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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Date: 4th Jan, 2011
Place: At my office (about 10:15 A.M.)

I switched on my laptop in haste to check my JMET score (an exam conducted by IITs for the admission into the management courses)..I hurriedly opened the site..submitted my registration number..only to find that I missed it by a whisker..:(..Yes I was sad.. extremely dejected.. I wanted to spend some time with myself to bemoan on my decrepit state..But since I was at my office, I couldn't satisfy my wants.... Anyway..I switched to FB instead..!!

I opened up my account to find that my status message was being liked by 4 people and 3 people had liked my new Display Pic... It made me happy..almost immediately!!!!!...:):)

Everyday when I switch on my laptop to start my work at my office, the first default thing I do is..check my FB account..for the new notifications.!!..It felicitates me when I find my status message being 'LIKE'd by many people..!! I can't even describe the amount of self satisfaction I acquire to see my blog being 'LIKE'd and 'SHARE'd by my friends..!!:)..I mean seriously..."LIKE"s and good Comments..they just make my day!!..
And it is not just only me..I am pretty sure that FB is having a very similar impact on almost all of you guys too!!

Face Book has come up like a phenomenon in our lives..and today it actually owns the power to impact our emotions..!..So many APPLICATIONS are there to cheer us up!!..So if you don't know what kind of guy/girl you want as your Life Partner..then the FB APLLICATION will definitely help-you-cum-cheer-you up!!.. if you are worried about your marriage, then some application will be telling you "the date of your marriage"..!!!..There is another application which will regularly tell you amazingly placating stuff regarding your "PERSONALITY"..!!...All these things..they do make us happy..don't they??!!...

I recently read an article which said that 750 million pics were uploaded on FB during the New year weekend!!.. Obviously it is not a surprise considering the reach of FB ..but still guys..750 million is in itself a staggering figure..which validates that we love to share our moments of happiness with FB..!

We can say what we want everyone to listen through our status messages..FB gives us the freedom to expand our reach even those people whom we probably would never ever would have even dared to talk to!!...FB gives us the power to be what we are not..or what we probably can never be in our real lives!!!..

This phenomenon of disguised happiness is something that we all follow rigorously.. And why not..??... "Someone" is offering me to outsource my Happiness without charging me a single penny..even the foolish of fools will know that this deal is like Grist to the mill..!

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