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Sunday, August 1, 2010


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I am always intrigued by the people who believe in god..!!..Well I may sound a bit indifferent but just give it a thought.. those who believe in god..they believe that god created this world and whatever they do is actually what god's wish is..!..
and this very thought befuddles me all the time...

Guys..if we say..that god created this world..or even controls this world..or we say that there is a superpower who always know where we are..what we are short ..he knows everything..!!..then don't you think that this very concept contravenes the very idea of our FREEDOM or FREE WILL..!!!???

So basically..when we say that god is the absolute control of eternity..then it means that everything that we do is predetermined..!!.. This idea of things being predetermined if is true then do you think that there is any worth of doing anything on your own..??..Does the idea of FREEDOM to do things on your own..the idea of INNOVATION..makes any worthy sense..??!!!..Well..I don't think so..!

I have numerous examples of people who believe in god completely..who believe that everything that is around us is GOD'S CREATION.. In other words god is the SCRIPTWRITER of this world..Considering this statement to be true..whatever we do is actually PRECONCEIVED and PRE-WRITTEN....

So, if you did something extra normal today that made you feel proud of your own self..then hey..consider thinking again..coz there actually nothing that you are doing is new..whatever you are doing is actually pre-scripted..!!..

This very idea made me question the relevance of my being..that if I am writing this post right now..then it actually is pre-written somewhere in GOD'S script in the exact manner I am doing it right now..The way I think..the way I conceive ideas..everything..every grotesque of an idea is this..I would rather not believe in god..!


  1. God... Yes, everything is predefined and prewritten. What I believe that everything you will get is predecided and that doesn't mean that you will do nothing. The law of God also uses probability. Every action has different results. Anything and everything is yours, God has given you everything but your action decides what you get.

    You might not believe in God, but i am sure something good must have happened with you that you never expected. You just get something that you were hoping for but you never worked for it. How did it happen? All things are planned..

    I believe in God and can feel what he does for me and i can surely say everything is preplanned.

  2. @Sumit
    .."The law of God also uses probability. Every action has different results. Anything and everything is yours, God has given you everything but your action decides what you get.."..

    So basically..god has created a which if you will select one way you will reach a particular destination...and if you will select another way then u will reach another destination..however the destinations are predefined and predecided..!! is the idea of innovation and freedom making any kind of real sense when the source and destination is previously determined..only thing that we are doing is chosing the source!!..see you actually corroborated my point only..thanku!!

  3. The concept of 'karma' is one of the most powerful ones in Hindu mythology. And you have completely neglected that. What people actually practice or think is most of the times entirely different from what our religion preaches us.

  4. Oh man...
    i was going through your blog n am Shocked to see this post..Shocked coz i too wrote such thing..i mean the same thing--same concept-"predetermined actions..god(assuming he exists) as a scriptwriter n controlling our actions no matter how much effort me make,we will get if its written in our script..."
    i was soooo happy to read it...NICE POST...
    You wont believe but m seriously shouting n telling my mum "look the same post..same views.."hahaha..
    keep blogging..

  5. @S.... that is interesting..coz i hardly have people around me who actually want to think this way..!!!..anyway..thanks for the comment..really appreciated..!


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