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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Got to see STEP UP 3D today..! Instead of critically reviewing this movie let me tell you who should go for this movie and who should not!!..


So if you are looking for an intelligent movie with an attractive plot..chiseled direction and oh-my-god-what-a-movie feeling along with some dance..well, STEP UP 3D WILL DISAPPOINT YOU TOTALLY.. and for you guys..STEP UP 3D's rating : 2/10 if you are looking for a great romance with laughter and some climactic twists and turns with dance..well..unfortunately for you guys too..THIS MOVIE SUCKS..and for you..STEP UP 3D's rating : 3/10

But..but..if you guys are looking for a movie with DANCE...FANTABULOUS MOVES...MUSIC...and some fantastic CHOREOGRAPHY..which you can enjoy without aching your head.. a movie in which you can just relax and get exuberated by the dance performances right on the screen in front of you in 3D..!!( moves are looking awesome in 3D!!!)..then guys just go for will surely not be disappointed!!!!..for you guys..STEP UP 3D's rating : 7/10..

Personally..I liked it..well I just went there to see the MOVES..and gawd..I can watch them all over again and again..!!!...All those who are DANCE FANATICS..guys ..what the hell are you waiting for!!????



  1. Seems like you have taken the job of a film critic quite seriously..!!

  2. You know..I just love movies!!..I actually started blogging for that purpose only..But I will be posting on other topics too..but after some time..for now I am concentrating on movie reviews!..


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