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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am not a Machine.

I want to unlearn .. and live free...
I want to live life the way it has to be...
the more I have learnt..the worse it has been..
more than has enslaved me.
When I was a child I was so free
I could think...absorb...and breathe easily...
I had time and yes alot  of it...
Everything I spent doing things unwillingly.
Today I live for tomorrow
and so I skip today... everyday...
In dream of a better tomorrow...
I don't sleep for a single day.
I don't sleep for a single day.

Are we doing things that we love to do? This question has always been there but now probably the bubble has exploded. With every passing day I realise that all my life whatever I did, so irrelevant everything was! In school, I was forced to learn science. I don't even remember what I wanted at that time but surely I never wanted to learn science. Then the overloads of computer science and the pressure to perform in each and every exam. Every single day in the far as my memory can delve into...the only thing I remember is managing the situations and handling the expectations. Too many things I did that I never chose for I never knew what I wanted...I still don't. Only thing I know is that whatever I want now is the manifestation of what I have been prepared to want by the things that I have already been forced to learn. The education forced me to do engineering without even having the slightest of the idea of what it was. It's not as if I could not do it..I did it as a matter of fact in the most gracious way I could...but I never enjoyed it. 22 years of my life I spent, doing things I did not enjoy...things i never loved! Sad... isn't it!?

The story is the same for all of us and I will take the freedom to presume that! Just look at the level of dissatisfaction and lack of confidence in people. The problem is the same with everuone, be it mid level employee in the organisation or the boss... they are not happy. All our lives we prepare ourselves to earn money and do big in our lives. We even start believing it as the objective of our life. We think that we are doing what we always wished to do only to realise one day that everything that we had thought of attaining came at the cost of ourselves! Sadly and unfortunately in the process of achieving our specious dreams... we have lost ourselves in real.

I believe that education is the real culprit. People were happy when they did not know anything. Then suddenly they started knowing things and started dreaming for the same. In the process they forgot that we are humans and all of us are different than the others. So some are better, smarter, more efficient, and luckier than others and so they will surely achieve more and others even if try as much hard as they can will remain the way they are. Probably if they will try to be better in their domain of expertise, still there exists some chance but then because of the excessive information they wanted to follow the same path! So they started going to schools and then to the engineering colleges as now everyone wanted to become engineer and others went to become doctors. In search for the destination achieved by others, people started treading the path they were not made for and the result? They failed and failed miserably! The problem now was that nothing could be done as the life was invested in doing the same and so there was no way back and so they continued the drudgery unwillingly untill they died. Lives got wasted and are getting wasted. We are getting wasted every single day in the insinuated dream of happiness. There is no way back now as we have invested everything...I have invested everything...and so I will continue the drudgery for the rest of my life.

But do our kids deserve that? Should they be like us...the brain dead robots. Or should they be like humans and live the life like living beings! If the answer is yes then they should be prevented from learning the irrelevance. For prevention is better than the cure and if they won't learn stupidity, they will be better evolved humans. There has to be a process to make kids learn what they are best at and not what the others are learning. There has to be a process to make them understand and realise what they actually want in their lives.The senseless race that we are a part of has to end and for that a new world is required where there will be no place for materialism.

I want to learn what makes me happy...
I want to do what makes sense for me..
I want to live and breathe in free air...
I want to spend my life with ease...
for I am human..
I am not a machine.


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