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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"INSPIRATION" makes people rise from ASHES TO THE SKY..
Stirs them..Shudders from Within .."INSPIRATION" instills the WILL TO TRY..

The world would have been a dark sullen murky place to be, had there been no INSPIRATION to live. Look around..Anywhere..Everything is full of life.. and possess the power to inspire..It all depends on how much one wants to imbibe..

A flying bird against the wind making efforts to remain in the sky..A wretched impoverished family owning HAPPINESS and SMILE.. DISABLED or DIFFERENTLY-ABLED living life the way we are..I mean to say that Everything.. and literally everything..can enliven and exalt anyone..

I was reading about SACHIN TENDULKAR that how has his peregrination been to acquire the acclaimed dais he stands on today.. His entire journey has been so exhorting!..His panegyric tale is all filled with DETERMINATION..DILIGENCE..and SELF BELIEF..

I read about a guy, Naga Naresh Karutura, who made it to IIT and then to GOOGLE..His parents are illiterate..He has no legs and moves around in his powered wheel chair.. He says, "God has always been planning things for me. That is why I feel I am LUCKY."..

These stories..these people..these ideas are surrounding us..I was talking to my MUM and she told me her STORY that how after marriage she managed to handle her FAMILY(We had a joint family of 5 people even when me and my sister weren't born!)..her CAREER..and her CHILDREN..all simultaneously.. Her eyes were sparkling as she told me how she studied along with our clamantly piquing impasse crying voices..Even when everyone around her didn't want her to study (You know..GIRLS-SHOULD-HANDLE-THEIR-FAMILY concept!), she didn't give up...To give her exam, she traveled 300 kms leaving her 5 days old child (my sister) at home during night..gave the exam in the morning..and then came back the next day at noon..When she was selected, it was mandatory not to take any leave for the first training month. Unfortunately for her, she fell ill of Tuberculosis. Even then..she used to get up in the morning and prepare food for the "FAMILY"..used to go for the training with high fever..studied for the internal exams and even took care of us..

I listened to her each and every single word..and after she finished speaking..I could just not stop myself from hugging her..

INSPIRATIONS are omnipresent..We just need to keep open our senses..and become RECEPTIVE..

This post I owe to my mum.. She inspires me to my core.. I may not have achieved anything till today..but I have promised to myself that I will achieve everything I aspire one day..because I believe I can..because I have with me MY INSPIRATION..


  1. wonderful post... inspiration instills the will to try... beautiful words...

  2. Hey..Thank you for the appraising comments!!..:)

  3. All the best...Also, great choice of pics, in all the posts ...


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