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Friday, August 27, 2010

CRITICAL CORNER: Reviewing "Top Five (5) Romantic Movies"

I am back to watching movies again.:)(thing I just love to do.. )!!..So, just thought of sharing some Greatest Romantic Movies that I have seen till now..Mind you guys that the movies I will suggest may or may not be loved by you depending upon the way you perceive ROMANCE...!! But then when I am suggesting them to me guys..they deserve at least a watch..!!! And then when you will see them..let yourself decide if I am right or wrong..!!

Okay so here it goes!!..


Whenever anyone asks me about my Favorite Romantic Movie..then I always have one answer..BEFORE SUNRISE..
Two people meet in a train..they start a conversation somehow..and then they just keep talking and talking...!!!..The plot itself mesmerizes me..always!!...Awesome chemistry...great dialogues..and romantically fantastic direction makes it a must watch!! they say..When love comes as a complete never know!!!!...

MY RATING: 9 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):


This is one of those classics which every one should see..!!..A story of two different people destined to be together but finally manage to be together 20 years after knowing each other!!!..Awesome right!!:)..

MY RATING: 8.5 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):


At first looked like another teen movie..but then when I saw it..I loved it..I cried too..(Yes..It made me cry..obviously guys not literally !!)..but yes..A POWERFUL movie..with some strong performances ..especially by MANDY MOORE..She was just terrific..Watch it!!

MY RATING: 8 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):


Its a story of a poor and passionate young man who falls in love with a rich young woman and gives her a sense of freedom. They soon are separated by their social differences..but then..they do meet again!!!:)..(No more plot revealing!!!)..

MY RATING: 8 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):


One of my all time favorite KOREAN ROMANTIC MOVIE..!!..(Yes you read it right..Its a Korean movie..!)..Its a story of a girl who loves a guy..and one day..she finds her mom's letters..and a diary with her story..a truly spellbinding romantic story of two people separated by circumstances!!..Awesome story + Fantastic Acting + Contrived Direction + Great MUSIC!!!..
You will need the subtitle file to see this movie.

MY RATING: 7.5 on 10

TORRENT LINK (DOWNLOAD .torrent file..and ENJOY!!):

There are many others too..but when I had to choose TOP 5 from my list..I chose these 5..Watch them..and trust me.. you will love them.. and yes..after you will see them..please let me know about your views..!!..



  1. hi sharad,

    i believe u have definitely missed out on "Casablanca" and "Love Story" :)

  2. @rohan..
    Hi!!..hw are you??..
    and yes are right!!..fantastic movie it is!!..but these 5 are pretty close to my heart..dats y!!..and LOVE STORY..well I actually didnt like it dat could have been a lot better..!

  3. n what about Titanic??? missed out or is it not there in the top five???

  4. @Radhika..
    Yup..TITANIC..It actually is the 6th one!..I LOVE IT..I LOVE THESE 5 more..!!..But yes..It definitely is one of the best ROMANTIC MOVIES ever..!!..Thanks for suggesting!!..


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