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Sunday, February 6, 2011


I was reading this article by KARAN THAPAR in HT on the EGYPT MASS UPRISING in which he raised a quintessential question, CAN SOMETHING SIMILAR HAPPEN IN INDIA??..I was boggled by his idea at once but after some ostentatious retrospection and hindsight, I realize that I believe in his a matter of fact, I believe that YES, SUCH A THING CAN and probably WILL HAPPEN IN OUR COUNTRY TOO..

With 77 % population living at merely Rs.20 a day nominal wage, and the rest of 23%, including a languidly fanciful and ostentatious "thoughts-driven-implementation-deprived" bourgeoisie, such an uprising might be at the brink of its embarkation..Let me put some lights on HOWS and WHYS...?..

Though we are a democracy.. wherein every appallingly calumniatory social disgust is discoursed and consequently the best representative, who will not-just try but actually work to extirpate all the social conundrums, is faithfully chosen by the franchisee...there is ONE BIG PROBLEM that has probably been constantly submerged under the piles of obfuscatory National Economic Development..and ostensibly disguised "Improving Living Standard".. That BIG PROBLEM is the ever increasing social divide between the Rich and the Poor..

ONE-THIRD of the population has improved, rather upgraded, socially and of the TWO-THIRD has gone from the sublimes to the ridiculous. Their deplorably wretched state is being humiliated and mocked by the affluence and debauch of their own franchised ADMINISTRATORS..Basically the very idea of democracy has been besmirched and "THEY" don't feel any different than the persecutors in EGYPT.. They are filled with contempt when government is aiming at 10% growth and blaming the improved standard of living for the demoniac inflation...They are reeling under pecuniary deprivation while people around them are amassing wealth and getting richer and richer..They are hurt, filled with a disgust and contempt..and now the Tunisian-uprising followed by the one in EGYPT has shown them the way to fetch their rights..

It's just a matter of time that there may be an EGYPT-LIKE-UPRISING..The question is..HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE..??..


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  1. The causes to the Egypt uprising has been the unemployment in the country, gagged media, rigging of elections, no democracy.
    I see none of these apathies thankfully in our country.
    In fact the entire belt of North And central african nations is smirked under the rule of fascist underperformers. I see it as a community uprising rather than a country's aggression.

    Things are much better here.

    Talking of corruption, Africans are so immune to it that they find no reason to complain or ranter against it.

    We have a free and aggressive media and hence raise our cynical voices against this menace in our country. Plus i believe we being under democracy have the power to quell the incumbent rule for a change.
    Sadly, the afrikans dont.

    - Sreespace -


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