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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Learning the Mediocricy.

Inert stone in the gusty wind...
does nothing stays still..
Wind tries hard and harder..
But still it fails to even slightly maneuver..
 So what's the big thing about it at all?
I just learn the art to stand tall..
to hold the ground ..not to fear...
Stay alive.. and persevere.

 We learn out of everything around us. Human minds are equipped, blessed as a matter of fact, to observe and then analyse. With that power of analysis, we learn and we evolve. Little do we realise that what we observe and what we learn and how much we retain. But if one can keep a track of things that happen around and try to learn something from it then surely the person will retain the maximum. They say that Knowledge is a process, and not a destination. It is an add-on process that never ends actually. If you can understand that, then trust me it is one of the best lesson you will ever learn in your life!

During my graduation days, I used to observe people and wonder that why they worry so much about the exam. Infact I never understood the concept of exam..I still have not! See, very simply put, we study to learn and that must be the ultimate goal. Why should there be a process to judge someone at a particular time?

Human beings' brains are all different than others. Some are smart and agile genetically and most of them are not. Those who are not take time to process the information. Even if at a particular time, they fail to know something, things will be understandable to them in some time later in their lives. Judging them all on a single scale at a particular time is profoundly useless I will say. For they will be better at other things which are not judged..never.

Then people come up with the concepts of  REAL LIFE ..that we need to be in the race..and in fact ahead of every one else. So which race do they talk about when in a race there can be only one winner! But still we want to run in that one race as we have gotten used to mediocrity. We don't want to digress out of our learned path. So yes we are ready to run in the race where we will probably be lagging almost all the time, but we will never run in the race where we can always be the winner. How sad! Anyway it's not our fault as we have been hardwired to be like that congenitally. The worst part is that we even fail to realise that there can be another race where winning can be a reality!

Learning is a subjective term for nothing in this world at all is irrelevant. No one can learn the same out of one source of information. It's like a group of people who are made to see a beautiful picture asked what they see. One might say the color..another might say the sky...and another might say the trees! So who is right or wrong? The day our education system understands that, we surely will evolve. Till then...nothing can we do but live in the mediocre world.


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