

    otherwise...i think it totally depends on us..if we want to maintain that relationship or not! its not always distance but your intentions also matter!
    Apart 4m that...good post!!

  4. @Rajan.. I do remember yar...going to school on, me, prashant, abhishek sometimes..!..sometimes i wonder how time just passes by..!!.. and about the distance..well there are two things in this world I am afraid of..TIME and DISTANCE..They always hurt you..the worst part is..u cant do anything for that..

  5. @Ankur..
    Chal finally u read my blog..!!..thanks for the appreciation and encouragement..:)..well its always hard to get such things from a guy like u!!..and yes do keep following my blogs okay..!!:)

  6. @ekta
    Thanks again dear!
    and yup it definitely depends upon the way you think..ur priorities..ur intentions..!!..Its such a subjective thing that some ppl will agree with the post and alot of them will disagree..I belong to the first lot!!:)..

  7. your post makes me think of how i hv lost touch wid so many ppl from my school, entrances coaching n some of my distant cousins... Although a lot of them are thr in my fb n orkut profile, but i hardly get to speak to them... Distant relationships as u said!

  8. @Radhika
    true indeed!! many great friends i made..dun even know where they are now..

  9. Absolutely true about long distance relationships and the fact that people are not able to maintain them....

    but I didn't really comply with the simple explaination you gave to the complex thing...and that is because every simple thing is dependent on numerous comlicated aspects of life..

    it is really sad to see that you actually think that one person that you love the most and want to spend your entire life with is replaceable with your other INTERESTING things… c’mon the person can not really be compared with a cycle, a guitar, or a lap-top you are addicted to…by doing this you are zeroing or nullifying the importance of that person you have promised to love, let come any obstacles..!!!

    and yes as Shruti said distant relationships can too have their own charm which depends not on silly minds but sensible ones…!!!....i don’t want to give any examples but yes if a person can think of replacing that person with other interesting things and not miss that person after a while, and if those memories can be diminished to an extent of non- existence, I would say they were not worth them…and here m not talking about a cycle but a living dynamic person whom one loves and is stated as his/her ‘LIFE’.
    Distance always reminds one of the importance of that person in your life and yes it is true that when due to unavoidable circumstances distance factor enters the scenario, on does try to find interesting things to let their life go on and add some happy factors that would help the person in some way, but you can never say that the distance will make one forget things, no matter how much you try…I would simply say that that no matter what happens that person will always retain that place in your life which you cannot replace with either a living thing or a non-living things…and if one fails to commit in a long distance relationship then that means that the person never understood the meaning of commitment and was weak enough to replace the person…
    Please don’t treat a person like a commodity….yes charm does diminish to some extent but the faith and love do not…and if in a relationship these two things are there then the relationship will manage to find its own way to survive and live through all odds…!!!

    I am sad that in general long distance relationships fail….and that distance and time play such important role in relationships and people fall prey to these two devils…!!!


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