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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"HAPPY" New Year???!! ..

Date : 30th Dec 2010..
Place : Me on my bed..
Time : 10:30 PM (based on memory!)

My cell phone vibrated and I extended my hand to grab my mobile..There was a message saying.." A very Happy New Year to you!"...I smiled and accepted that wish..But that simple message left an intrigued blotch in my memory.."How can the new year be really a HAPPY new year??.."

At every year's end, we get together with our family and friends..we celebrate with all the zeal and rapture and enthuse ourselves wishing a really "NEW" new year.. We begin the new year with New Proclaimed Promises..New Optimistic Approaches towards our lives..New RESOLUTIONS..New hopes..etc. etc. Everything looks so raw and new to us..

But then..gradually the year progresses..we try to walk the line of the NEW IDEAS we had conjured..somehow we walk everywhere but on the line..!!..Our so called resolutions are withheld for a few weeks before they are obliterated in our own disguised "RESOLUTIONS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN" world!.. And slowly and steadily.. every thing returns back to normal.. and we are back to our normal selves..not optimistic..not exhorted..and obviously not enthused and enraptured..!!.. And then when suddenly we are at the brink of collapse out of our mismanaged miseries..we have another NEW YEAR in the pipeline!!..and the vicious circle of life continues..!!!..

So basically the question is that how can we actually have a new year a "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"??..The only thing which I believe is required is "RESPECTING OURSELVES"..If we can respect our decisions..our promises..then I believe that we can do whatever we want to do.. That is the only way we can make our desires turning into reality..Our resolutions turning into successes.. Otherwise Time is a Cruel Sympathetic, But Not An Empathetic, Friend..! It will bring back the disguised happiness to you again and again..Many of us will be disguise-smitten... successful ones will elude with the Happiness..

Every Year There Will Be A New year.. Let's promise to ourselves to convert it into a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



  1. naaa.....its dis happiness relating to new year only confined to resolutions only...n abt those who dont make resolutions n r still happy....
    happy new year juz means..dat ur new year goes smooth n steady widout ny road doesnt mean ki we have to follow our resolutions to be happy....
    m happy widout ny resolutions n lukin forward to new things n opportunities dis year...


  2. @somya..It is just not about the resolutions..Infact it is about every thing that we aspire to do .. as for example..your happy new year means.."dat ur new year goes smooth n steady widout ny road blocks"..Well..this is what you wish...but it will become a reality only if you will work towards making it will have to think about all the difficulties that may come in your way which may become your "roadblocks"..and then u will have to strategically be prepared to solve them ..only then your new year will go smooth and hassles free and full of will be just another year..and as I have written in my blog..there will be another new year and again you will be "wishing" ...dat ur new year goes smooth n steady widout ny road blocks..!

  3. bt those hassles r part of life....n widout those life becum a little borin u c....daily routine nothin new dat challenge one has to overcome those roadblocks it's life basically u i juz wish...i juz cud solve dose roadblocks widout ny regrets n retaining not a burden on me(physiological types)...if i can do so...dats my year.... :)
    i hv no problem wid it...


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