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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Impossibilities of the Possibilities!!!

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Lately I am spending a lot of time in mah car..(well thanks to Delhi’s extensive and exclusive traffic..!!).. So basically when i am stuck in those unceasing jams ..I am forced to do nothing..absolutely nothing!!.. By doing that nothing..i actually do a lot of things..!! well starting from the worst..I waste mah time..(immaculately precious time!!)..I frustrate mahself..I look out and try to figure out the reason for the jam..I drink water..I check out myself in the back view mirror..again and again..and then when I see some movement.. I start mah car and after those disengaging 3 mins..I am again forced to do mah ‘nothing’!!..

All this makes me realise one incapable we humans are.. see I cant do anything but have to wait for that vehicle infront of me to move on..and till it doesnt move..i am forced to do nothing..!.. its like doing stuff you dont want to do..but then you dun hv any option but to do that only ..u may feel frustrated..disappointed..helpless..but thats all..!!.. the sad truth is you cant do anything bout it..!!!!

Have you ever thought about it!!??..have you ever been confronted with such case scenarios..!!????

They say dat if you have will power then u can achieve the impossible..!! Really??..Well i have a doubt regarding this saying that "u will achieve impossible"..this sentence is actually eradicating the concept of things to be impossible..!! Well, if you can achieve a thing in any way it extreme hard work..or miraculous will power, then i will say that nothing is impossible..and if nothing is impossible..dat in simple English means that everything is possible..and if that is the case..then can somebody please explain me the concept of things being impossible..!!:-o..m confused!!!

Guys..i know m sounding like a m not..!..i believe in humanity..and i am an immensely optimistic person..but i hate the fact that there is hardly anything..(as a matter of fact.. there is nothing!!) that we have control over.!!.. you may drive ur car in the most perfect manner..but can u extirpate the possibility of an accident..nopes u cannot!!..coz it doesnt matter how good u r driving..if someone else's car will hit upon wont be able to do anything..!! can you understand the incapability of human beings m talkin bout..?? we merely are like puppets who don't control anything!!

Take any damn situation in your life .. ur exams..a day in your office.. a meeting..ur relation with ur friends..anything..and tell me do you control anything??!! Can u guarantee me of 100 percent marks in ur exams even if you study everything perfectly..??..well u cant..!..infact forget about 100 percent marks..can u even guarantee if you will get the marks u deserve to get..!!?? u see..we banal beings can never be sure of anything ..literally nothing!!..

Now..the question is..if we know dat we dun have control over things..y do we keep on doing the same things always the same way..well i knew dat i didnt control the result of mah board exams..still i studied for them..i know i dun control the possibility of an accident when m drivin mah car..still i drive it..!! why???

Well.. i have an engineered way of answering this question.. see.. try to correlate human mind with a if you have programmed that computer to work in one particular way..then it will always work in that way..without even considering the effects that work will bring out..similarly our minds are probably programmed the same way..we keep on doing the stuff the same way as if following a procedure..!!..the only difference is that we can think..but then does that thinking capability helping us anywhere..??..

Now u might be hating me saying all these things..i know..!!..but please feel free to correct me if i am wrong anywhere!!.. for the day is "OCTOBER SKY"'s one of the most inspiring movies ever been made..and it shows how a thing that seems impossible can be made possible!!..well i know..the movie goes against the stuff i have written ..but see as i said..i m an optimistic person .. and believe in humanity..i totally appreciate if someone shows me the way to achieve impossible..infact everyone of us will love it..right??..but hey..tell me the way which is actually possible and which can guarantee me that yes i i will put in the effort ..i will get the deserving result..i dun ask for more..but give me atleast what i deserve..Can anybody guarantee that..!! I m afraid if there is anyone!!..


  1. Well boy its a kind of social contract everyone of us has entered into.
    Leading from your e.g. only; consider the situation of intersection of roads without traffic lights
    Now, i've assumed we are capable humans(though i've never conceded we were not in the first place, its just to bring forth the point) who are not forced to do has all option and are not forced to do anything..Will it be a beautiful next day? No. It would be Chaos.
    There would be cars coming over from all over the directions n soon to be followed would be accidents..real world situation; when traffic lights dont work.
    Now there are two aspects that needs to be reconciled over here:
    - a free capable human being without any restriction or
    - smoother and safer travel with faster access to opportunities..
    -The cost of either extremities is too high
    free human will (will lead to increased fatalities and damages)
    -Stopping traffic altogether (will lead to poor access which in turn will cost dearer to economies by not growing at all)
    Now, we as a rational beings will chose better to coordinate our behavior and go one by one in a lane so as to maintain some sort of our free will to drive and smooth and safer travel too.
    u better want to wait in ur car for sometime and pass freely than to just risk ur life at unmanned crossing !

  2. Pessimist would see only thorns whereas optimistic would see only beautiful rose flower.
    Please reconcile both and turn to reality that a rose flower has thorns too !
    This was with regard to whole possible- impossible - guarantee - control etc.
    It depends where you are in a timeline. 1000 years back "Man on Moon" was impossible. Now you know, its not. Human will has power to achieve anything and its this power which fuels our desires to accomplish anything. Be it clearing entrances, inventing new medicines etc. Human race will cease to exist if they dont seek to achieve which is not already there !

  3. I agree with the fact that we do not have the control over things happening..But right from the beginning days we were taught to be optimistic about whatever we do..I still remember the quote..even impossible says I'm possible...But since we all are human beings, we do feel dejected if something goes against our will or rather our wish..I guess we just have to wait and watch till the right time comes and we get the desired results..

  4. Yes, if we actually have a control over would be too monotonous n we wouldn't appreciate this amazing adventure called Life!!

  5. @Amit..
    I think u didnt exactly understand what i mean to say..!
    anyway.. see.. i m trying to pose a scenario infront of u where u get what u want to get or in a refined way i can get what u deserve to if you are perfectly driving car then nothin will be happening to u!! if u are studying perfectly then u will be getting marks accordingly..see in mah world which m assuming..everything is just the way it has to be..and considering things to be happening perfectly, i dun understand the concept of a chaotic situation out of this perfection!! when everything can happen perfectly..why the hell will I go for a mediocre life..full of compromises..and in mah terms..full of incapabilities..??Why??

  6. @Ekta
    Well I appreciate your love towards what u call adventurous life..but i would term it as a mediocre life..a life full of compromises, failures, unexpected happenings..uncontrolled events..!!.. as if you are a character in a video game and someone else is controlling you..!!..well i certainly hate that idea..coz it questions me the reason of my very existence..!!..

    Life will be monotonous for sure..but then trust me..u will be a lot happier then u are now..and probably u will be able to say then ..that u create your own life..which u cant say with the mediocre life u are living right now..!!

    What say??!!

  7. ok...Mr..wht i m trying to say here is that nobody controls are lives..we do it ourselves...our present deeds determine our future..just take a second and think...wasnt the thing/person which makes u most unexpected entry in ur life..did u plan 4 it? n havnt u made ny compromises in order to make that thng stay in ur life...n nw dnt u think that it was worth experiencing all those uncontrolled events..for the thing/person which makes u so happy..which defines the reason of ur existence! nyways thts my point of view n i really appreciate that u hav ur own way of thnking! so just chill;)

  8. First i wud like to comment on possible impossible..u've asked bout ur confusion over the concept of things being impossible..It' simple..consider urself standing at the start of 100 meter line..from there to run down in 10 seconds to finish line is impossible for you..
    However, if u do arrive at finish line in 10 seconds..u wud have achieved impossible for u..a premise which u had set earlier at the start line and is now disproved.
    Hence, what is 'impossible' for u is your 'view' from the starting point & 'possible' is again your 'view' from the finish line. All that lies in between is ur desire, ur strive etc.
    Until n unless the intermediary part is done one's premise of impossible will stand
    corrected. In short, this whole 'possible impossible' thing depends where one stands in a timeline and the efforts that goes into it.

  9. Now, on ur 'not understanding the concept of a chaoitic situation out of this perfection'..
    well..stand me corrected..but there is logical fallacy to ur confusion/assumption/premise/ur
    perfect world. One should understand dat there cannot be chaos from perfect situation after all.

    You urself cannot guarantee me every time that in ur world every person or every efforts are perfect. At extreme, if u can guarantee that then ur question will not be in existence at all.

    I guess one should consider most important factor in mind..classic "Human Behavior" which does not need any explanation.
    I'm gonna stop here but after....

  10. In ur reply to could be very well a misunderstanding on ur part of 'life'.
    First i wud like to point out how u contradicted urself. You urself admitted that
    'Life will be monotonous for sure'..but then tell me how on earth will i'll be lot happier
    if everything is monotonous/same. Assumption is one doesnt like monotonous life.
    Isnt monotonous a kind of boring. Certain things can be monotonous but not the 'life'
    itself. Its cause dats how we as a living creature/humans have evolved to live our life into.

    Well boy, i wud term ur 'life' in dat 'ur perfect little world' which scholars say 'utopia ain't
    happening no more', a mediocre life..full of compormise..and in dat world very reason of ur existence will be in question.


    A bit offtrack..but the whole post is from individual centric point of view. How can you
    judge that u r driving perfect? How can u judge that u've studied perfectly?
    How can you judge "what you deserve?" Any man can say that he least deserves to be a
    king. This is how our world has evolved. one lives life to strive for what he deserves.

    Consider that in ur perfect world..x hours of study,hardwork,dedication etc will make a person equivalent and deserving to the status of bill gates. Simple consequence to be reconciled is everyone will put in that much study,hardwork,dedication etc and will become bill gates.

    Now, My question to u is can ur 'perfect world' sustain with everyone being bill gates and if not, didnt in ur perfect world everyone in the first place deserved to be bill gate by putting in that same amount of study,hardwork dedication etc?

    In real situation, 'ur perfect world' cannot guarantee everyone to be born perfect..there is bound to be imperfection. There is bound that a region is hit by natural calamities etc. Can a perfect world control that. No one deserves to be born imperfect or hit by
    calamities or any unforseen incident which is beyond his own control.
    'Perfect world' can achieve its perfection only if it has powers to take control over
    all physical laws plus human behavior and in essence power to create, give and take away life at any given point of time.

  11. @Amit.. As always..I love ur comments..!!:)

    Thought provoking indeed..i thought about them.. m still thinking..!!..
    Anyway..actually i again have a doubt..if the idea of perfection is so much individualistic..(as u said..that perfection differs from person to person..what may be perfect for me may not be perfect for others..!!)..if that is so..then my friend..what is perfection..i am afraid it ceases to exist!!..well as per me.. there are certain global parameters that make things perfect when if yes..if someone is putting x hours on studies or hardwork..the same way as bill gates might have done..then yes he must become as successful as Bill gates..coz if that wouldnt be the case then basically u ar not giving him what he deserves.. and that is totally biased..Now..the prerequisite is that he needs to put in that x amount of work..will he put in dat effort or not..? well, it totally depends upon the way his mind has been programmed..(PS: I connected human mind and computers..!!)..he may or may not put in that amount of work..

    Finally..last words..i understand and accept that yes life wont get perfect with perfection that i suggested..true indeed..obviously cant avoid calamities..murders..thefts..terrorism!!! lemme rephrase or correct my opinion a bit..i still believe that life would have been better if event driven..(my idea of perfection!!)..people say that it already is..i fail to agree!! help me..!


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