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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy To Be Single??

"How can people live without a girlfriend or a boyfriend??"...Lemme rephrase the question...
"How can people live all alone without that "special person" in their life?????"

I was rumbling my laptop keys when this question was thrown at me by my friend ..!!!
A good question indeed..but was a little tricky one..
Anyway..I will be telling you what I answered..but for that i need to first rewind the time 4 years back..!!

I loved everything about mah college..!! Yeah..even those boring lessons (probably coz I hardly attended them..!! :)..Infact I have a strong connection with mah college..!!!!(well.. I met her in mah college itself!!)..!! College corridors, canteen..(it is called the "MECHanical CANTEEN"), T5 canteeen (it is like couple's mecca!!)..Computer center..even T&P (Training and Placement dept), it gave me mah first job !... can I forget that place..have spent hours there with her!!!:):) ..well it was the only place with AC..!!.. Basically..I loved everything bout mah college.. literally everything..!!

Did I forget something.. yeah I did..but I didnt forget it..I have just kept the best thing for the end..or I should rather say..this post starts from here!!!


Living in hostel is one of the best things that has happened to me in mah life.!! It has changed me to a remarkable extent..I remember those friday nights when I used to sit for an hour and used to decide the movies that I would see in the coming two days..!!..I remember when I used to spend hours just talking to myself and thinking bout just anything..!!

Friends.. Freedom..Abundant time..hostel life gave me everything and I loved everything!! Best of all...It made me fell in love with my own self..!

So much so that I started disliking when mah privacy was infringed by any means...I didnt want anything..I was happy to be with me..all alone..just with me!!

Trust me guys.. it was all fantastically fantastic..until I met her..!!

Suddenly.. mah whole world changed..mah life was no more personal..the boundaries were encroached..the walls were broken..and she rampaged into my niche world.I hated her for doing that.. but..more than that ..I realised ..dat I loved her..!!..

and then..(flashback the present time..!) the rest is history..!!! the problem in this story is dat if I really loved mahself so much then how could I allow her to enter in mah life..!!..Logically speaking..I must not have done dat..still I did it..infact I started enjoying 'my' life that has turned to 'our' life!!

You know what.. Life gets so very easy and so very interesting when you have someone to share it with..!!

Even when you are confronted with any trouble..then instead of you alone dealing with that problem, basically now there are two persons dealing with the same problem (considering you have someone with whom you can actually share everything!!)..see.. mathematically speaking..(1 problem/2 persons = 0.5 problem!!!) again your life gets easier..!

When mah friend asked me, "How can people live all alone without that "special person" in their life?????".. I was reminded of the time of mah singlehood..and i totally agree that it was the best time..I loved that..and yes..I was happy!!..but then with her in mah lyf ..mah tym became better than that best..and yeah,.. I became happier..!! Its not as if all the problems vanished..(infact there are loads and loads of new problems that arise everyday!! hehe!!) but then ..see I just told you the mathematical fundamental of how the problem is being shared..!!!:):)

So, the moral of the story is ..Singlehood rules..but a shared life..(that is what I call a commitment!!)..makes life a bit more interesting + easy + enjoyable..!! Now just take your pick!!

Anyway, movie for the day is .."INTO THE WILD".. Dun doesnt have anything related to commitment a matter of fact its an adventure movie..!! one of the finest films ever been made.. well it is a bit slow in pace..but that wont make much of a difference..the movie will manage you to sit infront of your viewing screen..!! and the best will make you realise the importance of what I call ..a shared life..!!



  1. Sean Penn directed and a brilliant photography, a movie which is beautiful, deep, true, adventurous, sad, occasionally funny, real, at times very touching.

    I think that "special person" is always in continuum and only the role play is changed (like by friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, mentor, parents, brother etc). In essence "special person" not necessarily have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend..its just their role play as a special person comes at particular stage of life as like others.
    I quote@The Big Bang Theory - "Human Beings are primates, primates have evolved to live in groups both for protection and support."

  2. @Amit..

    yup mah dear friend..absolutely.!! I think i am developing kinda liking for your comments..!!they are actually thought provoking..!!keep doin dat dude..!! :)

  3. being single n committed....both lyf has its own charm....
    cz evryone wants tym for thmselves....n in a relationshp u doesnt find dat much yes i agree one like to spend his/her own spare tym wid ur special sum1...

    bt wen u get ovr a relationshp n u find for ownself....dats d part u juz enjoy.... :) :)
    n tab one realizes one can live a single lyf too.... :)

    bt okay...not for a vry long it has its own charm...u cant neglect.. :) :)

  4. @somya..
    interesting comment..!!:)

    i would just say one thing.. if you will actually have that "special one" with you..then trust me you will always want to be with him/ will almost never want time for just you but you will always love to be with him/her..and yes is a fact..!!

  5. yaar luk....i hv also been in a u kno... :p
    n i agree wid wen u luv sum1 u dun want to juz b wid urself....u want dat ur whole tym z spend wid ur sum1....waise maine ye bhi kaha tha... ;p

    bt singleness has its charm...

    n m juz sayin dat...n if one finds dat tym i.e. to b on our own he/she doesn't feel alone dat I'm by u rarely find dat chance...

  6. 1 problem/2 persons = 0.5 problem!!! I say nice.

    Just take care its always division and never multiplication there.

  7. 1 problem/2 =0.5 problem (for you)
    what about the new problems of the other person that you have to solve now.
    add 0.5 of her problems too dude. I guess it should go both ways right?
    And, some new problems too that arise as you yourself mentioned.
    So, the problems effectively increase :)


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