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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Have you ever tried to halt..
The cruel pins, rambling inside that clock..
Phlegmatically Surreptitiously rowing..
Carrying the callous TIME BLOCK..

How can they be so ignorant.???
Do they even know the consequences of their job..??
Do they know the malefic power they speciously possess..
in each and every single conspicuous Tick-Tock???

They move..they find me Happy..
Another tick plunges me out of the top..
They bring out the sun to gleam..
and the other tick pushes it in the abyss of Dark..

They liven the life..make it grow..
Shorten it..slow it..everything they control..
Every tick enlivens..Every tick Kills..
Still they keep moving..Obdurately..Un-Ceased..

I tried to stop them..I successfully stopped one!
then I found another one ticking..How could I stop every one???
Because I want to make them aware ..of their cruel deed..
of their in-cognizant which they are not paying the heed..

In my endeavor..I have used them all..
Adjuration..Cogency..and my pleading plea..
I tried Calm..I have tried my fury..
Every single thing has failed..staggeringly..

So have you tried to stop..
these nonchalantly rambling pins of the clock..???..
If yes..then please divulge this message to them..
and help them disencumber..
these ploddingly perfunctory shackles of the TIME BLOCK..


  1. fantastic poem sir!! very thoughtful!!

  2. Thanks Radhika for the raving comment..:):)!!..


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